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Protecting Your Investment – Caring For and Cleaning Your Tinted Windows

Mom’s advice is always good advice.  You probably can still hear her say, “I’ll get you what you want, as long as you promise to take care of it.”  From a very early age we learn that it is a good thing to take care of things that are valuable to us.  When it comes to protecting the investment you made on automotive tinted windows, Mom’s advice rings true even today.

When you get your car windows tinted at Tint Tech, you are getting top-of-the-line service.  Without question, it is an investment.  At Tint Tech, we love to work with, advise, and problem solve with our customers.  Time and again, our professional technicians learn how to better serve our clients by connecting on a personal level and learning what concerns customers most.

We not only provide great products and services, but we are here to counsel you on all of the options available to you when it comes to window tinting.  We frequently field important, useful questions from our customers.  One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is – how do I keep my car’s window tint looking fresh and new?   So, we thought we would write an article to help all you window tinting fans get informed on how to care for and clean your car’s tinted windows.

What Is In Window Film?

Learning how to clean your tinted windows requires a little information about how windows are tinted in the first place.  Tint Tech has been tinting windows for decades and has established itself as the leading auto window tinting shop in Calgary.  So, we can advise you about window tinting as experts in the field.

Window tint, as you likely already know, is installed on the inside surface of your car windows.  The tint film is made of a material that is resistant to scratches.  That is why the tint remains in perfect condition even when the window slides up and down inside the car door.

Of course, if there is something out of place in your window mechanism in the door, then the surface of the window film can get scratched.  That is something you need to address right away, so the window film does not get scratched to the point that the tinting process needs to be redone.  While the window film is made to resist scratches, it is not indestructible.

In addition, the window tint film is bonded to the glass with pressure-sensitive adhesive.  Once installed, the window tint can last for the life of the car.  But, any scratch or other abrasion that might harm the adhesive bond could lead to the film cracking or bubbling.  That is why cleaning your tinted windows on a regular basis is so important.

Using the Right Cleaner

Once you have window tint, just any glass cleaner won’t do.  You must be careful to avoid using cleansers that may deteriorate the adhesive on the window film.  Certain chemicals can be the culprits in degrading the adhesive bond, which leads to bubbling or peeling.

It would not be possible to discuss every type of glass cleaner individually.  But, as a general rule, you should avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia.  Ammonia is one of the primary chemicals that can ruin a quality window tint job.  Ammonia gets into the window film and can break down the adhesive that keeps the tint bonded to the glass.

Thus, make sure you look for ammonia free cleaners.  Be careful that you read the label on any cleaner.   If it does not specify “ammonia free,” then you should avoid using it on your tinted windows.

One thing to keep in mind of your windows are particularly dirty, from excessive mud or grime, is to clean the windows first with simple soap (dish soap) and water.  Before using any kind of special window cleaner, you should get any serious dirt off your tinted windows first.

Using the Right Cloth

The best cloth to use for cleaning tinted windows is a soft microfiber towel.  Why?  Because they absorb more cleaning solution, which in turn allows any dirt particles to sink into the fibers and away from the surface of the window film.

Keeping dirt particles away from the window film is key because, in cleaning the window, you may inadvertently spread harmful particles around the window.  In other words, you could do damage by dragging dirt particles across the window film’s surface as you wipe it down.

That is why we do not recommend using paper towels.  Paper towels are fine for other surfaces, and non-tinted windows.  But, unlike microfiber towels, paper towels do not absorb as much cleaning solution and are too thin to absorb dirt particles away from the tinted window surface.

In sum, a little extra “TLC” is required to keep those tinted windows looking like new.  Be sure to use an ammonia free cleaning solution and soft microfiber towels.

Tint Tech is Here to Help

There are a lot of choices when it comes to getting your car windows tinted.  But Tint Tech distinguishes itself from the rest by employing the most qualified window tint technicians, and making sure that each and every customer is completely satisfied.  In addition, we at Tint Tech enjoy answering clients’ questions to make sure they get the most out of the products and services Tint Tech provides.

Learn more about how we can help maintain your car’s great look far into the future.  Call Tint Tech, Calgary’s window tint specialists, today.  Call us at 1-403-968-8468.

Remember, just like Mom used to say – make sure to take care of the things that are most valuable to you, so they last longer.  Well, window tinting is a great investment for a host of reasons, beyond just the aesthetics of your car.  Those benefits will last for the life of your car if you take the care to clean your windows properly.

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