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Calgary Ceramic Coating: The Good, The Bad, and The Amazing

Have you heard of “ceramic coating” or “nano-coating” for your car?  Well, this automotive technology is starting to take off in the mainstream marketplace.  So, you might want to read on.  Tint Tech, Calgary’s leading car protection shop, is happy to introduce you to this truly awesome innovation in keeping your car looking new.

From those who own highly specialized cars to those who just want to keep their car looking as new as possible for as long as possible, the ceramic coating is something worth considering.  This blog will give you an overview of the Good, the Bad, and the Amazing facets of ceramic, or nano, coating.  Also, if this blog has inspired you, feel free to call us at Tint Tech to learn more about the ceramic coating options for your vehicle.   We are available to speak with you at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is the second layer of skin over your car’s clear coat paint job.  But unlike other types of paint protection, ceramic coating uses nanotechnology – in other words, particles so small that they are invisible to the naked eye.

The ceramic coating is made up of very tiny particles that form an extremely thin layer over the non-glass parts of your car, and it is invisible to the eye. The particles are so small that, when applied to the car’s surface, they seal all the pores and crevices on your car’s paint job.  The result is that your car’s surface is hydrophobic, which means that it essentially repels water.  Not only is it water-repellent, but it is resistant to UV rays, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even graffiti.

The results are truly incredible.  You may have seen videos (and if you haven’t, we suggest you take a look at some) where muddy water is thrown over the hood of a car treated with ceramic coating.  The muddy water simply slides off the hood leaving no residue whatsoever.

In short, the ceramic coating is such a marvelous way to protect your car, it repels water and other dirt, and makes cleaning your car much, much easier.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty about the Good, the Bad, and the Amazing about the ceramic coating.

The Good – You Can Do It Yourself

Because the ceramic coating is a technology that was originally created for the oil and space industry, it has had a very high price tag.  You are likely looking at several thousands of dollars to have the ceramic coating applied to your vehicle by a trained, certified professional.  That is because the equipment, labor, and application experience are built into the price.  Also, the application process may take between one to five days to complete.

You may be wondering, what is so “good” about that?  The good part is that professional installation is not your only option.  You may opt for professional installation if your car is a show car, or if you want to make sure it is done correctly the first time.  Yet, there is also a much less expensive option – a DIY ceramic coating kit.

Around $100 or less, there is now a range of marvelous consumer-level car coatings, allowing the everyday driver to hop on the nanotechnology bandwagon. These do-it-yourself consumer kits are less sensitive than professional-grade car coatings, and they are designed to be applied with little or no experience.

There will be some difference in quality and durability depending upon the product, so a little homework (or a call to Tint Tech) might be necessary. But the DIY option is relatively easy to apply, is cost-effective, and you can see tangible results.  Be careful, however, to make sure that your car’s paint surface is properly prepared, that the DIY product gives sufficient guidance, and watch for over-exaggerated claims by some DIY kits.

The Bad – It Doesn’t Make Your Car Indestructible

The “bad” part about ceramic coating is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what the coating can and cannot do.  Ceramic coating is an amazing product (as discussed more below), but it does not make your car indestructible.  Indeed, ceramic coating:

1. Does not stop rock chips
2. Does not prevent water spots
3. Does not replace proper maintenance and care of your car
4. Does not prevent dings or dents
5. Does not last forever

Ceramic coating makes maintaining the look of your car much easier, but you still need to do basic maintenance.

The Amazing – So Many Benefits

Don’t let the list above get you down. Coating technology is truly amazing, and the benefits far outweigh the things it cannot do.  Here is a quick list of some of the amazing benefits:

1. Water repellent.  Water is repelled from the surface of your car instantly.  The hydrophobic quality of the ceramic coating results in water beading upon your car and simply rolling off the surface, taking with it other dirt, mud, and grime.  That is because the water and other particles are unable to bond
with the car’s surface.  Again, as we mentioned before, take a look at a ceramic coating video demonstration, you’ll be amazed.

2. Dirt repellent.  The ceramic coating is much harder than a car’s ordinary paint job.  Thus, water, snow, ice, and other particles do not stick to the surface of your car.  They just slide off the surface, leaving the car looking clean.

3. UV & Rust protection.  We all know that the sun’s UV rays will eventually fade the paint job on your car.  Ceramic coating will protect against that, dramatically reducing fading and oxidation.

4. Durability.  Ceramic coating is, as noted, stronger than an ordinary paint job, and lasts for years.

Have Tint Tech Help You With Your Ceramic Coating Purchase

At Tint Tech, we understand how important it is for you that your car looks great.  As the top paint-protection professionals, we know that ceramic coating is a great option to keep your car looking like new for longer.  Call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.

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