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    Commercial Window Tint

    Commercial Window Tint Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

    Make It Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Business

    It’s New Year’s Resolution time!  That means that it’s time to make that list of all the things that you want to accomplish during the new year.  Indeed, this time of year always presents the perfect opportunity to assess where you are in life and in business.  You have the chance to take a moment to reflect on what you need to do, what you want to do, and what matters most.

    We at Tint Tech, Calgary’s premier window tinting business, will bet you ‘dollars to donuts’ that somewhere on your 2019 New Year’s Resolution list there is at least one item that points to improving your business.  Whether you have a storefront business, a law firm, or a business that takes up a whole office building, it is virtually certain that you want to do something to improve business in the new year.

    We have many Tint Tech clients who come to us with stories of how the commercial window tint that we installed has made such a difference in their business’ bottom line.  In fact, many clients who only think that we at Tint Tech handle auto window tinting are surprised and pleased to learn that we specialize in commercial window tint products and installation as well.

    Commercial window tint, we know from experience, is a great investment in the future health of your business.  If you would like to learn more about installing commercial window tint at your business, give us a call.  We can be reached at 1-403-968-8468.  Our commercial window tint specialists are always ready to chat with you about giving your business a look that sets you apart from the rest.

    In this blog, we’ll make our own list of New Year’s Resolutions for you.  This list, made just for you, will cover just a few of the many reasons why your storefront or office building will greatly improve with commercial window tint.  Remember though, this blog merely scratches the surface, so to speak.  Contact us if you want all the details on how commercial window tint will help you.

    New Year’s Resolution #1 – Save Money on Energy Costs

    Commercial window tint can save you money, literally.  The sun’s rays coming into your workspace and store are remarkably strong, so much so that they will heat the inside of your business quickly.  Of course, the most common response is to pump up the air conditioning to offset the increased heat inside, and the next thing you know your electric bill is through the roof.

    With commercial window tint, however, you keep a great deal of the sun’s heat outside.  At the same time, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep the inside of your business cool.  It’s a win-win.  You save on energy costs, and your employees and customers are happier in the cool interior.

    New Year’s Resolution #2 – Protect My Customers from Harmful UV Rays

    Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause your interior furnishings and flooring to fade over time.  In addition, UV rays are harmful to your skin.  In fact, UV rays are known to contribute to skin cancer to those who are exposed to UV light for an extended period of time.  If your employees work close to windows regularly, UV light could become a real problem.

    Windows actually do not block out UV rays, but windows with commercial window tint do.  Properly installed commercial window tint film will block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that come through your business’ windows.  Protect the interior of your business and the people in it by installing commercial window tint.

    New Year’s Resolution #3 – Make My Business More Safe and Secure

    Commercial window tint will discourage a person from breaking into your business.  Simply put, when someone cannot see expensive equipment or shop items, they won’t try to steal it.  A break in can be truly harmful to your business, particularly if you have computers and printers in the office, if you keep a great deal of inventory on site, or if you sell high-end products.

    In order to dissuade a would-be burglar from even considering your business as a target, commercial window tint is the answer.  In the evening, commercial window tint will make it virtually impossible to see inside your business.  Anyone with nefarious motives would have a hard time justifying the risk of a break in when they do not even know if there is anything behind those tinted windows.

    New Year’s Resolution #4 – Increase Privacy for My Employees

    Particularly when your business is street level, privacy for your employees can be an issue.  Passers-by can’t help but look into windows, and that is distracting for employees.  Let commercial window tint come to the rescue.  The window tint is subtle yet effective.  The commercial window tint does not shut out all light, or make the window opaque.  But, it is tinted enough to dissuade casual onlookers from being drawn to looking inside.  The result is distraction-free privacy for your employees.

    New Year’s Resolution #5 – Control the Glare Coming into the Business

    Depending upon the time of year, the sun can come into your business at a certain angle that causes all kinds of glare.  The glare can make it tough for employees and customers in your storefront business, or can make it impossible to look at a computer screen.

