Window Film on Double Triple Pane Glass

Installing Window Film on Double- or Triple-Pane Glass, Is It Safe?

You may be surprised to know that there are a few hot topics in the window film world. Using window film on double- or triple-paned glass is one of them. In fact, the debate on treating double- or triple-pane windows with window tint is almost as hot as the energy a window film treatment absorbs from the sun.  

Specifically, we have heard consistent stories of new-home builders scaring customers into thinking that installing window film on triple-pane glass voids the warranty. Thus, they dissuade people from getting the extra protection and benefits that window tint provides for their homes.  

In this article, we delve into the details of multi-pane glass, the benefits of window tint for your home, and the heated debate on the safety of window tint on the multi-paned glass in your home windows.  

We at Tint Tech, the Calgary window film experts, are always available to discuss with you the pros and cons of any type of window film for your home or office. If you are not sure what options are available to you with regard to Calgary window film products and installers, do not hesitate to call one of our Tint Tech professionals at 403-968-8468

A Brief Primer on Double- and Triple-Pane Glass

Double- and triple-pane glass is a marvelous investment if you are looking for replacement windows. Why? Because they are great at keeping the heat of the sun out of your home in the summer and keeping the heat from your furnace in your home during the winter. That translates into lower heating and cooling costs for you all around.

Double-pane windows are made up of two pieces of glass in parallel. There is a small space between the two sealed pieces of glass, and that space is usually filled with a gas. A window made up of two sealed pieces of glass with gas in between works to insulate the window quite effectively. You can get the benefits of natural light flowing into your home, but keep out excess heat.  

In fact, a standard double-pane window with argon gas will be able to reflect about 90% of the energy hitting it, and only allow 10% through. That means that only 10% of the heat from the hot sun gets into your home in the summer, and only 10% of your heat seeps out of your home in the winter. 

Triple-pane windows are identical to double-pane windows, with the exception that they have a third piece of glass, giving greater insulation. A standard triple-pane window will reflect 97% of the energy, and will only let 3% pass-through. Triple-pane windows, as you would expect, are about one-third more expensive than double-pane windows. 

Benefits of Home Window Film

Window tint for your home windows has many benefits. It keeps out excess heat from the sun beating down on your windows. It also significantly reduces sun glare, which is a welcome necessity if you are trying to view a computer screen in your home office. Finally, window tint keeps out harmful UV rays that could fade and cause sun damage to the furniture and fabrics in your home.  

All of those benefits come while you still are able to enjoy natural light in your home. Without window tinting, you would need to resort to blinds or drapes, which shuts out light almost completely. So, can you put window tint on double- or triple-pane windows?

Is It Safe to Install Window Film on Double- and Triple-Pane Glass?

Be assured that installing window film on double- or triple-pane glass in your home is safe. We at Tint Tech, the Calgary window film professionals, have done so for years.  

You may have heard that window tint on multi-pane glass has the effect of allowing the separate pieces of glass to get to different temperatures. The notion is that when the glass panes are at different temperatures, that could cause the pressure to change, break the window seal, or break the glass. In addition, as noted, builders have been scaring customers about window film by stating that it voids the warranty for the window.  

Window Films Do Not Ruin The Windows

Window films don’t ruin the windows, that is just a misconception. If the tint is applied by an authorized dealer and the material used is good quality, no harm will come to your windows, irrespective of the number of panes.

Windows in homes and offices are different from those used in automobiles. So the film used on each is also different. The greatest mistake we do is in assuming that both are the same without any consulting anyone knowledgeable. The windows in residences and commercial buildings are flat pane. The films used on these absorb a lesser amount of sun’s energy as compared to the automotive tints. 

Automotive tint or film is heat-shrinkable for the purpose of installation. This specific property helps in the application of the tint to the car window, which has a curved surface. If you make the mistake of applying automotive tint to flat glass, it can result in breakage.

Tint Tech Gives Full Warranty

We at Tint Tech have a comprehensive understanding of the various types of tints. We guide our clients to choose the most appropriate tint for their homes and offices. Tint Tech also covers that warranty if there are any pressure cracks, which in our experience, has yet to happen. In addition, we have not experienced a temperature difference between the panes of glass such that it would cause some problems with the window. And when that occurs, the warranty we provide covers for any issues.  

Indeed, our installation professionals have installed window tint on interiors of double- and triple-pane windows. In those cases where we were unable to install the window tint on the interior, we can install the tint on the exterior of the double- or triple-pane windows. In fact, exterior window tint is even more effective with heat rejection.

Choose A Safe Film For Your Multi-Pane Window

Certain types of films and substances should never be applied to your double- or triple-pane windows. These are:

  • Sub-standard window films.
  • Poor quality and inferior adhesives.
  • Films with solar heat absorption of 50% or higher.
  • Tints with natural 20% Variable Light Transmission.
  • Bronze tints with 20 % VLT.
  • Complete blackout films.

Another aspect of importance is that automotive tints should not be used in place of architectural films. Both look the same but are actually different, as we have discussed above.

With the Appropriate Window Film, There’s No Debate on Its Safety

We at Tint Tech are happy to put this window film/multi-pane glass debate to rest. Provided that the proper window film is used, you should have no problem with adding window film to a double- or triple-pane window. Of course, the warranty is always there for additional peace of mind.

Next time the builder tells you that the window tints are a bad idea, you need not fall in with their plans. We will give you a full warranty for your windows in case anything happens to them because of the film that we applied. You can just sit back and enjoy the benefits of a job well done. 

Tint Tech Your Architectural Window Film Partners

Contact us at Tint Tech, either by filling out our contact sheet online or calling us at 403-968-8468. We are the Calgary window film experts. Our professionals have been servicing Calgary window film customers, and customers from the entire region, for many years. We only employ the installation professionals who have the right training and are at the top of their game.  

We understand the investment you made when you chose the double- or triple-pane windows. That is what sets us apart from the competition. We take great care in selecting the appropriate window film for your needs, advise you on the best films for the kind of windows you have, and follow through with having the highest standards of installation. You can speak to one of our professionals today for a consultation or estimate. As the Calgary window film experts, Tint Tech is a cut above the rest. Call today.

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