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Bad Window Tinting Job? Tint Tech Has Some Tips on How to Fix Your Window Tinting

At Tint Tech, we always have our minds on our jobs.  Even when we’re off duty, we are thinking about window tinting and other after-market improvements to a car. That’s because, at heart, we are car guys who love to make sure our ride looks as perfect as it can.

That brings us to a story from just a few weeks ago. One of our Tint Tech specialists was on a trip and had to get a ride from a ride-sharing app. The driver was nice, the car was nice, but – oh no – the window tinting job on the car was, sadly, just terrible.  The medium-level tint was peeling in places, bubbling in others, and had strange folds as if the tint was applied in haste, or the tint was allowed to stick to the surface before all of the imperfections were worked out.

It was a tough sight to see given that we at Tint Tech, Calgary’s top window tinting shop, take such care to make sure that any window tint we apply fits on the window surface like a second skin.  Without question, this poor driver needed an upgrade. While window tinting can look great on a car, a poor window tinting job could decrease the look of a car exponentially.

What to Do When Your Window Tinting Is Not the Best?

This little experience with our ride-sharing driver got us thinking. What can you do if your window tinting job – whether you did it yourself, or it was done by a sub-standard window tinting operation – is not looking like it should?  Can it be repaired? Do you just need to start over from scratch?

Well, you should be happy to know that there is hope. You too can still have the window tinting job of your dreams where you can gain all the benefits that window tinting provides while still having the tint be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As Calgary’s window tinting specialists, allow us at Tint Techto give you a few tips.

Tip #1 – Get a Pro to Repair Your Window Tint (like Tint Tech)

Before getting too deep into the ways in which you can fix the window tint on your car all by your lonesome . . . it is worth remembering that the most hassle-free, stress-free, mess-free way to fix the window tint on your car is to have a professional do it for you.

Yes, doing the job yourself will likely cost less in terms of dollars. But, can you put a price on aggravation?  Frustration?  Trial and error?  Technically speaking, you will save money. But your time and your stress are worth something. Save yourself that valuable time and stress, and get the job done right the first time.

Tint Tech specialists are always available to talk to you about cost-saving options when it comes to repairing window tint. Speak with a specialist by calling 403-968-8468. We will be sure to give you an honest assessment of the repair options available to you.

Tip #2 – Getting Rid of Those Pesky Air Bubbles

If your window tint surface has air trapped between the tint and the window, here is how you can easily fix the problem.

  1. Do It When It is Warm OutAuto window tinting film is much easier to work with when it is warm. So, if you are going to get rid of the air bubbles in your window tint yourself, the first order of business is to leave your car out in the sun for an hour or two. Of course, if you can’t wait for a warm, sunny day, then a hair dryer will give you the kind of heat you need.
  2. Wet Down the Window Surface – Once the window is nice and warm, spray water on the window tint with a water bottle filled with cold water. The cold water on the warm window will help make the window tint adhesive more flexible.
  3. Slide the Air Out – Here is where the rubber meets the road.  If the air bubble is close to the edge of the window tint, then you can get a straight edge (a credit card can work) and push the air out.  Just slide the credit card at a 45-degree angle against the window and push the trapped air to the edge of the tinting.
  4. Or, Pop the Air Out – If the air bubble is more in the center of the window, then get a needle or safety pin and pop the air bubble, so the air can be released.  Then, as above, use a straight edge to smooth out the tinting.  Try to use long strokes with medium pressure to ensure that the window tint is completely smooth.  Those tiny holes you made when you pricked the air bubble should close up easily because window tint has some degree of flexibility to it.
  5. Keep Things Moist – Remember that through this process you should keep that water bottle handy.  If the tinting starts to dry while you are removing the air bubbles, spray window tint to make the job easier.

Tip #3 – Replacing a Section of Window Tint

Sometimes the flaws in the window tint are too many to handle with a small pin-prick and credit card.  When you know there is a section of torn or otherwise unsightly window tint, here are the steps you can take to fix it.

  1. Measure – Mark out the square of window tint you want to remove.
  2. Cut – Using a razor blade, cut out the square of window tint that you want to replace.  Make sure that your razor goes through both of the two layers of the window tint.
  3. Remove, Starting From the Corner – Begin to pull out the section of window tint out by the corner.
  4. Moisten the Peeling Section – Use your water bottle to spray the area, so that removal of the square you cut is easier.
  5. Clean the Window – Once you have removed the square of tint, then you should thoroughly clean the window surface in that area to make sure all adhesive is removed.
  6. Cut a Section of the New Film – This step is crucial.  Cut a square of the new film that is bigger than the square that is now missing the tint.
  7. Apply the Bigger Square and Cut – Press the new tint onto the surface.  Where the new tint overlaps the old tint is where you should cut – cutting through both the old and new tint film.  Then, remove the old film you cut, and have the new tint adhere to the window.  That way the seam between old and new should be virtually invisible.


A bad tint job is worse than no tint job.  So, if you find that your car’s window tinting could use some fixing, then follow the tips above to make sure that your car is looking its best.  Of course, we advocate that the best tip is Tip #1 – get a professional to fix your tint for you.

Tint Tech, Calgary’s window tint specialists, would be happy to help.  Call us today at 403-968-8468.

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