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Tint Tech Knows the Latest Trends in Window Tinting: The Evolution of Car Tinting

Science and technology can do wonders for business.  Think of the advent of the computer – the productivity of corporations through the 80s and 90s went through the roof.  Think of the advent of the internet – people can now serve their clients or employers from anywhere in the world.  Think of robots – the answer to efficiency far into the future. Indeed, there are millions of examples, from the cotton gin to the smart phone, in which science and technology ultimately led to great products and services for consumers today.  The same is true in the automotive window tinting business, and Tint Tech – Calgary’s window car tinting specialists – has its fingers on the pulse of the latest technological trends in window tinting.

Keep it Dark:  Window Tinting of the Past

Window tinting came into the marketplace essentially for aesthetic reasons.  Having darkened windows completed the sleek look of a car.  The darkened windows emphasized and provided contrast to the attractive curves and shape of the car.  The more sporty the car, the better the tinted windows accentuated the car’s overall look.

  • Simpler Technology

In those days, the technology for window tinting was rather simple.  Using dyes with an adhesive-type film achieved the modest goal of darkening your windows.

Of course, when the products were in their infancy, issues of bubbling, cracking, fading, and yellowing of edges were prevalent.  So, that started to push producers to find solutions that allowed window tinting to last for the life of the car, and maintain the same look as when first installed.

  • Law Enforcement’s Watchful Eye

Also prominent in the history of window tinting technology is the role of law enforcement.  As window tinting started to become popular, the dangers of window tinting started to catch the attention of government institutions in towns, states, and provinces.  The low visibility that a driver would experience at night, and the inability for police to see a driver through the window, due to window tinting became issues that law enforcement needed to address.

Accordingly, laws were put in place to minimize the dangers of window tinting, while still trying to allow people to enjoy the product.  The general compromise of most jurisdictions – although the laws from state to state, and province to province vary – is that tinting the rear windows and the top part of the front windshield is permissible.  But, tinting front side windows and most of the windshield is prohibited.

The Only Constant Is Change:  The Newest Trends in Window Tinting Tech

The fascinating aspect of window tinting is that consumers began to realize that there were tangential benefits to window tinting that went beyond good looks.  Over time, as more and more consumers saw the alternative benefits to tinting, those benefits began to drive the window tinting technology forward.

  • Noticing the Benefits Beyond Looks

Drivers noticed that having window tinting film on their car windows miraculously kept the interior of the car cooler.  Simply reducing the sun’s rays had a significant effect on the inside temperature of the car.  The fact that there was less heat coming in meant that the car’s air conditioning system did not have to work so hard.  In turn, that meant a little gas savings overall.

In addition to the fuel savings, drivers also realized that the interior fabrics and surfaces of the car (dashboard, interior wood paneling, upholstery) were better preserved.  By minimizing the sun’s rays coming into the car, less bleaching and discoloring of the car’s interior was the result.

We know all too well – being car lovers ourselves – that keeping the car looking cool on the outside, feeling cool on the inside, and keeping the interior looking new is a winning combination.

  • A Happy Accident Becomes Driving Force for Tint Technology

What were once tangential benefits of window tinting have, more and more, become the driving forces behind the newest technology in window tinting.  Indeed, the benefits of interior heat reduction, and preservation of a car’s interior, were “happy accidents” that coincided with tinting your vehicle.  Now, those happy accidents are the primary reason people have after-market tinting applied to their cars.

The advent of virtually clear window tint, that barely changes the look of the windows, is proof positive that tinting is really not just for looks anymore.  To be specific, some of the benefits of window tinting that have nothing to do with aesthetics include:

  • Reducing interior temperature
  • Preserving interior fabrics and surfaces
  • Eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Added privacy (with darker tints) to dissuade would-be burglars
  • Reducing sun glare


  • Latest Technology in Window Tinting

As we follow the evolution of window tinting, it is clear that automotive window tinting is one of the top after-market products in the automotive industry.  As such, the technology has gotten much better over the years. The window tinting films currently being produced perform far better than the window films of the past.

Longevity.  The current manufacturers not only include improved colors and shades to match the car’s factory tinted windows, but also they have made great strides in the durability of the product. Quality tinting films do not bubble, crack or yellow at all, and many brands come with a lifetime warranty.

Infrared Reducing.  The newest ceramic films, which contain small ceramic particles that are neither conductive nor metallic, are the highest quality out there.  Ceramic films reduce sunlight, thereby removing infrared light, by at least 45% to 50%.

Clear Technology.  The window tinting industry is constantly adapting to accommodate the ever-changing laws related to automotive window tinting.  The hottest product right now is clear tint, which matches the factory tint but still has all of the benefits listed above, like glare reduction, UV reduction, and added window insulation.

The popularity of auto window tinting shows no signs of slowing down.  Tint Tech, your Calgary window tinting professionals, are making sure that consumers have access to the latest, most advanced, window tinting technology.  If you are considering window tinting film for your car, but still have questions, call Tint Tech in Calgary today at 403-968-8468.

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