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    Calgary’s Auto Tint Leader

    There are businesses that are competent.  There are businesses that strive for a consistent level of service.  And then there are businesses that are at the top of their game because they have a passion for what they do.  Indeed, the pros at Tint Tech have a passion for cars, and a passion for keeping them looking like new.  It’s that commitment that makes Tint Tech a leader in the industry.

    Tint Tech, a company with 18 years of experience installing window film and paint protection film, combines great products and top technicians with the X-factor that puts them way above the pack – exceptional customer service.  In fact, Tint Tech has received universally great reviews, with most indicating how good the customer experience was.

    Exceptional Customer Service Sets Tint Tech Apart From The Rest

    How many times have you gone to a business for the product and never went back because of poor service?  How many times have you gone to a restaurant you love, only to be disappointed because the wait staff was rude or unhelpful?  A lot of businesses focused on product often forget the vital impact customer service has on overall customer satisfaction.

    Tint Tech Customer Experience

    Tint Tech, by contrast, places a special emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction.  They know that a customer’s experience does not end with a tinted window, or paint protection.  The entire customer experience matters.  Tint Tech understands that its customers are entrusting their car or home windows to the Tint Tech professionals.  So beyond the great work Tint Tech does – where Tint Tech has no equal – the Tint Tech staff goes the extra mile to make sure that their customers feel comfortable and can trust Tint Tech’s expertise.  Take a look at some of Tint Tech’s reviews:

    “Great customer service, great people, great prices and amazing tinting!!!”
    – Jesse L.

    “Flawless work and amazing customer service I’ve had all my other vehicles tinted through Tint Tech and have never been disappointed . . . Would recommend 110%”
    – Andrew M.

    “Great service, easy to deal with, fair price, and great finished product.”
    – Dean O.

    “Car looks amazing, quick turnaround time and a great team made it awesome!!!”
    – Michael S.

    Indeed, customer satisfaction is Tint Tech’s top priority.  So after getting the best tinting and protective film work done on your car or home, a friendly, helpful staff is just the icing on the cake.

    Tint Tech Is A Leader In Paint Protection Film

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the latest technology to help keep your car looking brand new.  It protects from all kinds of road debris that could cause chips, scratches, and other damage to your vehicle.  Tint Tech employs PPF specialists for all car makes, including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti, and Acura to name a few.

    Tint Tech professionals

    What is significant about Tint Tech’s approach to PPF installation is the time and care that Tint Tech professionals put into the project.  Regardless of whether you want your entire car protected or just the front-end, Tint Tech installers ensure that the designated area is entirely protected.  While others may use pre-cut film and improvise to cover as much surface area as possible.  Tint Tech wraps the entire car, or entire designated area.  You never have to worry about Tint Tech staff doing anything less than a 100% complete job for you.

    As Window Tinting Specialists, Tint Tech Has No Equal

    Tint Tech’s window tinting, as you can see from the above reviews, is the highest quality.  There are really two reasons for Tint Tech’s exceptional success with regard to automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting in calgary.

    First, the company custom cuts the window film to fit your window as it is being installed.  This unique process differs from Tint Tech’s competitors.  Like with PPF projects, other companies use pre-cut film that will leave a ¼ inch gap around the outer edge of whatever window you are installing the film.  Tint Tech’s approach makes certain that the tint covers the entire window, because it is being custom fitted to fit just your window.  Frankly, it almost defeats the purpose to not have your entire window covered.  That’s why customers always turn to Tint Tech.

    Second, Tint Tech’s tint will not discolour, bubble, or peel soon after installation.  By using the best quality products, you get the best results.  As two reviewers put it:

    “They don’t cut the tint in your car they take the time to do it right, I’ve had mine on for almost a year and never had any issues.”
    – Anton.

    “They are by far the best in the game it was done very fast and the quality of work is top notch. They only use the best tint so I know it’s not going to bubble or anything.  I will definitely be using these guys again!!”
    – Ryan K.

    It is true that Tint Tech uses only top quality products, including SolarGuard, Suntech, Xpel, Wintech, Solex, Llumar, 3M, Venture, Avery, and ASWF.  On top of that, all of Tint Tech’s materials carry a lifetime warranty.

    Tint Tech is the Auto Tint industry leader

    In sum, the professionals at Tint Tech have a lot of passion for, and take a lot of pride in, the work they do.  With a special emphasis on customer satisfaction, Tint Tech is the industry leader in providing expert Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Tinting, and Architectural Window Tinting services.  By using only quality products, Tint Tech gives customers the best results with a lifetime warranty.  It is also important to mention that Tint Tech employs well-trained technicians who are experts in their field of paint protection and window tinting.

    Last but not least, the friendly Tint Tech staff makes a point of always offering competitive rates to their customers.  Quality products, top-notch craftsmanship, superior customer satisfaction, and competitive rates form the recipe that makes Tint Tech such a customer favorite.  Visit us on Twitter and Facebook, or visit our shop to learn more about what we can do protect your windows or keep your vehicle looking great.