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Calgary Paint Protection film

Your car happens to be the second major investment in your life. You save and scrounge to buy that perfect set of shiny new wheels. So why not go a step ahead and ensure that it remains brand new even after a year or two? There’s nothing stopping you from investing in a good quality Paint Protection Film.

What is Paint Protection Film?

We all want to make sure that our vehicle maintains its clean, straight-off-the-showroom finish. While we may park far away to avoid dings in the door or avoid getting behind trucks that could kick up small rocks and ruin our car’s finish, the new-car look can be very difficult to preserve when driving on the roads today.

The answer to that problem is Paint Protection Film. Paint Protection Film is an incredibly sturdy and invisible layer of urethane adhesive that will protect your car’s paint from road debris, fading, rock chips, and light scuffing. Paint Protection Film will allow your car to keep its brand-new look for a long time.

How is it film installed?

Our expert installers gently take the film that is crafted to fit your vehicle and painstakingly apply it to the vehicle’s surface. It is done slowly to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles.

This process is both an art and a science. Our Tint Tech professionals take great care and time to ensure that the designated area is covered entirely, whether it is the whole car or just the high-impact zones. Such detailed effort makes certain that no part of your vehicle is exposed to the elements. The Paint Protection Film can be used for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, and other vehicles.

Can It Be Used Only On New Cars?

A Paint Protection Film works best on new paint. However, it can be applied to old cars as well. Usually, when applied on old vehicles, it comes with a disclaimer.

Whom Is It Meant For

3m Paint Protection Films are meant for every car, SUV, XUV, truck, RV, boat, bike (road & mountain), motorcycle, etc. 

Area Of Application

3m Paint Protection Films are installed on hoods, bumpers, fenders, tailgate, headlights, mirrors, roof, fog lights, grille, rear bumper deck, A-pillars, and rocker panel.

Will I be able to see the Paint Protection Film?

The key to our cutting edge Paint Protection Film technology is that it is invisible. Indeed, the clear film will protect the finish of your vehicle without having any impact on its appearance. Moreover, the Paint Protection Film will not be impacted while manually washing it or when you go to the car wash.

Myths Associated With Paint Protection Film in Calgary

Myth 1 – It Can’t Be Removed – Once the vehicle paint protection film installation is done, it can still be removed at a later on date. Although the process is not simple and requires heat and adhesive removal chemicals. Repainted surfaces may peel while removing the film. The best advice is to let a professional assess the paint condition on your vehicle.

Myth 2 – It Will Damage The Paint On Application – There are pre-cut kits available for every car. So, the need for trimming is limited. The only time that a knife or sharp blade is used is during custom installations. Even then, we are extremely careful and take all precautions to keep your original paint intact.

Benefits Of  Paint protection Film

  • Protects the vehicle from pebbles, stones, road debris, salt, etc.
  • Keeps your paint new and shiny.
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Sticks to the vehicle without using adhesives.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against yellowing, peeling, and bubbling.
  • Adds to your vehicle’s resale value.

Look no further because we provide the Best Vehicle Paint Protection Film Installation in Calgary.

Do you want to protect your home or vehicle from sun damage, heat,
rock chips and scuff?

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