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Auto Window Tint – You Have Choices

There is a sweet spot when it comes to choices in life.  When we have too few choices, then life is not ideal.  For example, airline flights.  Given the state of things, we only have something like four major airlines left that handle almost all of the flying for us. Of course, given fewer choices, we have to compromise and accept higher prices, baggage fees, and a half of a can of soda – no bueno.

On the other hand, if we have too many choices then we get overwhelmed.  A great example of way too many choices is Netflix. Can you count the number of times that you and your partner sat down to a movie, only to spend the good part of an hour just trying to decide which movie to watch?  And then, once you finally pick a movie that neither of you are both that crazy about, you fall asleep a half hour into the movie!

What would be perfect – like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – is to find a market where the number of choices was “just right.”  Now, we at Tint Tech can confidently say that the market for auto window tint is “just right.”  There are plenty of varied products with varying types of technology, features and price points to choose from.  Yet, there are no so many choices that it becomes overwhelming just to try to choose.

History of Auto Window Tinting

The time of “just the right number of choices” was not always the case in the auto window tint world.  Back in the day, all that was available was the basic dyed polyester film.

The dyed polyester film was normally inexpensive and was really only for good looks.  There were no other performance aspects to the film.  Just a nice appearance.

Of course, as you likely know, the dyed films had a limited lifespan.  After about three to five years of sun exposure, the film would begin to turn purple.  And worse yet, dryness from the sun, or general wear and tear, also may have resulted in cracking, peeling, or bubbling, which really messed up the appearance.

Accordingly, with dyed polyester, you could generally expect three to five years of a really cool appearance, but the issues would about from fading on up after that.

The only other option, back in the day, was a metalized film.  This film had a thin layer of metal attached to the dyed polyester.  That type of film would have some heat rejection qualities while still giving the car the desired tinted look.

The metalized films cost more than the regular dyed polyester, and were viewed as an upgrade for most auto window film tint shops out there.  That was largely because the performance of the film was better and it generally lasted longer than simple dyed polyester.

The metalized film, however, came with some significant drawbacks.  First, the sheen caused by the metal layer in the film made the tinted film not be a great match for the tinted glass that automatically came from the factory with SUVs, trucks, and minivans.  Thus, you had a bit of a “two-tone” look on your windows if you owned an SUV, truck or minivan.

The second drawback was that the metal layer in the film would interfere with the electronics in the car.  Thus, you might have a cell phone or GPS system that would not function properly because of the metal in the window film.

For many years, those were the only choices for auto window tint film – kinda like a half a can of sode, right?

It’s A New Day for Auto Window Tint Choices

Today, there are a number of new auto window tint options that are both attractive and high tech – and they don’t interfere with your cell reception.  These new batch of window tint film products do not purple after three years, and can reject heat without the window being almost blacked out.  Let’s talk a bit about the new choices out there.

First, the window tint is variable all the way to clear.  Of course, we still care about the aesthetics, and thus want to make sure that our cars have that cool tinted look.  But, at the same time, the gradations of tint are refined, and really span the range from very dark to virtually clear.

Now why would anyone want to “tint” their windows with a clear film.  Well, that leads to the second benefit of the new batch of window films – heat blocking. The technology in the new auto window films is geared towards keeping the heat out, and allowing your car’s air conditioning system to work a little less.  Accordingly, some customers only want the heat blocking benefits and do not care as much about the dark-window look.  They will go out and purchase the almost-clear or clear window tint.

Next, the new window tint products provide UV protection – about 99% of the UVs stay outside the car.  Now, regular glass has no UV protection.  So, your skin as vulnerable just sitting in your car.  And for those who drive a considerable amount, that exposure to UV rays can be hazardous for your skin.  Window tint to the rescue.  The new window tints block 99% of UV rays.  Thus, your skin is protected.

Ask a Tint Tech Specialist About the Best Choice For You

With a nice panoply of choices for auto window tint films out there – but not too many choices – it cannot hurt to get a little guidance on which window film might be best for your vehicle.  That is where the professional experience of the technicians at Tint Tech can help.

Remember, not all auto window tint products are created equal.  Tint Tech, Calgary’s premier auto tint shop, can give you the choices you need to make an informed decision based on quality, features, and price.

Tint Tech professionals will help you make the right choice in the new exciting market of great auto window tint film choices.  We welcome you to call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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