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The Five Amazing Benefits of Window Film

When you think of “window film,” your mind most likely jumps straight to an image of a high-end car with sleek, dark windows, adding to the car’s style and mystique.  Or, if you are a fan of innovative architecture, then you might recall the reflective windows of a skyscraper that add to the allure of the high rise and the city it inhabits.

Whichever image comes to mind when thinking of window tinting, high-quality window tinting companies like Tint Tech don’t mind at all.  Even if customers stop at the elegant, classic look of a well-applied window film, Tint Tech is comfortable in the knowledge that window film provides amazing benefits beyond a great look.

Let’s take a moment to dive deeper into the many benefits window film provides for both auto and architectural customers.  Some of these benefits, like health-related benefits, may surprise you.

1.  Privacy Matters

If you own a home in a busy, well-trafficked area; or if your home has a significant number of windows, then privacy will likely be high on your priority list.  The same goes for cars.  Theft of items stolen from cars increases when valuable items are visible through car windows.  Even office equipment will be safer if passers by are not able to see computers and other expensive devices through office windows.

Accordingly, window tinting film provides the right solution.  While still tasteful, window film brings the kind of comfort and peace of mind that comes from being removed from prying eyes.  Window film can provide the all-important privacy, away from the outside world, for you and your family.

2.  It’s Only Fair to Cut the Glare

Sunlight has been proven to have a positive effect on a person’s energy and mood.  Indeed, studies have shown an overall benefit in the happiness quotient of a region when that area gets more sun in a day, compared to places in the world where rain and cloudy days are more frequent.

It therefore comes as no surprise that we often like to take advantage of natural light in our homes.  Further, in response to some of the scientific studies, office buildings have removed the blinds and curtains, allowing workspaces to have more natural light.  The purpose is to have a more energized and upbeat workforce.

While there are certainly benefits to having natural light brighten our homes and offices, there is a definite downside – glare.  Trying to watch TV at home, or work on your computer at home or in an office when dealing with glare on your screen can be a huge issue.  Window film can come to the rescue.

Window film reflects excess glare.  A well-installed window film (something that is one of Tint Tech’s specialties) captures the best of both worlds.  By darkening a window just the right amount, you can still enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight without having to contend with excessive glare, particularly at those times during the day when the glare is particularly intense.

3.  UV Protection = Health Protection

When it comes to window film technology, probably the last thing you consider is its  potential health benefits.  However, window film has enormous health benefits because it blocks out ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Plain glass windows do not block out harmful UV radiation.  It is actually possible to get sunburn indoors if you are sitting close enough to a window for an extended period of time.

In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation has concluded that UV radiation is the leading cause of non-melanoma skin cancers, and can play an important role in cases of melanoma (one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer).  Other studies have shown that slightly more than half of skin cancer cases in the United States occur on a person’s left side, the driver’s side of the car.  That indicates that being closer to the window makes us more vulnerable to the effects of harmful UV light.

In addition, UV light can fade upholstery, artwork, and other furnishings in the home.  UV rays will have the same effect on dashboards and upholstery in cars.  Protecting those things from UV rays can ensure that they will look better, and last longer.

Window film is the best way to block UV rays from sunlight.  Indeed, Tint Tech’s expert installation of window film will result in blocking 99% of all harmful UV rays.

4.  Beat the Heat

Window tinting can also be instrumental in reducing unwanted heat in your home (or auto) and even keeping the temperature consistent throughout your home from room to room.  Without window tinting, certain rooms will get hotter based on the angle of the sun, thereby creating “sun rooms” that are way too hot, no matter the thermostats’ setting.

A home with window tinting, by contrast, will reduce heat in the rooms that get the most sun, and thus, allow for a cooler home.  Further, the temperature will be consistent throughout the house, adding that much more comfort in the summer months.

5.  A Triple Win – Save Energy, Save Money, and Save the Environment

The fifth amazing benefit of window film is, of course, energy savings.  In fact, one of the most important reasons to invest in an expert window film for your home, such as the type that Tint Tech provides, is to save on energy costs.

By simply keeping the sun from generating immense heat in your home, properly installed window film can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%.  That is truly a win-win for you because it benefits both the environment and your wallet.

In sum, window film in your home, your car, and your company’s office space has incredible advantages, and makes it well worth the investment.  We welcome you to contact Tint Tech today to learn more about the expert window films we can provide in Calgary and elsewhere.  It is a source of great pride for us at Tint Tech that we provide high-quality Calgary window films and top-notch customer service at a reasonable price.

Call today at 1-403-968-8468 and speak to one of our Calgary window tint professionals.  When it comes to window film, and all the benefits that come with them, look no farther than Tint Tech to deliver expert quality, expert service, and great price.

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