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The Beauty of Window Tinting is Not Just Skin Deep: Discover The Many Benefits of Clear Window Film

When you drive past a window tinting shop – like Calgary’s window tinting specialists, Tint Tech – you probably immediately think of a place that focuses on making your car windows as dark as possible, in order to get that sleek, sports-car look.  Then you decide to drive right past because may not be a fan of dark tinted windows, or you may be daunted by the worry that windows that are too dark might be illegal in your state or province.

Well, you might want to give window tinting a second look.  It is not just about making your windows dark.  In fact, many, many customers put window film on their windows without any auto darkening window tint.

We at Tint Tech want to tell you about a window film that really has nothing to do with making your car (or home) windows as dark as possible.  Rather, Tint Tech can provide you with clear, or virtually clear, window film that carries with it a host of other benefits.

Know About the World of Window Tint

As a company dedicated to knowing all that there is to know about the world of window tint, we at Tint Tech have taken notice of an interesting shift in our clientele.  Rather than serving customers solely looking for a darker window film to enhance the look of their vehicles, we are getting more and more customers who want window film that is clear, or virtually clear.

Specifically, they are coming to us because they know that window film on your car or home windows results in energy efficiency, improved health, and increased safety.  Indeed, beyond just aesthetic improvement, window film has a larger purpose!

So, to those of you who think that window film is just for those who want to own a car that looks like a hot rod – think again.  Window film for your car and home has such practical, money saving, and health saving benefits, that you should consider whether putting window film on your car or home windows is the smart choice for you and your budget.

Here is a breakdown of some of the major benefits to window film for your car or home that have nothing to do with making your windows darker.

Benefit #1:  UV protection

Did you know that a regular car or home window does not block ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun?  UV rays can be harmful to our skin if we are exposed for too long.  In fact, UV rays are one of the major causes of skin cancer.  So, when you are in your car, or close to a window with the sun shining in at home, you are being exposed to UV rays.

The beauty of window tinting film, even the window film that is clear or virtually clear, is that it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.  That is significant.  When you install window film in your car or home, you are protecting your skin, and your family’s skin from the negative health effects of UV rays.  When you look at it that way, you have to ask yourself why more people aren’t installing window film on their car and home windows.

Benefit #2:  Minimize fading

You take a lot of time and energy picking out your car with just the right interior.  The fabrics, the colors, the surfaces, all matter in making your car exactly what you want it to be.  That is doubly true for the furnishing in your home.  You take pains to make sure that your furniture, your draperies, and your artwork is ‘just so.’  The light and UV rays that can be harmful to your skin are also harmful to your upholstery and other surfaces in your car and home.  It is a shame to spend so much time picking out the right environment, only to have it fade prematurely because your windows let in too much UV light.

Window film can save the day.  Again, clear or virtually clear window film (with no darkening window tint) can take away the UV light that would otherwise prematurely fade the upholstery, dashboard, and other surfaces in your car, or the upholstery, furnishings, and artwork in your home.  To keep your car and home furnishings looking new, consider going to Tint Tech, Calgary’s window tinting experts, and having the professionals treat your car and home windows today.

Benefit #3:  Reduce glare

Sunny days are great, except when you are driving westward home, and the road you are on looks like it is driving directly into the setting sun.  Your sun visor doesn’t go low enough to protect your eyes, so you are in the unenviable place of essentially trying to drive while staring into the sun, with traffic slowing down.

What could be a remedy?  You guessed it – window tint film.  Of course, most if not all states and provinces do not allow you to darken your windshield with window tint.  However, clear window tint for your windshield and front side windows can significantly reduce glare.  After installing a clear film on your windshield, you immediately find that you can enjoy those sunny days without having to worry about the glare from the sun.

Benefit #4:  Shatter protection

No one ever wants to get into an accident, certainly not one where glass shatters in your car.  By the same token, having a window broken in your home – from a tree branch during a storm, or from an errant baseball – is also not something that is a pleasant experience.  Yet, when those kinds of accidents happen, the pieces of shattered glass can pose additional hazards on top of the initial accident.

Window tint film is the answer for the shatter problem as well.  Window film is like an extra elastic-type sheet that covers your window.  In the event of a window shattering, the film will be able to hold the window together much better than an unprotected window.  Accordingly, window film can help avoid having to deal with flying pieces of glass following an accident.

Benefit #5:  Save Energy

The final major benefit to window film is the energy savings, which translates directly into cost savings for you.  Window film, including clear or virtually clear film, keeps the heat in during the winter, and keeps the heat out during the summer.  So, if you have the sun hitting your car or home windows, window film provides a barrier that keeps the sun’s heat out, so your air conditioner does not have to work so hard.  Similarly, in the winter, the heat generated by your heater will not leak out as easily.  So, if you want to save money, and save energy – two noble goals – consider getting that clear window tint film on your car and home windows today.

Tint Tech is Calgary’s window tinting expert.  Contact us today to learn more about clear window tint technology.  Our professionals are happy to assist you.  Call 403-968-8468 today.

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