    Commercial window tint does a masterful job reducing sun glare considerably.  You may think glare comes and goes.  However, if you have an office building that is all windows, or if your storefront is lined with windows, glare can be an issue that impacts your business for hours.

    Think Commercial Window Tint for the New Year

    Without question, getting commercial window tint for your business is a smart business decision.  It provides financial benefits while enhancing and improving the look and feel of your business.  Let Tint Tech help you make the right business decision with commercial window tint.  Call today at 1-403-968-8468.

    Car Paint Protection Film

    Clear Bra or Full Wrap? The Extent of Your Paint Protection Film – Some Things to Think About

    The title of today’s article would certainly be a puzzle for those not familiar with paint protection film for your car or truck.  But, to all my car enthusiasts out there, you know that this article is not about intriguing undergarments or lunch specials.  The gist of today’s discussion has to do with how much paint protection film you think you need for your car.

    Getting paint protection film for your vehicle is really a personal choice.  We at Tint Tech, Calgary’s paint protection film professionals, have had the discussion with many of our clients regarding how much protection is enough, or too much.

    This article will cover some of the fundamentals on what to keep in mind with paint protection film.  However, there is nothing better than talking to someone who knows paint protection film issues inside and out.  We at Tint Tech regularly install paint protection film for our customers.  So, our Tint Tech specialists are rockstars in giving you the best advice on paint protection film.  After you have read this article, give us a call at 1-403-968-8468.  We’d be happy to speak with you.

    Paint Protection Film:  Some of the Basics

    As you likely know since you are researching information on paint protection film, paint protection film is a thin film of urethane that bonds to the painted portions of your vehicle once installed.  It protects those portions of your car from all kinds of road debris and items that might scuff, scratch, or scrape your car’s surface.

    In fact, the technology of today’s paint protection film is fascinating.  The film has a self-healing quality whereby most scratches to a film-covered surface will vanish with just a little exposure to heat.  You should definitely check out our other blogs on the self-healing properties of paint protection film.  The film is so innovative, you may feel that you are reading a sci-fi novel.

    As you also likely know, paint protection film can be installed on all of the painted surfaces of your car – i.e., the “full wrap” – or you can get it installed on only parts of your car, such as the front bumper, hood, rocker panels, fenders, etc.

    In fact, the majority of drivers who choose to install paint protection film do so only on certain areas, which are those areas most prone to chips and other damage from road debris.  However, some owners want the peace of mind of having the “full wrap” so they know that their entire car is protected.

    That being said, let’s take a look at some reasons why you may want the “full wrap” for your car.

    5 Reasons Why You May Be In for the “Full Wrap”

    #1 You Can’t Predict Where Those Rock Chips Might Go

    Just the other day, we had a customer come in with a side-view mirror that had a huge hole in it.  How did it happen?  Well, a pretty sizable rock got kicked up on the highway, and it blew right through the side view mirror.  Thank goodness it did not go into the windshield instead.  From the hole in the front of the mirror casing, it seemed to be a rock that could do some damage.

    That is all to say that road debris does not always focus itself on your car’s “bra” area or rear wheel arch.  Passing cars can kick up some rocks or debris that might hit any part of the side of your vehicle.  So, why not make sure that your front and rear side doors have the protection of windshield protection film as well?

    #2 Birds Will Go in the Darndest Places

    While there is some way to predict what parts of your car might get the brunt of road debris, it literally is a “crap-shoot” when it comes to bird droppings.  The real problem there is that it is easy to underestimate the issues that bird droppings present.  You may think that cleaning it off is a simple matter.  However, that is not always the case.

    Bird droppings, if left for a while particularly in sunlight, could permanently damage the clear coat on your car.  Those chemical stains could greatly impact the appearance of your car.  Moreover, while the hood of your car may not have to deal with road debris as much as the front fender, paint protection film for the hood and roof of your car are essential in the battle against our winged friends, who may be hanging out on the nearest electrical line.

    #3 Tree Sap – Nature’s Unfriendly Car Adhesive

    Similar to bird droppings, tree sap can go anywhere on your car’s surface (depending on where you park) and can leave a nasty problem for your clear coat if not removed immediately.  Tree sap is somewhat acidic, which could etch into your car’s paint job and will be very difficult if not impossible to remove.

