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Commercial Window Tint Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Make It Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve the Look and Feel of Your Business

It’s New Year’s Resolution time!  That means that it’s time to make that list of all the things that you want to accomplish during the new year.  Indeed, this time of year always presents the perfect opportunity to assess where you are in life and in business.  You have the chance to take a moment to reflect on what you need to do, what you want to do, and what matters most.

We at Tint Tech, Calgary’s premier window tinting business, will bet you ‘dollars to donuts’ that somewhere on your 2019 New Year’s Resolution list there is at least one item that points to improving your business.  Whether you have a storefront business, a law firm, or a business that takes up a whole office building, it is virtually certain that you want to do something to improve business in the new year.

We have many Tint Tech clients who come to us with stories of how the commercial window tint that we installed has made such a difference in their business’ bottom line.  In fact, many clients who only think that we at Tint Tech handle auto window tinting are surprised and pleased to learn that we specialize in commercial window tint products and installation as well.

Commercial window tint, we know from experience, is a great investment in the future health of your business.  If you would like to learn more about installing commercial window tint at your business, give us a call.  We can be reached at 1-403-968-8468.  Our commercial window tint specialists are always ready to chat with you about giving your business a look that sets you apart from the rest.

In this blog, we’ll make our own list of New Year’s Resolutions for you.  This list, made just for you, will cover just a few of the many reasons why your storefront or office building will greatly improve with commercial window tint.  Remember though, this blog merely scratches the surface, so to speak.  Contact us if you want all the details on how commercial window tint will help you.

New Year’s Resolution #1 – Save Money on Energy Costs

Commercial window tint can save you money, literally.  The sun’s rays coming into your workspace and store are remarkably strong, so much so that they will heat the inside of your business quickly.  Of course, the most common response is to pump up the air conditioning to offset the increased heat inside, and the next thing you know your electric bill is through the roof.

With commercial window tint, however, you keep a great deal of the sun’s heat outside.  At the same time, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep the inside of your business cool.  It’s a win-win.  You save on energy costs, and your employees and customers are happier in the cool interior.

New Year’s Resolution #2 – Protect My Customers from Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause your interior furnishings and flooring to fade over time.  In addition, UV rays are harmful to your skin.  In fact, UV rays are known to contribute to skin cancer to those who are exposed to UV light for an extended period of time.  If your employees work close to windows regularly, UV light could become a real problem.

Windows actually do not block out UV rays, but windows with commercial window tint do.  Properly installed commercial window tint film will block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that come through your business’ windows.  Protect the interior of your business and the people in it by installing commercial window tint.

New Year’s Resolution #3 – Make My Business More Safe and Secure

Commercial window tint will discourage a person from breaking into your business.  Simply put, when someone cannot see expensive equipment or shop items, they won’t try to steal it.  A break in can be truly harmful to your business, particularly if you have computers and printers in the office, if you keep a great deal of inventory on site, or if you sell high-end products.

In order to dissuade a would-be burglar from even considering your business as a target, commercial window tint is the answer.  In the evening, commercial window tint will make it virtually impossible to see inside your business.  Anyone with nefarious motives would have a hard time justifying the risk of a break in when they do not even know if there is anything behind those tinted windows.

New Year’s Resolution #4 – Increase Privacy for My Employees

Particularly when your business is street level, privacy for your employees can be an issue.  Passers-by can’t help but look into windows, and that is distracting for employees.  Let commercial window tint come to the rescue.  The window tint is subtle yet effective.  The commercial window tint does not shut out all light, or make the window opaque.  But, it is tinted enough to dissuade casual onlookers from being drawn to looking inside.  The result is distraction-free privacy for your employees.

New Year’s Resolution #5 – Control the Glare Coming into the Business

Depending upon the time of year, the sun can come into your business at a certain angle that causes all kinds of glare.  The glare can make it tough for employees and customers in your storefront business, or can make it impossible to look at a computer screen.

Commercial window tint does a masterful job reducing sun glare considerably.  You may think glare comes and goes.  However, if you have an office building that is all windows, or if your storefront is lined with windows, glare can be an issue that impacts your business for hours.

Think Commercial Window Tint for the New Year

Without question, getting commercial window tint for your business is a smart business decision.  It provides financial benefits while enhancing and improving the look and feel of your business.  Let Tint Tech help you make the right business decision with commercial window tint.  Call today at 1-403-968-8468.

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