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Car Glass Tinting Prices: Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

We should probably begin with a “spoiler alert” here and answer the lead question right away.  Yes.  When it comes to car glass tinting prices, it is true that you “get what you pay for.”   Like most things in life, quality will cost more.  That designer shirt that is both fashionable and made from great quality fabric will likely look better and last a lot longer than the shirt you got from Walmart.  In the same way, high quality window film will not bubble, crack, or fade within a short period of time as cheap tint might.  Why is that?  Because you get what you pay for.

That being said, when shopping around the various car glass tinting prices, at the various car glass tinting shops in your area, it is immensely helpful to know what factors go into installation of automotive window film.  That way, you will understand when you are getting a quality automotive window film job, and when someone is selling you cheap tint under the guise of a luxury product at expensive car glass tinting price.

If, after reading this blog, you want to learn more from a professional automotive window film specialist, then we welcome you to contact the professionals at Tint Tech.  We can explain the various car glass tinting price, avoid the really cheap tint, answer all of your questions, and give you an estimate for your particular vehicle.  Call us at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.  We at Tint Tech in Calgary are ready to help you anytime.

What Are the Important Factors in Car Glass Tinting Price?

Discussing the options involved in car glass tinting prices can be, if you can believe it, more challenging than explaining the technology behind automotive window film.  Why?  The reason for that is because car glass tinting price vary significantly.

If you are not too concerned about quality, then you could probably get a tinting job done for your car at about $100 at a place that does not have an established reputation.  Yet, if you go to a luxury auto tinting shop, you may pay upwards of $400.

Which price is reasonable?  Depending upon a number of factors, both prices can be “reasonable.”  What are those factors?  They are as follows:

  • The type of vehicle you are tinting,
  • The kind of automotive window film you have installed,
  • The performance warranty for the automotive window film used, and
  • The reputation of the automotive window tinting shop you use.

Let’s take a moment to look at each factor in depth.

The Type of Vehicle You Are Tinting

As you might expect when you think about it, some car models are just harder to tint than others.  An experienced automotive window film tint shop, like Calgary’s Tint Tech, will always ask what specific type of vehicle you have.  That is because installation professionals will need to get an idea of what type of tint job they will be looking at when you bring your car in.  It will also dictate how much the job will ultimately cost.

Specifically, every model of car has a different surface area of window.  Also, some cars might have some challenging window shapes.  For example, a Corvette or a Volkswagen Beetle have curved and/or steep rear windows.  Those oddly shaped windows present a bigger challenge for auto tint installers.

Moreover, the greater the window surface area and the more automotive window film you need, the more it will cost.  Thus, tinting a compact car will normally cost less than tinting a minivan or SUV.

The Kind of Automotive Window Film You Have Installed

There are lots of things that go into car glass tinting price, but the tint itself is, of course, a primary player.  As with our ‘designer shirt vs. Walmart shirt’ example above, the quality and price of window tint varies dramatically.

The question for you, then, is whether you want a designer shirt or a Walmart shirt for your car.  Remember, though, unlike a shirt you might wear a few times a month, your car window tint will remain on the car every day for a long time.

Lower cost window films might not look good early on, but the staying power is what matters.  Cheap tint will most likely bubble, display color shifts, or lose heat protection fairly quickly.  By contrast, high quality ceramic or metallized films will not lose their properties and will last a lifetime.

The Performance Warranty for the Automotive Window Film Used

Warranties that automotive window tint shops provide can vary.  That is why the Performance Warranty on the window tint product itself is important to keep in mind.  Some warranties will be for a lifetime, while others may only be for as long as one year.

Your typical warranty will cover cracking, glazing, peeling, and bubbling.  Yet, there are better warranties that cover any changes in color, and even warranties that can be transferred to a subsequent buyer of your car.

One word of caution.  Some auto tint shops provide a “lifetime” warranty.  That warranty from the tint shop, however, lasts only as long as the tint shop is around to honor it.  So, if you choose a tint shop that has not been around long, or is not well established, the lifetime warranty might not be as valuable.  Here it is worth noting that Tint Tech boasts having over 45 years of combined industry experience in automotive window tinting, which leads to our last factor – dealer reputation.

The Reputation of The Automotive Window Tinting Shop You Use 

Part of the car glass tinting prices out there include the quality of work you receive from the auto tinting shop.  The best tint shops in the industry are the ones that have an established place in the business, have many satisfied customers, offer some of the top technicians and installers, and take pride in the quality of their work as well as providing excellent customer service.

Working with such an established automotive window film tinting shop comes with a bit of a premium compared to a new start up tinting place that may try to sell you on cheap tint.  Thus, when it comes to price comparisons, you need to consider the quality of the auto tinting business with which you engage.

In that vein, we at Tint Tech are confident that you will find our 45 years of combined industry experience, coupled with impressive customer service and thousands of satisfied customers, to be something that justifies working with us.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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