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    Color Change Wraps for Your Vehicle

    Color Change Wraps: All Pros, No Cons

    An aqua-blue Plymouth Sundance started it all.  One of our Tint Tech specialists once had a 1992 aqua-blue Plymouth Sundance.  You might remember the Sundance, it was one of those boxy, but nicely-proportioned economy cars made by Dodge/Chrysler. Dodge’s mirror version of the car was the Dodge Shadow. Our specialist recalls that it was really a great car.  For some reason, the ergonomics of the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and the center console just seemed to fit him quite well.  Even the aqua color with bold black trim, for some reason, worked.

    But the car’s paint is where the problem began.  The paint job soon began to both fade and chip away.  The paint job on the hood and the roof of the car simply started to deteriorate.  It was, in a word, unsightly.  As it turned out, all of the paint used on Dodge/Chrysler cars around that time had a flaw that would result in early chipping and fading.  It was a terrible shame, particularly since doing a first-class re-paint of the car was probably not worth it because the Sundance was by no means a luxury car.

    Our Tint Tech specialist told us that if “color change wraps” existed back when he was driving the Sundance, the Sundance would have had a beautiful wrap to cover up its fading coat of paint.  And that brings us to today’s blog topic – color change wraps.

    This blog will cover some of the basics of color change wraps for your vehicle, and tell you why there is all upside and no downside to getting a color change wrap for your car. That said, if you are in the market to make a change to your car now, and you want to learn what we can do for you, call us at Tint Tech, Calgary’s top auto film specialists.  You can call our number at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.  We are ready to do what it takes to have pride in your ride!

    What is a Color Change Wrap?

    A “color change wrap” is a vinyl wrap that you can apply to your car in order to completely change the color of your car.  Companies like 3M, Avery, and Oracal make high-quality vinyl films that come in all types of colors.

     The basic idea is that if you have a blue car that you’d like to change to classic glossy white, or neon green, or even a leopard pattern, a color change wrap is all you need.  Accordingly, the sky is the limit to make your vision come to life.

    Does Color Change Wrap Mean that the Color of the Wrap Can Change?

    The answer is “yes,” and “no.”  The typical color change wrap means that you install the vinyl film on your vehicle so that you can literally change the color or your car, from say blue to green, or white to black.

    That said, there is actually color change wrap – called “color flip wrap” – where the color of your car will change based on the amount of sunlight and the angle on which you are viewing the car.  So, the vinyl film you put on your car will not only change the color of your car, but the color of the car will change based on sunlight and angle.  Very cool indeed.

    What are the Benefits?

    What is so amazing about color change wrap is that it packs in a host of benefits, with no downside.  How can it be, you ask, that color change wrap has all pros and no cons?  Well, if there is something you don’t like about your color change wrap, all you have to do is remove the vinyl film from your car.

    Removing the wrap is remarkably easy.  So, unlike getting your car repainted (which is a permanent fix that you may or may not like), a color change wrap can stay on only as long as you like that color.

    Here is a quick list of color change wrap benefits:

    1. Cost.  Color change wraps typically cost half what a new paint job on your car would cost.
    2. Partial or Whole Car.  Color change wraps can be used for a full car wrap.  But you can also use it to accent parts of your vehicle, like the bumpers, the trunk, hood, etc.  The only limit is your imagination.
    3. Durability.  With most color change wraps, the company – and Tint Tech – will stand behind a warranty.  So, you can enjoy 100% protection with at least a 5 years of durable wrap life.
    4. Resale Value.  You may think that putting a wrap on your car might do some damage to the actually painted surface of your car.  Just the opposite is true.  The color change wrap will protect your car so you can maintain the resale value of your car.  If you wrap your car soon after you purchase it, then you are essentially putting a protective coat around your car so it can keep its new car brilliance underneath.
    5. Unique, Trendy Look.  Because the ways in which you can utilize color change wraps go as far as your imagination, there is always a way to make sure your car is truly unique.
    6. Custom Finishes.  The flexibility in color, pattern, and texture of color change wraps is so vast that it far surpasses what you are able to do with just paint on a car.  Some of the textures and finishes include gloss, brushed, metal, carbon fiber, satin, matte, metallic, and chrome.

