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Tint Tech is not just focused on protecting your vehicle.  We at Tint Tech provide energy saving, and safety, protections for your home and office.  We do so by providing a wide selection of state-of-the-art architectural windows tint films.

Solar Protection Window Film

Particularly if you are in an office building with lots of tall windows, but even in your home, windows make it difficult to hold in heat in the winter, or air conditioning in the summer.  It is not uncommon to run up energy costs just because the hot sun is coming through the window, requiring you to keep the air conditioning on high.

We have various cutting-edge window films that provide solar protection for just those circumstances.  Without a well-installed window film, UV rays and simple solar heat will make your energy bills go through the roof.  In fact, being smart by having a Tint Tech professional install solar protection film on your home or office windows tinting will likely pay for itself over time in saved energy costs.

Safety Protection

Whether in your home, in an office park, in a local retail store, or in a 100-story glass building, lots of windows can be a safety concern.  It is not uncommon for tree branches or storm debris to break a window in your home, leading to dangerous glass inside your home.  Let Tint Tech’s architectural safety windows tint films improve the strength and resilience of your home or office window tinting, minimizing the overall safety risks.

In addition, Tint Tech can artfully install reflective films to increase privacy at your home or office.  For just that added amount of safety, particularly to shield passers-by from seeing important equipment and other items of value, films are available to give your occupants the peace of mind of additional privacy.

Do you want to protect your home or vehicle from sun damage, heat,
rock chips and scuff?

Talk to a Tint Tech representative today to learn more about the various Architectural Window Tinting packages we provide.