    #4 The Sun Always Shines on TV, and On Your Car

    While it may take a long time to become noticeable, the UV rays emitted by the sun will eventually have an impact on your car’s paint job.  Paint will slowly oxidize under the heat of the sun’s UV rays, thereby giving your car a matte or faded look.  If you only install paint protection film on part of your car, it is possible that the unprotected portions will fade faster than those parts that have the extra layer of film.

    #5 The Careless Parking Lot Driver or Out-of-Control Shopping Cart

    One customer came in last week with a typical story.  He just got his new car.  He loved it and loved how it looked.  Within a week of buying the car, he was in the parking lot of his local supermarket.  Call it Murphy’s Law, but of course a thoughtless driver who parked too close to his new ride opened his or her car door just a little too far.  Our customer comes out some time later only to see his perfect new car with a small scrape in the passenger door.  We’ve all been there.  Hopefully, somewhere the car gods are giving the stink-eye to the thoughtless driver in that story.

    To sum up, you now have five new things to keep in mind when you make the decision whether to protect parts of your car with paint protection film, or go for the “full wrap.”  If you have more questions, call us at 1-403-968-8468.  When it comes to paint protection film, we know it all – without acting like a “know-it-all.”  We at Tint Tech hope to chat with you soon!

    Car Auto Window Tinting

    Just Get a Ticket for Your Auto Window Tint? Let Tint Tech Help You Avoid Any More Tickets

    We always love to hear from, and chat with, our customers.  It is a great way to know how our products are doing with day-to-day driving.  It also helps us keep up to date on what is on the minds of drivers who use after-market products like auto window tint, and paint protection film – two of the many services that Tint Tech provides.

    Just the other day, a customer came into our Tint Tech shop with a story we hear all too often.  She has been driving her car for years now.  She bought it used, and it already had tinting on the windows.  The window tint job was fairly well done, so there was no fading, peeling, or discoloration.  But, after years of driving with it, she suddenly got pulled over a few days ago by the police for having illegal tinting on her windows.

    While the fine was not too bad relatively speaking, she never knew that the window tinting job was darker than the legal limit.  In addition, in her case, she had tinting on the front driver’s and passenger’s side windows – which is illegal in many provinces and states.  She was completely surprised that all this time she was driving with illegal tinting.

    We were happy to help her with replacing the window tinting on car, making sure it was within the legal limits.  She could not be happier with our Tint Tech service, and she was also able to drive away with the peace of mind that she wouldn’t have deal with a ticket again.

    This story got us thinking.  It is a perfect opportunity to discuss with you a little more about legal and illegal tinting limits, and familiarize you with all of the important terminology that goes into auto window tinting.  So, if you are ready to stop “living outside of the law” – you mavericks out there – then read on for a little primer on how the police view window tinting.

    Why Are There Legal Limits on Window Tinting in the First Place?

    Safety is the touchstone of why Canada, the United States, and many other countries have limits on the darkness of tinting on a car’s windows.  While legal limits can be a real bummer when you want your awesome ride to look sleek with nice dark-tinted windows, there needs to be a balance between good looks and safety.  The safety concerns, in fact, are in two different places.

    Police Safety.  First and foremost, very dark windows present a real safety concern for police officers.  Every time a police officer stops a car for speeding or some other traffic infraction, he or she has to come up to the driver’s side window of the car.  If the windows are tinted such at the officer cannot see the person, or the person’s hands, in the car, then the officer is at greater risk.  When an officer can see the movements of the person inside a car, then the officer can more appropriately assess any risk.

    In addition, police are charged with ensuring that people wear seat belts, don’t use hand-held devices while driving, and are not engaged in any other activity that distracts from the task of driving.  If a dark-tinted window blocks the officer’s view, then the officer cannot enforce the rules that make other drivers safer.

    Driver Safety.  As cool as tinted windows look, they also can make life difficult for a driver who is driving at night.  Tinted windows dramatically reduce visibility for those driving at night, making turns more difficult to navigate or making distances harder to judge.