    Check Out Tint Tech to Learn More About this Amazing Option

    Color change wrap is kind of amazing.  It certainly could have helped that old aqua Plymouth Sundance back in the day.  The wrap allows you to drive into Tint Tech with a drab beige car (or fading aqua Sundance), and drive away with an awesome rockin’ red, or glossy, metallic green.  Getting a color change wrap feels almost like you are getting a new car!

    We at Tint Tech are dedicated to ensuring that you learn all of your options regarding the color change wrap.  We are experts at installing such a wrap, and we want to make sure your car looks as awesome as it can.   Call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.

    Glass window tinting calgary

    Smart Glass – The Future of Window Tint?

    If you are a serious movie buff, then you may remember the scene in the 1982 film Blade Runner when Harrison Ford’s character is administering a polygraph-like test to see if Sean Young’s character is a replicant.  The windows in that scene darken suddenly so he can administer the test.  Or, if you’ve seen the 2014 movie Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, the glass in the S.H.I.E.L.D. office in Washington, D.C. has dimmable glass.  Those are depictions of what we call “smart glass.”

    In fact, the amazing technology of smart glass currently goes by a number of different names like “switchable glass,” “smart windows,” or “changeable tint.”  Yet, regardless of the name, this technology is poised to usher us into a new world of energy-efficient, more attractive windows.  And the application of smart glass is not just for offices.  Smart glass is being used in homes and cars as well.

    So, what is smart glass?  How does it work?  And what will it mean for the future of window tinting?  This blog will dive into some of those questions.  Of course, this blog can only scratch the surface on this relatively new technology.  If you want more detailed information, or if you want smart tint on your vehicle’s windows today, be sure to contact us at Tint Tech.  You can call 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.  As Calgary’s best window tinting business, Tint Tech is on the cutting edge of the window tinting world.  We are, without question, excited about what smart glass will mean for the future.

    Smart Glass:  What is it exactly?

    Generally speaking, smart glass is a type of glass that will change from clear to opaque at the push of a button, or automatically based on the environment.  There are many different versions of smart glass.  Some smart glass will go from clear to an opaque white-frosted look and back again, while others will go from clear to a dark tinted, or mirrored look.

    Although there are many variations, the idea is the same – glass will change from transparent to translucent (or even opaque) with just the introduction of electricity, light, or heat.  Typically, windows can be dimmed or made translucent at the push of a button.  Amazing, right?

    Smart Glass:  What technology is being used to make it work?

    There are actually a number of different types of technologies behind smart glass.  They include

    • Electrochromic,
    • Photochromic,
    • Thermochromic,
    • Suspended-particle,
    • Micro-blind, and
    • Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal devices.

    That sounds like a lot of scientific terminology, but it is fairly simple.  “Electrochromic” is actually a compound word derived from two Greek roots.  “Electro” refers to electricity, and “chromic” refers to color.  Chromatography deals with the changing of color.  Therefore, electrochromic means that something will change color (or be tinted) with the introduction of electricity.

    The same holds true for “photochromic” and “thermochromic.”  Those terms refer, respectively, to something changing color due to light (photochromic), or heat (thermochromic).  In fact, you likely already know photochromic glass because it is the technology used for glasses that turn into sunglasses when exposed to sunlight.

    Specifically with regard to electrochromic glass (which is a rather popular technology for smart glass), the way it functions is fascinating.  The glass is actually made up of several ultra-thin layers, including a layer with electrodes, and electrical contact layers on either side of the electrodes.

