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To Drive or Not To Drive? That is the Paint Protection Question

When it all comes down to it, what are your options to avoid scratches, dings, road debris, brake runoff, flying rocks, and bird droppings from marring the beautiful surface of your beautiful car?  As far as we can deduce here at Tint Tech there are really only three options.  Of those three options one is kind of unsatisfactory, one is not very practical, and one is both immensely practical and a smart investment.

So, what are those options:

  1. Always stand 10-feet away from your car,
  2. Never drive your car, or
  3. Invest in Paint Protection Film.

Let us chat a bit about each option.  First, why stand 10-feet away from your car?  Well, that approach takes advantage of the optical illusion that your car does not have scratches on it when you look at it from far away.  Yes, we understand.  When you drive a lot, you are bound to have small scratches and dings find their way onto the surface of your car.  That is kind of the “cost of doing business” when you drive on roads with gravel, debris, and other things that could kick up and hit your car’s surface.

Remarkably, though, when you stand about 10-feet away from your car, especially right after you have your car washed, you really do not notice the scratches that much.  If you have bad eyesight, you can take off your glasses and the scratches and imperfections on your car vanish that much more quickly.   Of course, we are being a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’ here.  This option is, as we noted, unsatisfactory to real car lovers, to say the least.

Second, not driving is a great way to avoid getting scratches and dings on your car.  Really, it is very much the 100% solution to keeping your car in perfect condition.  That, however, defeats the whole purpose of having a car though, right?  We love our cars, and those of you who indulge in the world of high-end, luxury vehicles may be inclined to keep that gorgeous piece of machinery in the garage to avoid injuring such a marvel of art and engineering.

Yet, cars are meant to be driven!  And if you are proud of your latest luxury liner, or pocket rocket, then you most likely want to show it off a little.  So, option two is not terribly practical.  It’s the minimal-paint-damage but minimal-enjoyment option for sure.

Third, and finally, the option that can keep your car virtually free of scratches and dings, yet lets you enjoy the ride is none other than paint protection film.  If you have not heard of paint protection film, then you should consider it as the ‘thing to do’ right after your next auto purchase.  If you have heard of paint protection film but have heard horror stories of yellowing, bubbling, and sticky residue, then you should look into the latest technology in paint protection film.

The technology of paint protection film has progressed leaps and bounds in the last few years.  So, it is worth your while to take a second look at the product.  Tint Tech specialists, the paint protection film professionals in Calgary, would be happy to discuss with you the details about what is out there when it comes to paint protection film options in Calgary today.   Call us at 1-403-968-8468.

What Is Paint Protection Film?

It is often called “clear bra” or a “wrap,” but paint protection film is essentially a thin, flexible layer of latex-type material that is carefully placed over the body of a vehicle to protect it from all the things that could harm a car’s surface or paint job.  The film has the ability to save your car’s paint from things ranging from low-speed scrapes to potential damage from light hail.

Paint protection film is great for any vehicle, but it is particularly popular with those who own expensive vehicles.  That is because paint protection film is truly an investment in your car’s future.  We all know that a car depreciates rapidly after it drives off the lot.  Paint protection film is one of those products that can keep a car’s resale value as high as possible.

What Paint Protection Film Options Are Out There?

Paint protection film can be applied to the entire car or it can be only applied to certain parts of the car that bear the brunt of road debris and other things that can easily scratch your car’s surface.  That is actually why paint protection film is often called “clear bra.”  That is because it is film that can only be applied to the “bra” area of your car, which is the front fender and around the headlights, typically.

Protecting only parts of your vehicle is the way to go if you want to keep costs down.  Wrapping, or applying paint protection film, to your entire vehicle will cost more than just certain areas, as you would expect.  Yet, paint protection film over your whole car will give you complete peace of mind.

Does It Protect Matte Finishes?

The matte finish is becoming very popular these days.  That is because a matte finish looks both cool and beautiful on a car.  Yet, matte finishes are very, very delicate.  A scratch on a matte finish can be obvious and hard to fix.

In fact, if you try to rub out a scratch on a matte finish, you will likely create a shiny part right in the middle of your gorgeous matte panel.  Thus, not only does paint protection film protect matte finishes, but is highly recommended if you go the matte route.

Think About Paint Protection Film in Calgary

In sum, paint protection film gives your car an extra layer of protection against chips and scrapes.  Maintain the beauty of your car, while eliminating the stress level of getting scratches, by investing in paint protection film.

The professionals at Tint Tech, the paint protection film specialists in Calgary, will help you make the right choice when it comes to paint protection film.  We welcome you to call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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