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The Paint Protection Film Market Is Expanding and Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

New Reports Demonstrate Growth Into the Next Decade
It seems like everyone is starting to get wise to the secret:  paint protection film is a technology that can help protect your car – and many other types of vehicles – in countless ways.  Indeed, there was a time when people would buy their car or truck, and take the dings, scratches, and scrapes that come with driving your car around.

Yet, more and more, people are starting to realize the vast benefits associated with installing paint protection film on your vehicle.  Certainly, with the improvement of the paint protection film technology, the benefits are worth considering.

We at Tint Tech, the paint protection film specialists in Calgary, have been installing paint protection film on cars, motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs for many years.  We knew the secret a long time ago, and we were happy to share that information with our clients.  Now, that paint protection film is starting to gain widespread traction, we are tickled to sit back without having to gloat and say, “I told you so.”

In fact, we at Tint Tech are more than pleased to see new clients seeking the kind of protection that paint protection film provides.  We know that the most important thing to many car and truck owners is that your vehicle looks great – and stays ‘like new’ – for a long time.  Paint protection film is the way to do that.

Now the market is beginning to take notice as well, as this article will explain.  So, if you are thinking about protecting the awesome paint job on your favorite ride, it might be time to give paint protection film a try.  Call us at 403-968-8468, and see what all of the fuss is about.  One of our highly trained paint-protection-film installers will answer any questions you may have, and even schedule a time for you to bring your vehicle in, so we can assess the best way to protect the paint surface.

What Is All the Fuss About?  The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Now more than ever, paint protection film is being considered by many consumers because the roads are not in the condition they were back in the day.  Given the fact that less resources are directed towards infrastructure, you tend to find more debris, more rocks, and more refuse on the roads these days.  With the increase in such materials, there is a greater chance that something might get kicked up and scratch your car or put an annoying ding in your hood.

Paint protection film is the very thing to preemptively counteract those outside forces.  Simply put, paint protection film is just what it says.  It is a razor thin, urethane film that is placed over the painted components of your vehicle and protects the paint surface from getting damaged by road debris.

Better still, the paint protection film products that are out today have remarkable “self-healing” properties.  That means that if something scratches the surface of your vehicle, the film will absorb the impact of the rock or other object.  Then with a little heat – usually just the heat of the sun is enough – the scratch on the film will look as if it magically disappeared.  That is because the heat applied to the film allows the film some flexibility to reform itself and smooth out anything that caused a scratch.  The technology is really amazing.

Marketing Reports Showing Paint Protection Film Growth Into the Future

In the last few months a number of reports have come out with regard to the market for paint protection film.  Two examples are the reports from Grand View Research and from  Both reports have a sunny outlook for paint protection film products into the future.

Indeed, based on those reports it appears that the global paint protection film market will reach $369.3 million (in U.S. dollars) by the 2022, with key growth in developing automotive aftermarket regions like China, Southeast Asia, and India.  Who would have thought that the plastic urethane film originally designed in the U.S. to protect helicopter blades on U.S. army helicopters in Vietnam would end up being such a popular product in those regions that are beginning to focus on aftermarket products for personal vehicles.

Traditionally, Teflon coatings were the preferred choice to protect certain surfaces.  However, the growth of the whole market has allowed for large and small companies to join the paint protection world, and offer a great variety of products at various price ranges.  In addition, the lifespan of Teflon used to give it an edge, yet paint protection film’s lifespan – which can extend up to 5 years after installation – has made paint protection film a much more cost-effective choice.

Some Key Takeaways from the Market Reports on Paint Protection Film

  • The global paint protection film market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2015 to 2022.
  • 3M, XPEL, LLumar, and DuraShield are some of the major brands in the paint protection film space.
  • China, which is becoming a major automotive manufacturing force, is projected to grow its paint protection film market at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2015 to 2022.
  • Electronics and aerospace applications for paint protection film accounted for 20% of the overall revenue in 2014.  With regard to electronics, paint protection film is being used more and more with mobile phones and tablets.

In sum, paint protection film is enjoying ever-increasing demand, particularly in Asia and in the United States and Canada.

Let Tint Tech Be Your Paint Protection Film Specialists

As we said before, Tint Tech is way ahead of the curve in realizing the amazing benefits of paint protection film for cars and other vehicles.  In fact, we have been Calgary’s number one paint protection film provider, and hope to continue to install paint protection film for our customers for years to come.  Call or visit Tint Tech to find out more about how paint protection film can keep your car looking amazing for years.  You can contact us at 403-968-8468, or come in to speak to one of our paint protection film specialists today.

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