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Security Window Tint – Something to Consider for your Grow Operation With Canada’s New Marijuana Law

It is amazing news. After over a year of consideration, Canada is the second country in the world to legalize marijuana for all purposes, medicinal and recreational. It is a huge step in the world’s progress toward legalizing and regulating the sale of marijuana.  Moreover, the United States is likely to soon follow Canada’s lead.  With approximately 9 states legalizing marijuana outright, and about 30 states permitting medical marijuana, the United States is moving in the same direction as Canada. With the experience of some limited growing operations in Canada, and in U.S. states like Colorado, it is clear that security is the main concern for marijuana growers.

On October 17, 2018, Canada’s new law legalizing marijuana will come into effect.  Many Canadians, including the Prime Minister, believe that legalizing marijuana will actually take marijuana out of the hands of young people, and limit (if not eliminate) the black market for the drug.

In many public statements, Canadian policymakers are extolling the virtues of the law, noting that under the current law of criminalizing marijuana – the use of the drug has been prevalent in young adults with all of the profits going to traffickers on the black market.  Legalizing the drug will bring the market out into the light, it will allow the government to regulate its use – protecting young people – and allow the government and legal businesses to reap the rewards of the newly legalized product.

Of course, with any major shift in public policy there will be unintended consequences.  One of those consequences is the security danger facing marijuana growing operations.  Now that there will be more operations in existence in Canada, security risks must be considered.  And that is where commercial window film – security window tint to be specific – will become important.

Security Window Film Necessary for Growing Operations

Marijuana growing is typically a cash-heavy business that creates a product that is illegal in other jurisdictions.  In places where marijuana is not legal, the price for the drug is generally twice as high compared to jurisdictions where it is legal, thereby creating a strong incentive to not only take cash, but take plants for resale on the black market elsewhere.  The result of those factors is that marijuana growing operations are considered “very soft targets” for burglaries and robberies.

Accordingly, marijuana growing operations employ a variety of security strategies to protect against those criminals who are drawn to places that store a lot of cash and have a product considered contraband elsewhere.  The operations’ measures go anywhere from alarm systems to armed security guards.

One important piece of the security arsenal for a marijuana growing operation is the use of security window tint on an establishment’s windows.  The technology available today in the commercial window film industry is truly remarkable.  Security window tint, either reflective or dark tinted, has a host of benefits regarding protection from UV rays, and insulating against the outside elements.

Yet, one of the best features of security window film is privacy.  Ensuring people do not know what is going on behind a window is a sure-fire way to keep criminals away from your operation.  While security guards are helpful to known growing operations.  Such measures are not necessary if people do not even know that your building is a growing operation.

Benefits of Security Window Tint

Because security window tint is a important arrow in your quiver when trying to protect your marijuana growing operation, let’s take a moment to discuss the benefits of security window tint in detail.

Visibility.  First and foremost, keeping prying eyes from seeing into your business is the way to keep your growing operation protected.  Security window tint can provide a mirror-like appearance to the outside world, to make sure that you can look out, but others cannot see in.  As noted, the first avenue for protecting a business like a marijuana growing operation is to make sure that your business is not obvious to the outside world.  If your establishment simply looks like another office building there is a far greater chance that it will not become a target for those wishing to steal.

Strength.  With any home or office exterior, glass is the weakest point.  Even tempered glass can be broken with only a little force.  Security window tint, however, provides another layer of protection, and is a powerful tool for making glass harder to breach.  Would-be robbers who attempt to break security window tint glass must put a lot more force to try to break it.  The added noise that results from the effort needed to break glass treated with security window tint could also alert those inside your business as well as the neighbors.

Safety.  Security window tint simply makes glass stronger.  Providing a type of adhesive, elastic, razor-thin, layer of protection makes that even if a window treated with security window tint does break, the window film will prevent small pieces of dangerous glass from hurting others inside the building.  That added layer of protection will also serve as another obstacle to anyone trying to get through the window.  Slowing down a would-be intruder could be just the time needed to get the police to your business.

Aesthetics.  Not only does security window tint provide additional privacy and security, but also it enhances the look of a commercial building.  The technicians at Tint Tech of Calgary have a number of options to make sure that the security window tint you choose for your operation matches your taste and style.


Tint Tech, the Calgary window tinting professionals, understands the needs of marijuana growing operations, and the need for privacy will be that much more important with Canada’s new law in place.  We have already helped many growing operations with their security window tint needs.  Tint Tech can provide you will the best options, best customer service, and best price when you are looking for security window film.  Call us and speak to a Tint Tech expert today at 403-968-8468.

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