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Make every room a dream room.

Home Window Film Solutions Calgary

Live in every room of your home without any concerns about sunlight, glare, privacy, or fading of furnishings. Tint Tech allows you to live freely in whichever room you desire. It is your home, so you should have complete freedom. Residential window films are a complete solution to all your worries. We are here to assist you in finding that perfect solution that suits your home and your style.

Your Reason To Install Home Window Tints

Maintain Perfect Temperature – Make your home a comfortable living space all year round. If you think that your home is too hot in summers and frigid in winters because the windows provide no protection, you are in dire need of home window tints. No need to install costly drapes when you can achieve the same effect an much more with home window tints. Here’s how the tints can help you eliminate excessive heat and cold.

  • Eliminate Extra Heat – Blinds or drapes are good protection but not an ideal option. It is mostly so because they are costly and block all the natural sunlight. Tints, on the other hand, cost relatively less and allow natural sunlight to illuminate your home. They also reject the heat of the sun without disrupting your views. A window tint compliments your decorative curtains and increases the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Eliminate Extra Cold – No need to put on an extra layer of clothing when you can get the same results with window tints. Window films are an upgrade to your windows. They act as a barrier so that the warmth inside does not dissipate due to cold outside. It disperses heat back into the room and reduces the cold spots. With residential window films, you can bring down the heating cost of your home as they provide better insulation.

Diminish Glare – Enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight without taxing your eyes. Natural sunlight is good for your health as it boosts the production of Vit-D in your body. However, the glare from it makes it difficult to reap this benefit to its full potential. With an appropriate home window film solution, you can enjoy sitting in any room from sunrise to sunset. Relax or work, do whatever you want to do, without the glare acting as a mood spoiler.

Protection Against UV Damage And Fading – Prolonged exposure to the UV light is harmful to your health as well as your furnishings. The UV light causes early aging, skin cancer, and other dermatological problems. Lasting exposure to sunlight also damages your floor, woodwork, furnishings, etc. It causes fading, which makes them look dull, drab, and uninviting. Window films are an economical solution to these problems as they block 99% of UV rays and reject 78% of the solar heat.

Better Energy Savings – Window tints serve the dual purpose of rejecting solar heat and preventing the inside warmth from seeping outside. Consequently, the energy bills drop. You can now maintain cool indoors far more efficiently, and in winter, the house remains warm irrespective of the temperature outside. With the home window tints, you can save at least 30% of your energy costs.

Enhance Safety And Security – Stray balls, flying objects, natural disasters, and break-ins are every homeowner’s nightmare. They damage the windows and leave your home open to outside elements. From both safety and security points of view, that is not an acceptable scenario. Window tints make your windows stronger and more resilient. Even in the case of glass sustaining a heavy impact, the tint, along with the adhesive, will keep the window in place. The glass does not break into tiny pieces but shatters and still holds its position. It prevents burglars and other unwanted elements from gaining entry to your home.

Privacy And Aesthetic Appeal – If you want to increase the privacy of your home, you can use dark or frosted window tints. In case you don’t want to spoil the aesthetic appeal of your home, you can use decorative window tints to get the same level of privacy without the tint becoming an eyesore. The decorative tints are available in a variety of designs and shades so that you can create a stylish and custom look for your living space.

Anti-Graffiti – If you are tired of constantly changing the glass on your windows because some miscreants keep making graffiti on them, window tints are your only solution. The paints can permanently damage the glass, but thanks to tints, you needn’t worry about that anymore. The tints act as a barrier and protect the glass from any lasting damage.

Fire Your Imagination

A window tint that makes your home safe, secure, and appealing does not have to be good old boring. From bold geometric patterns to elegant motifs, there is no end to what we can help you achieve. All you need is a vision and our expertise to help you design a space that calls to you. 

From Beginning To End With Tint Tech Calgary

Home window film solutions are our business, and we know it best. We are there with you from the very beginning of the decision making process. Discovering a window film that fits your needs the best, is not difficult when you have the help and guidance of an expert. With our knowledge and keeping your needs, space, and style in mind, we help you decide on the most suitable window tint for your home. We shall then professionally install the tints standing by our commitment to excellence. We deliver a flawless application of the tint with complete the assurance of having used the best products.

Tint Tech Your Local Home Window Tint Specialist Calgary 

Homeowners in Calgary, Tint Tech, is your local home window tints specialist. If you want to upgrade your windows, look no further than us. We can help you at your convenience and within your budget. Together we can make your home a beautiful home that is safe and secure for all its residents. We guarantee using only the best quality products so that your home gets maximum protection on all fronts. 

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