    When the window is clear, lithium ions settle on one layer of electrodes.  But, when a small amount of voltage is applied to the electrodes, the lithium ions move to activate another layer of electrodes that reflect light, thus turning the window opaque.  That remains until the voltage is reversed, and the lithium ions move back to the initial layer, making the window clear again.  Electricity is not needed to maintain the window in a clear or opaque state.  Power is only needed to change them from one state back to the other.  So, the push of a button on a remote device is enough to change the window back and forth.

    Smart Glass:  Why is it better?

    Windows are a double-edged sword, and always have been.  What that means is that windows are both important to our well-being, and a challenge environmentally.  On the plus side, without windows our office buildings and homes would be dark, sad places indeed.  Windows brighten our homes and workplaces, and consequently our day-to-day lives.  Also, it goes without saying that cars (and all other vehicles) need windows, or we would all be in serious trouble.

    Yet, windows are terrible when it comes to allowing in the elements.  Insulated walls are quite good at keeping in heat during the winter, and keeping cool air in during the summer.  However, windows present a challenge.  Windows allow tons of heat to come inside, so you have to crank the air conditioner just to keep a building, or your car, sufficiently cool.  That puts a strain on your air conditioning use, and ultimately the environment.  Of course, the same is true during the winter, when windows do a poor job of keeping out the cold.

    Up to now, we typically have used blinds and curtains to try to handle the heat and glare that comes with having windows.  But those are inefficient tools compared to smart windows.  Either at the push of a button or even triggered automatically by the environment, smart windows will turn opaque so that UV rays, added heat, and glare will not come through.  Yet, when those elements are not at play, then you can enjoy the view!

    The Way of the Future

    You will hear more about smart glass as it becomes integrated into our daily lives, and Tint Tech will be sure to give you more information about the future of smart glass.  But, you should know that the future is already here in many respects.  The Boeing 787 Dreamliner currently uses electrochromic windows, which have replaced pull-down window shades.  NASA is looking into using smart glass for the newly developed Orion space vehicle, and ICE 3 high-speed trains are using smart glass panels to separate the passenger compartment and the driver’s cabin.

    The professionals at Tint Tech will be telling you more about smart glass in the future, but feel free to call to learn more about installing smart glass or smart tint for your home or car windows today.  Just call 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.

    Decorative Window Film

    Decorative Window Film: 5 FAQs on the Latest Trend

    Our specialists at Tint Tech have gotten a number of inquiries with regard to decorative window film in the last few months.  All the buzz got us thinking.  Maybe it is time to do a blog on this latest development in the window film market.  Certainly, we have seen an uptick in not only interest but installation, of this fabulous new facet of window film.  So, if you are thinking about installing decorative film yourself, if you wonder if decorative film may enhance your business, or if you are just curious to learn more, you have come to the right place.

    In this article, we will discuss the 5 most frequently asked questions about decorative window film.  It bears noting that window treatments have really progressed over the years.  Back in the day, the only window treatment around was a regular window with curtains.  Decades ago, the only type of decorative windows you may have come across were the stained glass windows in your hometown church or chapel.

    Now, however, decorative window film is taking the business world by storm.  Decorative window film has so many applications – office windows, storefront windows, bank windows, mall store windows, restaurants, gyms – the possibilities are endless.  In short, decorative film has now become a way to get more privacy, or to have your storefront become a canvas for amazing art.

    At Tint Tech, Calgary’s top window film specialists, we are able to supply you with the best in decorative window films, and install the film for you as well at reasonable costs.  To get the window film conversation started, call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form. Our professionals are standing by to answer your questions.

    FAQ #1 – What is Decorative Window Film?

    Simple window film is a thin layer of film, usually made of polyester or vinyl.  The film is applied to a window’s surface, generally the film is self-adhesive. It acts like a second skin for the window surface.  You can check out our other blogs for great information on the many benefits of window film for your home and office.