    What Are Some of the Important Terms Related to Window Tinting?

    When it comes to knowing the legal parameters of window tinting, it helps to understand the terminology the laws regarding window tinting use.  In fact, most often, the degree of darkness of a window’s tint is measured in VLT%.  So, let’s start with that term.

    • Visible Light Transmission Percentage (VLT%).  This is the way in which law enforcement measures the darkness of automotive window tint.  As the name suggests, VLT% is the percentage of visible light that can pass through a tinted window.  So, while it may be a little counter-intuitive, the lower the VLT% number then the higher the darkness of the tint.  So, for example, a 32% VLT means that of the 100% of light that can come through a window, the window tint film only allows 32% of the light in.  That is a fairly dark tint compared to a VLT that is 70%.
    • Front-side windows.  The front-side windows denote the side windows closest to the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat.
    • Rear-side windows.  These are the side windows closest to the passengers in a car’s back seat.
    • Rear window.  That is the back window that faces out to the back of the car.
    • Windshield.  As you would expect, that is the window that faces the front of the car.
    • Color.  Tinting comes in different colors.  Fun fact – the laws, depending on the province, may prohibit certain colors, including reflective/mirror tints.
    • AS-1 Line.  This is the line from the letters AS-1 (found on most car windshields) to the top of the windshield itself.

    Now, when you look up a province or state’s law on window tint, you will understand the different measurements that matter.  If a province, for example allows 70% on “front sides,” 40% tint on “rear sides,” 30% tint on a “rear window,” and AS-1 on the windshield.  You know the limits for each type of window, and that any tint you have can only go to the AS-1 line on the windshield.

    Things to Remember

    There are some exceptions to tinting limits for medical reasons, such as people who have special light sensitivity.  Therefore, you can have darker tint than the law allows provided that you have a doctor’s note.  Also, some tinting laws can be somewhat ambiguous to give law enforcement some leeway.  For you, the driver, try to be conservative in your tinting to avoid issues.  Finally, you should be aware that most vehicles already have factory tint on windows, usually at 70-80% VLT.  Keep that in mind when adding tint to your car.

    Overall, window tinting is awesome for your car’s looks, but can be a little tricky when it comes to law enforcement.  Be sure to check the laws in your local jurisdiction, and then feel free to reach out to Tint Tech, Calgary’s number one auto tinting specialists, for more details.  Call us at 403-968-8468.


    Automotive Car Paint Protection Film

    The Paint Protection Film Market Is Expanding and Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

    New Reports Demonstrate Growth Into the Next Decade
    It seems like everyone is starting to get wise to the secret:  paint protection film is a technology that can help protect your car – and many other types of vehicles – in countless ways.  Indeed, there was a time when people would buy their car or truck, and take the dings, scratches, and scrapes that come with driving your car around.

    Yet, more and more, people are starting to realize the vast benefits associated with installing paint protection film on your vehicle.  Certainly, with the improvement of the paint protection film technology, the benefits are worth considering.

    We at Tint Tech, the paint protection film specialists in Calgary, have been installing paint protection film on cars, motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs for many years.  We knew the secret a long time ago, and we were happy to share that information with our clients.  Now, that paint protection film is starting to gain widespread traction, we are tickled to sit back without having to gloat and say, “I told you so.”

    In fact, we at Tint Tech are more than pleased to see new clients seeking the kind of protection that paint protection film provides.  We know that the most important thing to many car and truck owners is that your vehicle looks great – and stays ‘like new’ – for a long time.  Paint protection film is the way to do that.

    Now the market is beginning to take notice as well, as this article will explain.  So, if you are thinking about protecting the awesome paint job on your favorite ride, it might be time to give paint protection film a try.  Call us at 403-968-8468, and see what all of the fuss is about.  One of our highly trained paint-protection-film installers will answer any questions you may have, and even schedule a time for you to bring your vehicle in, so we can assess the best way to protect the paint surface.

