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Can Decorative Frost Up Your Retail Game?

Many, many, many retail stores confront you with advertisements in their windows when you approach the front door.  Electronics stores regale you with great deals on cell phones and accessories, clothing stores entice you with the latest in fast fashion at great prices, shoe stores have window length posters touting the current “buy one, get one” deal, and of course grocery stores have any number of products that are on sale or half off.  

If you are a store owner, or you work for a commercial retail store, you may ask yourself:  Does it look attractive to have a picture of lunch meat staring at the customers as the walk into the store?  Can there be just too many happy, frolicking, smiling families with the best in fall fashion adorning the windows?  Are the window ads with pictures of floating sneakers really accomplishing their desired effect?

If you are asking those questions, and/or have a desire to keep your store looking active, attractive, and a little classy, the professionals at Tint Tech, Calgary’s window tinting specialists, just might have the solution.  

What About Decorative Frost?

Decorative frost is a type of window tinting film that essentially lets you put interesting, artistic, eye-catching designs on your retail store’s windows while giving the store a creative-classy look that will differentiate it from any other stores in your complex.  

As the name suggests, it is a frost-type window film.  That means that it can allow your store to have decorative designs and silhouettes on the windows without losing natural light or making the store feel closed off from the outside.  

In addition, if you have a part of your store that needs extra privacy but do not want to put up opaque privacy film, then decorative frost film is the answer.  The design you create, or choose, for the area can be both private and can convey your store’s branding. It really is a win-win. Why not have privacy film that is also pleasant for your customers to look at?

How Would the Design & Preparation Process Happen?

In dealing with frosted film that is both decorative and used for privacy purposes, we at Tint Tech as installers need to determine how we can apply the film.  In certain places, we may only have access to the exterior. Thus, we would choose for you an exterior decorative frosted film.  It would be a film that can handle greater weather changes, and weather effects.  

You also have options that can be low in cost, but still high in style.  That is a win-win – design and privacy (form and function) – working together.  Of course, light can still shine through, which is also something you will most likely want for a more pleasant working environment.  

What Types of Challenges May You Face?

As noted, weather can be the biggest challenge if we are talking about installing external film.  Indeed, we at Tint Tech know that heavy rain, or strong sunlight, can slow down an install considerably.  Yet, things can get a lot easier if the installation is in an area that has some type of awning or overhang.  

The Mechanics of Installation

The installation of decorative frosted window film can be tricky.  Given that decorative film has shapes, designs, and other cutouts in the film, installers need to be careful about applying the film without doing any violence to the design cut into the film.  One sharp move with a squeegee or utility blade and any particular film panel might need a start from scratch. 

Also, installers should make sure that the adhesive used is appropriate for the elements that will impact the window.  As discussed, if an external installation is required, then a stronger adhesive is called for compared to what is necessary for an interior installation.  

At Tint Tech, the window tinting specialists, we have handled the kind of decorative/privacy frosted window film discussed above.  Frosted window film is a marvelous product because of its versatility. Indeed, is the perfect combination of taste, functionality, and aesthetics, all rolled into one.

Accordingly, we know the problems and pitfalls that are incumbent on such a project.  That is why you should contact us to learn about your options on how frosted window film can help your business, whatever business that might be.   Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form

Tint Tech Professionals Can Make Your Workplace a Better One with Decorative Frosted Window Tinting Film

Tint Tech, the window tinting specialists, is not just focused on protecting your car.  We at Tint Tech provide energy saving, and safety, protections for your home and office.  We do so by providing a wide selection of state of the art architectural window films, including decorative frosted window film.  

We have various cutting edge window films that provide solar protection for hot sun conditions.  Without a well installed window film, UV rays and simple solar heat will make your business’s energy bills go through the roof.  

In addition, Tint Tech employs Calgary’s best window film specialists.  Indeed, Tint Tech professionals will be happy to guide you through all of the options available to you.

Having been in the business for decades, Tint Tech knows window film.  We at Tint Tech take pride in the work we do.  We treat every project with care, which sets us apart from the competition.  We increase the value of your business with quality service and quality products.  And we provide prices that won’t break the bank.  

Every staff member at Tint Tech is a professional installer who will see your project through from start to finish.  With over 45 years of combined experience among our professionals, Tint Tech guarantees that our work will be of the highest quality, while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form

Contacting us will be your best first step toward putting your business on the right path, and differentiating yourself from the competition.  Give it a try, the only result will be a great looking commercial space.

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