    When it comes to decorative window film, that is window film that takes it to the next level.  As the title suggests, decorative film is a functional way to bring a little more privacy to your office, to brighten your storefront, and to bring artwork to your windows.  In short, the window film decorates your office space.  It could be a cool color, an intriguing pattern, a work of art, or something that carries your business’ logo.

    When it comes to decorative window film, the sky is the limit.  Decorative frosted windows, which allow natural light in but ensure privacy by keeping prying eyes out, is one type of decorative window film. Yet, it can be any window film that ads color, art, or spice to your office or store space.

    FAQ #2 – Why Install Decorative Window Film?

    Offices, restaurants, storefronts, or office spaces of any type can benefit from decorative window film mainly because it provides privacy day or night, while not sacrificing on natural light.

    Indeed, now that you are a little more aware of decorative window film, take a look at your local bank, health club, hotel foyer, conference room, and office partitions.  You will see that decorative film is used a lot – mostly with tasteful frosting that brings a little more privacy.  Utilizing natural light and frosted window partitions in an office space is aesthetically pleasing and brings the illusion of more space.  Something that opaque dividers and surfaces do not do.

    FAQ #3 – How is Decorative Window Film Installed?

    There are actually two primary ways to install a decorative window film.  More accurately stated, there are two ways that the window film adheres to the window surface – adhesive and static cling.

    You would want to use a decorative window film with adhesive if you want a more permanent window solution.  The way it works is that the film itself has an adhesive layer on one side.  You simply peel the paper that covers the adhesive on the film and carefully apply the sticky side to the window.  As long as you apply the film carefully, you will get a marvelous look that can last a long time.

    The other option is the static cling window film.  You read that right.  There is a decorative film that sticks to the window surface merely with static.  What is great about this type of film is that you are not dealing with sticky adhesive, it can be used many times over in different places, and therefore it can be removed and re-installed with ease.  If done properly, the static cling film looks just as good as the self-adhesive kind!

    FAQ #4 – Can I Install the Decorative Window Film Myself?

    Yes, you can.  Installing decorative window film – either the static cling or self-adhesive – is a great do-it-yourself project.  You will need tools to clean the smart glass, cut the film, flatten the film to the glass, and spray a soap and water solution as you apply.  It is not a lot, but tool kits are available through Tint Tech.  In addition, you can also get a professional at Tint Tech to install the decorative film. You make sure that the end result looks great.

    FAQ #5 – What are the Best Surfaces for Decorative Window Film?

    To properly install the decorative window film, you need a totally flat and smooth window.  Therefore, any window that has some texture to it would not be a good candidate for window film.  Otherwise, most films can be installed on glass, Plexiglas, double or triple pane windows, plate glass, and gas-filled windows.  They even will work in damp environments like bathroom windows.

    Of course, it is advisable to make sure that the film is installed on the inside of the glass.  While films can be installed on the outside. It will likely not last as long due to constant exposure to the elements.

    To conclude, the decorative window film is now all the rage.  It really has wonderful benefits if you are trying to gain more privacy for your employees, or provide something to catch the eye of a customer walking past your business.  Tint Tech is your connection to get started on your window film journey. Call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form to get started today.

    Auto Window Tinting

    Auto Window Tint, and the Many Gifts It Brings

    We have just finished with the wonderful season of gift giving.  It’s a time when we not only show appreciation to friends and loved ones by giving gifts, but also a time that we hope Santa gets us some good gifts as well.  We at Tint Tech, still aglow with the spirit of the season, want to plant the seed of an idea for a gift in the future, whether it is for an upcoming birthday, for next year’s holiday celebrations, or a gift to yourself . . . just because.  We recommend the gift of auto window tinting.

    Auto window tinting?  How can that fit on under the tree or around the gift table?  Funny you should ask.  At Tint Tech, we have begun to recognize an interesting trend.  As auto window tinting has become more popular in general, people are coming into our shop to ask for auto-window-tinting gift certificates.

