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4 Great Reasons Why You Need the “Full Wrap”

People may call it “clear wrap,” “clear bra,” or “full wrap,” but they are all referring to the same thing – paint protection film. We at Tint Tech are huge fans of paint protection film because we find that it is the best product to keep your car, SUV, van, or truck looking like new the longest.  

Because we often field questions from customers about the pros and cons of paint protection film and whether it is the right product for them, we are devoting this blog to a discussion of the 4 top reasons why you need the “full wrap” when it comes to paint protection film.  

All that being said, there is nothing better than talking to someone in person who knows all there is to know about this amazing product. So, our Tint Tech protective film specialists in Calgary are the best to give you advice on what kind of paint protection film would be the way to go in your situation. After you read this blog, give us a call at 1-403-968-8468. We are looking forward to working with you.  

What is Paint Protection Film?

If you have not seen some of our previous blogs, then you may not even know what paint protection film is. Let’s cover that now.  

As the name suggests, paint protection film is a thin urethane film that adheres to the painted surfaces on your vehicle. It cannot be seen by the naked eye once it is installed, and it is meant to protect your vehicle’s surface from all of the stuff that could scratch or scuff your car.  

Go for the Entire Car – or Just the Front End?

With paint protection film, you do not necessarily have to cover the entire car. In fact, if you find that all of the impacts from rocks, road debris, and bugs is all on the front end of your car, then you can get what is called “clear bra.” That is paint protection film that only covers the front fender, and front end of your vehicle.  

However, many of our customers are now going for a “full wrap,” i.e., paint protection film over the painted portions of the entire car. Given that you can get scuffs or scratches on any portion of your car in addition to the front bumper, hood, rocker panels or fenders, you may find that a complete paint protection film job might be the best way to go.  

Now, let us talk about some reasons why you might want to get paint protection film over your entire car.

Reason #1 – Birds Don’t Care What Part of the Car is Protected

When it comes to bird droppings, it is literally a “crap shoot” as to where a bird might hit your beloved ride. Accordingly, you would be well served making sure that all painted surfaces of your car are protected with paint protection film – not just the front end.  

You know all too well that you can park under the wrong tree, and – oh, boy – you’ll be going to the car wash pronto. And you can not underestimate the problems that result from bird droppings. If left for a considerable period of time, especially in the sun, your vehicle’s surface might be permanently damaged. Chemical stains could really hurt the appearance of your car. Thus, paint protection film for the hood and roof of your car are vital to fight against the damage inflicted by our flying friends in the sky, who might just be waiting for you by the nearest electric line.   

Reason #2 – Can Never Predict Where Road Debris Could Hit

Without question, a car’s front fender/bra area takes the most impact regarding rocks and road debris. Yet, there is really no telling where road debris can go – making a good argument for paint protection film over your whole vehicle.  

For instance, just the other day, we had a Tint Tech customer come in with a massive hole in the side-view mirror. It happened when a truck kicked up a rock that cleared the fender and did some real damage with the side-view mirror. Luckily for the customer, it did not hit the windshield. Thus, the example shows that the front fender area of a car does not always take all the impact of the debris that could strike your car.

Reason #3 – The Classic Case of the Shopping Cart in the Parking Lot

Last week, one customer came in with a story that we hear all too often. He just got his new car, and he was loving how it looked. But almost a week to the day after driving the new car off of the lot, a thoughtless driver in the local supermarket parking lot parked too close, of course, to his vehicle. Of course, the thoughtless driver opened the car door just a little too far and left our friend’s new car with a scrape in the passenger door. Needless to say, our friend was bummed.  

The same thing happens when you have an out-of-control shopping cart. Why does it always seem that those carts run into all the new cars first? Paint protection film would be able to protect your car’s surface from those light – but potentially scrape-worthy – impacts.

Reason #4 – Problems with the Sun Coming Out Tomorrow

While it may take a long time to become noticeable, the UV rays emitted by the sun will eventually have an impact on your car’s paint job. Paint will slowly oxidize under the heat of the sun’s UV rays, thereby giving your car a matte or faded look. If you only install paint protection film on part of your car, it is possible that the unprotected portions will fade faster than those parts that have the extra layer of film.  

Let the Protective Film Specialists in Calgary Give You the “Full Wrap” Treatment

With our knowledge of state-of-the-art protective film technology, we can protect your vehicle from sun and heat damage, and from chips and scuffs on your vehicle’s paint. We also increase the security of your glass and add privacy for car and home windows. And we can do it all for less money than you think.

Every staff member at Tint Tech is a protective film specialist in Calgary who will see your project through from start to finish. With over 45 years of combined experience among our professionals, Tint Tech guarantees that our work will be of the highest quality, while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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