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What Is 3M Window Tint

Sunlight is the source of heat and light. In winters, it is pleasant to experience its warmth while in summers, one wants to stay away from its constant glare. But alas, if it is daytime, you have to expose yourself to it when you venture out of your home or office. However, technology makes it possible for you to restrict your exposure to it. You wonder how? Have you heard of window tints? That’s how.  

What Is A Window Tint?

You must have seen a film covering the windows of automobiles and buildings. This coating is known as a window tint. Tinting is done to restrict a certain spectrum of sunlight from entering inside or passing through the glass.

What Is A 3M Window Tint?

3M is a trusted brand that manufactures window tints amongst many others. Their tints are often referred to as 3M window tints. These tints are several shades lighter than most available in the market. Yet, they do an exceptional job of keeping the harmful ray of the sun away without darkening the interiors.

Benefits Of 3M Window Tint

1. Reduce Heat – During the hot summer days, the interior of the cars tends to overheat faster. Sometimes the heat is so much, you will feel the seats have become heated, and the clasp of the seatbelt is also hot to touch. Giving respite from the heat is the 3M window tints. These films reject almost 60% of the solar energy that finds its way inside through the windows. With these tints, your car will feel far cooler and more comfortable.  

2. Block Harmful Light From The Sun – Whenever you venture out in the sun; you are exposing yourself to the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. These UV rays are associated with almost 90% of cases of skin cancer. 3M window tints are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as they provide protection from UV rays by up to 1000 SPF (Sun Protection Factor). UV rays are not just harmful to your health but also impact your interiors. Leather, plastic, and fabric in your car will fade, weaken, and wear out with prolonged exposure to it. So, protect your car with 3M window tints as they can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays.  

3. Increase Privacy  – Prying eyes often put your privacy at risk. You can make it difficult for others to see inside your vehicle with 3M window tints. These films come in various tint levels blocking around 95% of visible light. Though you will have to check with the state laws to know the permissible tinting in your state before deciding on one.

4. Adding Security  – 3M window tints add an extra layer of security to your car. It makes breaking open a window harder by holding together the shattered pieces of glass. This special feature slows down the thieves and helps keep your valuables and passengers safe.

5. Clear Visibility – 3M window tints allow you to enjoy all the benefits of natural light without the harshness of glare. You can now appreciate your day better and drive safely without getting blinded by either the sunlight or the headlights of oncoming traffic.

6. Adding To The Style – It’s all about the looks. 3M window tints add to the character and style quotient of your car. From sheer to dark, you can choose the one that makes your vehicle look more classy and appealing.

Types Of 3M Window Tints

The most popular types of window tints from 3M are – 

1. 3M Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series – The most innovative technology in automotive window tints is the crystalline series. It casts off more heat than other dark films and that too without altering the looks of your automobile. 

2. 3M Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series –  In the “color stable” series the nano carbon is well dispersed through the thickness of the coating. This guarantees immaculate performance year after year without the film becoming purple.

3. 3M Automotive Window Film FX Premium Series – FX premium series is all about delivering a strong performance and that too at an affordable price. It rejects around 45% of the solar energy and keeps your car cool and pleasant.

4. 3M Scotchshield Automotive Security Window Film – Blocking around 95% of visible light, this film provides more protection. It increases your privacy and reduces the potential for injury when involved in an accident.

Is 3M Window Tint As Good As Claimed?

If reviews are to be believed, the 3M window tints are actually worth every penny. They may not be the best but are far superior to most available in the same price range. What makes them even more popular is the fact that they are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Though the most raving reviews are for the “Crystalline” series, the others are also good and do a commendable job.

How Long Does A 3M Window Tint Last?

The 3M window tints are long-lasting. The exact period will, however, depend on the type of film applied, the glass type it is applied, and the climate in which it is applied. Usually, these will last for at least 15 years. All 3M window tint applications carry a warranty of 5 years, and a few commercial ones even come with a warranty of 10-15 years.

Rounding Up

Anyone who drives a lot or lives or works in a building with a lot of sunlight will appreciate the benefits of a window tint. With a price tag of anywhere between $500 to $800, 3M window tints are by no means cheap. However, their benefits justify the cost and prevent you from thinking twice. With 3 M window tints, you can enjoy far cooler interiors, save yourself from exposure to harmful UV rays, add privacy, make your car more secure, and add more style. If you are still not sure about getting the 3M window tints, you can consult a product specialist and make the best choice. Just remember your safety comes first and money second. Choose wisely. 

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