    That’s right.  Tint Tech provides gift certificates for any person who wants to get a friend or loved one the installation of auto window tint, done by Calgary’s window tinting specialists – the professionals at Tint Tech.  To learn more about the details of how to get a gift certificate and all the auto window tinting options that are available to you, call Tint Tech today at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.  That gift-giving spirit will be happy you did.

    One amazing thing about the gift of auto window tint is that it is actually many gifts wrapped into one.  Here is just a short list of the types of gifts you are giving when getting auto window tint for that special, car-loving, someone.

    Giving the Gift of Good Looks

    It may be vain and superficial to say, but let’s be honest, we all want to look good.  And that does not stop with our own style.  That translates to our favorite rides as well.  Whether you are driving the latest sports car, pocket rocket, huge pickup truck, massive SUV, or eco-friendly electric car, you want it to look good.  Auto window tint is the way to achieve that.

    From the get-go, auto window tint was about an aesthetically attractive look for your vehicle.  Darkened windows simply seem to finish the look of any car, and accentuate the pleasing curves and/or angles that the makers of the car emphasized in their design.  Why not complete “the look” for your friend’s vehicle as well.  So, when thinking about gifts down the road, think about giving the gift of good looks.

    Giving a Present Filled with Privacy

    The next benefit that comes with auto window tint is the gift of privacy.  When you are driving about town, you don’t necessarily want everyone knowing your business.

    For most of us auto lovers, our car is our sanctuary.  It is the place to unwind after a hard day’s work, it is a place to relax and drive some stress away, and it is a place to sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” at the top of your lungs without anyone being the wiser.

    So, when you receive the invitation to the next birthday party or holiday event for someone close to you, think about how much fun it will be to give a pal the marvelous gift of privacy.

    Giving a Whole Bucketful of Health

    “Giving health” may sound a bit strange, but bear with us here.  There is no question that harmful ultraviolet light from the sun (UV rays) go right through regular windows.  There is also no question that extended exposure to UV rays on your skin could cause, or exacerbate a condition of, skin cancer.

    If you know of someone who drives a lot, then that person is likely more vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays, particularly on their left side – the driver’s side.  In fact, studies have shown that there is an overall higher percentage of skin cancer on the left side of people’s bodies because of driving.

    Given that information, auto window tint will come to the rescue.  Auto window tint film has properties – and the technology is getting better all the time – that block out 99% of harmful UV rays.  That means that giving a gift certificate for auto window tint installation by the experts at Tint Tech is not only a gift of great taste, but one that can protect someone from the risk of skin cancer.

    Giving a Sackful of Security

    Another marvelous benefit of auto window tint is increased security of your car and any items inside it.  Check any municipal police blotter online and you will read about case after case of the theft of items from people’s parked cars.  Many times, people make the mistake of leaving their cars unlocked when they park them overnight.  That mistake can be rather costly if it results in a laptop or other expensive item being taken from the back seat.

    Burglars are not stupid.  They weigh risks.  Being able to see inside a car – to see that it is unlocked and with a laptop or laptop case inside – makes that car a very good, very low risk, burglary target.  However, if a would-be burglar cannot see whether a car is locked or if there is anything worth taking inside the car, then the equation changes.  The burglar won’t take the risk of a car alarm or difficulty getting into a car, particularly if there is possibly of nothing to take.

    Auto window tint is the thing that changes that equation for criminals.  It conceals the contents of your car and forces would-be burglars to decide that touching your car is not worth the risk.

    Tint Tech is the Santa Claus of Auto Window Tint Cheer

    We could go on and on about the many gifts that come with an auto window tint gift certificate, but we invite you to come to our shop and see the possibilities for yourself.  For decades, Tint Tech has provided Calgary and the surrounding areas with top-quality auto window tinting solutions accompanied by expert auto window tint installations.  Contact us today to learn more about how you can become the best gift-giver ever.  You can call 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you, and Happy New Year!