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How to Care for Your Newly Tinted Car Windows

If you love your car – and we know that you do – then keeping your car clean and pristine looking is a labor of love.  What better way to show off the quality and style of your ride than to keep it looking clean and new.

If you have also invested in car tinted windows to enhance your vehicle’s looks, then you need to be a little careful when it comes to cleaning those windows treated with window tinting film. In this blog, we will cover the things you need to consider when caring for your newly tinted car windows. We will discuss the kinds of cleaning products you should use, and the ones you should avoid. We will also give a few tips on the best way for your car’s tinted windows to look great longer.

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What to Do, and What Not to Do, with Tinted Windows

1. Do not touch within a month of installation.

First and foremost, if your car was newly tinted – meaning that the tint was installed within the last 30 days – then you should not try to wash the windows, or even roll them down. That is because window film right after installation needs time to cure. The curing process, during which the adhesive clings to the window’s surface and dries into place, can take somewhere between seven and 30 days, depending upon the climate and time of year.  

In fact, during the curing process, you can expect some hazing or even water pockets. Those conditions are normal early on and should not be a cause of worry for you.

In sum, within the first month of installation of window film, it is best to avoid touching the film altogether.  

2. Do use products that will keep the window film intact.

Once you are past that curing period and want to clean your car’s tinted windows, you need to make sure to avoid certain chemicals that can harm the window film.

Any product that has ammonia or other harsh chemicals is a definite ‘no-no.’ Ammonia in particular will discolor your window tint film and may even break down the composition of the film, making it susceptible to tearing or cracking.  

Paper towels are also a ‘no-no’ when it comes to window film. While it is pretty common to clean our windows, inside and out, with Windex and some paper towels, avoid that urge when your car has tinted windows. Paper towels are remarkably scratchy for delicate surfaces like window film.  

Knowing what is bad practice when cleaning tinted windows, let us now turn to what is good practice:

1. Ammonia-free products.  Use cleaning products that specifically state that they do not contain ammonia.
2. Simple soap and water.  You can never go wrong with regular mild soap and water to clean your windows. The mixture should be warm water with just a drop of dish soap can do the trick.
3. Soft, microfiber cloth.  Rather than paper towels, use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe and dry the window after applying soap.  Be sure to wipe the window in one direction to minimize the chances of scratching or tearing the window film.
4. A small squeegee.  We all know that microfiber cloths don’t always pick up all of the water on a window. That is when you can use a small squeegee to wipe the remaining moisture from the window’s surface.
5. A shady spot.  You do not want the heat of the sun to dry your windows too quickly while you are cleaning them with soap or other mild cleaning products. Accordingly, be sure to clean your car’s windows indoors or in the shade. It will make it that much easier to clean tinted windows while not jeopardizing the integrity of the car’s tinted windows.

3. Do remove the excess adhesive from your window.

Whenever you have window tint installed, there is a good chance that there will be a little residual glue from the film, or adhesive from items that were taped to the window during installation. The way to get rid of that residual adhesive is by using acetone.  

Fortunately, acetone will not harm the tint film, but works like magic on glues and adhesives. So, simply dab a cotton cloth with acetone to remove the adhesive, and the glue should remove easily.

One final point. Any time you clean your car’s tinted windows, be careful around the edge of the tint. It is fairly easy to catch the edge when wiping down the window. If you do, you run the risk of peeling the tint.  So, take special care around the edges of the window tint.   

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