    What Is All the Fuss About?  The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

    Now more than ever, paint protection film is being considered by many consumers because the roads are not in the condition they were back in the day.  Given the fact that less resources are directed towards infrastructure, you tend to find more debris, more rocks, and more refuse on the roads these days.  With the increase in such materials, there is a greater chance that something might get kicked up and scratch your car or put an annoying ding in your hood.

    Paint protection film is the very thing to preemptively counteract those outside forces.  Simply put, paint protection film is just what it says.  It is a razor thin, urethane film that is placed over the painted components of your vehicle and protects the paint surface from getting damaged by road debris.

    Better still, the paint protection film products that are out today have remarkable “self-healing” properties.  That means that if something scratches the surface of your vehicle, the film will absorb the impact of the rock or other object.  Then with a little heat – usually just the heat of the sun is enough – the scratch on the film will look as if it magically disappeared.  That is because the heat applied to the film allows the film some flexibility to reform itself and smooth out anything that caused a scratch.  The technology is really amazing.

    Marketing Reports Showing Paint Protection Film Growth Into the Future

    In the last few months a number of reports have come out with regard to the market for paint protection film.  Two examples are the reports from Grand View Research and from  Both reports have a sunny outlook for paint protection film products into the future.

    Indeed, based on those reports it appears that the global paint protection film market will reach $369.3 million (in U.S. dollars) by the 2022, with key growth in developing automotive aftermarket regions like China, Southeast Asia, and India.  Who would have thought that the plastic urethane film originally designed in the U.S. to protect helicopter blades on U.S. army helicopters in Vietnam would end up being such a popular product in those regions that are beginning to focus on aftermarket products for personal vehicles.

    Traditionally, Teflon coatings were the preferred choice to protect certain surfaces.  However, the growth of the whole market has allowed for large and small companies to join the paint protection world, and offer a great variety of products at various price ranges.  In addition, the lifespan of Teflon used to give it an edge, yet paint protection film’s lifespan – which can extend up to 5 years after installation – has made paint protection film a much more cost-effective choice.

    Some Key Takeaways from the Market Reports on Paint Protection Film

    • The global paint protection film market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2015 to 2022.
    • 3M, XPEL, LLumar, and DuraShield are some of the major brands in the paint protection film space.
    • China, which is becoming a major automotive manufacturing force, is projected to grow its paint protection film market at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2015 to 2022.
    • Electronics and aerospace applications for paint protection film accounted for 20% of the overall revenue in 2014.  With regard to electronics, paint protection film is being used more and more with mobile phones and tablets.

    In sum, paint protection film is enjoying ever-increasing demand, particularly in Asia and in the United States and Canada.

    Let Tint Tech Be Your Paint Protection Film Specialists

    As we said before, Tint Tech is way ahead of the curve in realizing the amazing benefits of paint protection film for cars and other vehicles.  In fact, we have been Calgary’s number one paint protection film provider, and hope to continue to install paint protection film for our customers for years to come.  Call or visit Tint Tech to find out more about how paint protection film can keep your car looking amazing for years.  You can contact us at 403-968-8468, or come in to speak to one of our paint protection film specialists today.

    Architectural Smart Window Tinting

    “Smart Windows” – Here Comes the Future

    There is nothing more exciting than learning about the development of a new technology that sounds like it is straight out of a science fiction novel.  Think about it.  Not three or four decades ago it was science fiction to think that virtually every person in the world would have an incredibly powerful computer right in their front pocket.  Today we have cell phones that not only allow us to communicate with anyone around the globe, but also have microprocessors that move at lightning speed.

    Remember encyclopedias?  It was once science fiction to imagine that a person could get the answer to any question under the sun with just a few taps on a screen or a simple voice command.  Now we can access the internet – an encyclopedia of all human knowledge – and have our questions answered within moments.  And remember albums, 8-track tapes, and compact discs?  Any music from anywhere in the world is now just a tap away, without the need for tape or disc players.

    Well, in the window tinting tech world picture if you will a kind of window that can change from transparent to opaque based on the temperature, and can harness the energy of the sun and convert it into usable electricity.  Imagine an office building that is entirely powered by the sun – through solar windows.  Imagine a car that can run on solar power alone.  Science fiction?  Not for long.

