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Automotive Window Tint on Your Electric or Hybrid Car – An Eco-Friendly Combination

What is one of the best ways to save money, save energy, and save the environment?  Get an electric car.  And then … wait for it … get window tint on the windows of your electric car.  Yep, we said it, and we’ll say it again … get an electric car and tint those windows for maximum energy efficiency.

Electric Cars Ain’t What They Used to Be – They’re Better!

With some vehicle-lovers those can be fighting words.  We understand.  But, the stereotype of electric cars being the underpowered, weak, puny cars of old is not accurate anymore.  In fact, the kind of torque you can get out of the gate with an electric car can rival the most powerful of six- or eight-cylinder vehicles out there.  Of course, at some point, a powerful V8 will outpace an electric car in a drag race.  But, off the line, electric cars have a lot of power.

That is because with electric cars you have instant torque.  Where a gas-combustion engine requires a few firing connections to get the car or truck off the line, an electric car has full power from the get-go, making it jump off the starting line.  That extra zip makes an electric car fun to drive, as well as giving you power if you need to change lanes in a hurry.

In addition, the Tesla model has given electric cars the kind of status that they did not have in the past.  So, instead of small electric or hybrid cars that tell the world that the driver cares only about zero emissions, now electric cars have zero emissions and a touch of class.

The Case Study:  The Chevy Volt

As many car enthusiasts already know, the real downside for electric cars is the time it takes to charge an electric car’s battery.  While there are some super-high-speed chargers that can get a Tesla to 80% charge within 90 minutes or so, most electric cars take a long time to charge, particularly if you are using a regular wall outlet.

In addition, as of the writing of this article in 2019, there are simply not enough charging stations in the world to make it feasible for your electric car to be your primary vehicle.  Long trips with an electric car can be tricky and require some careful planning around known charging stations.

The one electric car that avoids that problem is the Chevy Volt.  That car is made for a world that wants to go electric but the infrastructure is just not there yet.  The Volt solves that problem by having an electric battery plus a gas backup.  Thus, after you have used up the 40- to 50-mile range of the electric battery, you have another 200 miles of range with the gas engine.  The beauty of the design is that, according to statistics, 80% of people’s commute to work is less than 20 miles each way.  That means if everyone had a Volt, it would cut gas consumption by a whopping 80%.

Now Add More Efficiency with Auto Window Tint

Another arrow in your quiver to combat the ever-increasing gas prices is to take advantage of the heat-rejecting automotive window tint to actually help extend an electric car’s range on electric power.  Of course, you need to be sure to have the window tinting done with professional car window tinting experts, like the experts at Tint Tech.

Ask yourself, what is one of the primary ways that a car’s battery is drained?  After using the car’s battery to power the vehicle, the next biggest drain on power is use of the comfort systems in your car.  Indeed, running the air conditioning in your car, while often necessary, can really drain your battery and substantially limit the number of miles you can get from your electric car’s battery.  In fact, air conditioning alone can reduce the mileage range on your car’s battery from 9 to 17%.

Window tint, done by a professional car window tinting shop, to the rescue!  Automotive window tint will reduce the amount of solar energy and heat coming into your car.  Accordingly, your air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to keep the interior of the car cool.  In fact, the savings by tinting your windows could be so significant that it would mean that the auto window tint can likely pay for itself.

Don’t Forget the Other Advantages of Automotive Window Tint

In addition to all of the energy savings that result from tinting your electric vehicle’s windows, it is important to remember the other benefits that professional car window tinting can bring for your car.  First, it blocks harmful UV rays.  Those are the rays that cause skin cancer.

Second, auto window tint will keep the dashboard and upholstery in your car looking new for longer.  Harsh sunlight will certainly fade those areas of your interior over time.  Automotive window tint will remove that problem and ultimately make your car’s value go up because it will look like new for a long time.

Finally, professional car window tinting will, without doubt, enhance the look of your car.  Slightly darkened windows will make that futuristic electric car have an extra dash of sleek class that will draw the eye of all those who see you pass by.

Automotive Window Tint Specialists of Calgary Are Ready to Help You Maximize Efficiency

We at Tint Tech are excited to help you get the most from your vehicle, including getting the most energy efficiency out of your vehicle.  Adding professional car window tinting to your electric car is the green choice.

To learn more about the kinds of energy savings and other benefits from automotive window tint, the best thing to do is consult one of the professionals at Calgary’s top vehicle tint shop, Tint Tech.  Let us answer all of your vehicle tint questions.  We have, for many years, been providing the highest quality service to Calgary customers, and want to make sure that you have be best vehicle tint job possible.  For more information call us at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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