    Here at Tint Tech we specialize in auto and residential window tint films.  But, we also keep our eye on the horizon.  Our experts at Tint Tech like to know what new types of technological breakthroughs are happening when it comes to window tinting in general.  And, hands down, we are excited about the new kind of smart windows that darken in the sun and generate electricity.

    Perovskites – Ushering in a Solar Power Revolution?

    In recent years, solar power has made some huge strides.  Most of that is due to crystalline compounds called perovskites.  Related to a mineral discovered in 1839 and named after Russian mineralogist Lev Perovski, perovskites have sparked a solar power revolution.

    Solar cells made from perovskites are nearly as efficient as the silicon solar panels currently in use today.  The best perovskite solar cells can convert over 22% of the sunlight’s energy into electricity, whereas silicon cells can covert around 25%.  The key, however, is that cells made from perovskites are much cheaper than their silicon counterparts.  That fact may push the solar energy world into high gear.  Given the state of our environment, that might be just what the doctor ordered for Mother Nature.

    “Smart Windows” based on Perovskites

    Taking the solar harnessing power of perovskites one step further, perovskites can be the compound that leads us to “smart windows.”

    In general, a “smart window” is a window that can change from transparent to darkly shaded based on the amount of sunlight and temperature.  The warmer it gets, the darker the window becomes to keep any interior cool.  The huge high-rise office buildings in city centers can truly benefit from such technology, with massive energy savings.  In the past, there were other attempts at “smart window” technology that did not use perovskites, where the window would transition based on temperature, but it was costly and inconsistent.

    In addition, “smart windows” using perovskites can also harness the power of sun to generate electricity.  As noted, the solar cells using perovskites are almost as efficient as silicon panels.  So, combining tinting technology with solar power technology, perovskites are truly the key to the “smart windows” of the future.

    How Does the Smart Window Work?

    About one year ago, researchers developed a lead-based perovskite solar window that transitioned from transparent to opaque when the temperature hit 60 degrees Celsius.  When it is cool, the perovskite material forms a complex with another compound called methylamine.  The window is clear when that complex is formed.

    However, when it gets warmer, the methylamine vaporizes and separates from the perovskite, and the perovskite gets darker and absorbs sunlight.  Then, at night when it gets cooler, the methylamine vapor re-bonds with the perovskite and the window becomes clear again.  The chemical reactions that result in such practical applications are amazing.

    It should be noted that when the perovskite is absorbing sunlight as it is tinted darker, it is not as efficient as the perovskite cells discussed earlier.  The warmed perovskite tinted window can transform about 11.3% of the sunlight energy into electricity.

    Is There Any Downside to the Current Smart Windows?

    Without question, the technology is there but not quite ready for prime time.  The solar efficiency of the solar windows drops after only a few transitions from light to dark.  That is most likely because the methylamine does not re-bond with the perovskite very well, and worse each time.

    So, researchers are looking for perovskite-based smart windows that do not use methylamine.  One chemist reports that cesium-based perovskite solar windows, that do not use methylamine, allow for windows that can switch from transparent to dark with no loss of performance over time.

    However, the cesium-based windows also have issues.  First, they do not go from clear to dark unless the heat is more than 100 degrees Celsius, and their solar harnessing efficiency is only at 7%, which is far less than conventional solar cells.  Finally, perovskite windows have a reddish hue to them when they are dark, and colored windows are not a favorite among builders.


    It looks like the verdict on “smart windows” is that the future is almost here, but not quite.  The latest science, however, provides a wonderful glimpse at what the future could look like – office buildings and homes that have windows that both provide shade when the sun is strong and can convert the sunlight to electricity to power the office building or home.  Just imagine what life would be like without the need for electric wires coming into your home, or the need for oil to heat your home or office tinting.

    If you want to learn more about what Tint Tech, Calgary’s window tinting experts,can do for you now with regard to saving energy by using state-of-the-art window tinting film call us at 403-968-8468.  Also, contact us if you would like to learn more about the smart window tinting technology of tomorrow.