Windshield protection film

How Can You Bring Extra Joy to the Car or Truck You Love? Windshield Protection Film.

Do you drive a long way to work? Do you take the highway to work? Do you find that there are more rocks, debris, and small objects on the road than back in the day? Well, if you are worried about trucks and other cars kicking up something that will do some damage to your car’s paint job or windshield, you are not alone.  

We at Tint Tech know all too well how stressful it is to worry about small rocks and other debris hitting your car. In fact, we take great care with our customers who experience cracked windshields, scraped car paint, and minor dings and dents. We share in your frustration. However, there is an answer – particularly with regard to your windshield. The answer is a windshield protection film.  

Yes, that’s right. Not only is there an auto window tint and paint protection film for your car, but you can gain the comfort of knowing your windshield has extra protection from cracks and other issues with the window protection film. In fact, Calgary’s Tint Tech is one of the specialists in window protection film.  

What Is A Windshield Protection Film?

Windshield Protection is intended to give you a clear and unobstructed view of the road. It is a treatment for the front windshield. A film or an almost clear tint is applied to improve and strengthen the windshield glass. The benefit of the treatment is that it helps deflect propelled road debris better with little to no harm to the windshield.

Do I Really Need Windshield Protection Film? 

As a threshold matter, you may ask yourself whether window protection film in Calgary is worth the investment. It is true that with an everyday car, it is not that expensive to replace the windshield in the event of a crack due to an errant rock. Yet, the beauty of windshield protection film from Calgary experts Tint Tech is that you get peace of mind, knowing that you have extra insurance against the elements.

Moreover, if you have a luxury vehicle, sports car, or other exotic cars, then a windshield protection film is a terrific investment. When a windshield cracks on a higher-end luxury vehicle, or specialized sports car, then it is not just the minor inconvenience of a few hundred dollars to fix a windshield. Rather, it can be a lot more expensive, and you get the added stress of wondering whether the new windshield is as good as the original, or if the value of your car will be greatly diminished. 

Indeed, changing a windshield for a luxury vehicle or exotic car can involve some major cutting, pushing, and pulling on your car. Most owners of high-end vehicles would wince at the type of aggressive handling of a car in order to get the old windshield out and a new one in. Thus, window protection film installation by the Calgary professionals at Tint Tech is the right move.  

What Does Windshield Protection Film Do?

Windshield protection film, from manufacturers like ClearPlex or Lamin-x, is a strong, transparent skin that stretches over your windshield. It deflects and absorbs the impact of rocks and other debris at high speeds. With cracked windshields, it is usually rocks that are the worst offenders. So, the protective film gives that extra layer on your windshield that keeps rocks from doing lasting damage.  

The windshield protective film is almost entirely invisible. In fact, you really have to look closely to see that it is there. It certainly is not noticeable at all when you are in the driver’s seat focused on the road.  

Key Features Of Windshield Protection

When you get the windshield protection treatment done, here are a few key benefits that you will experience: 

1. Enhanced windshield strength so that more road debris can be deflected.
2. It repels more ice, snow, and water.
3. It lessens the glare during day and night, both.
4. It improves vision during adverse weather conditions and gives overall clarity.
5. It lowers the risk of chipping and cracking.
6. It allows in easy removal of dead insects stuck to the glass.

How Does Windshield Protection Film Do Its Thing?

Windshield protection film, as you would expect, is a far different material from regular glass. While your windshield is a hard, brittle glass, the windshield protection film material is strong, thin, and flexible. Yet, the material is actually harder than glass – truly amazing technology.  

When there is an impact on the film from something like a rock, the flexible surface distributes the force of the impact along the entire surface of the film. So, rather have the rock directly hit the glass, which takes all of the force at the point of impact, the film diffuses the impact over the entire surface. Diffusing the force of the rock typically eliminates any damage at the point of impact. 

Does Windshield Protection Film Impact My Car’s Value?

Windshield protection film installed by Calgary auto servicers like Tint Tech will actually help your car maintain its value. As we noted before, even if it is only a minor financial inconvenience to replace a windshield, a replacement will hurt the value of your car. That is true despite the quality of the installation of the new windshield. Accordingly, window protection film by Calgary pros Tint Tech will help you avoid damage to your windshield in the first place.  

Are There Any Other Benefits of Windshield Film?

In fact, windshield protection film has the tangential benefit of protecting your car from break-ins. One of the most common crimes you read about in small, suburban town police blotters is the overnight burglary of parked cars. With windshield protection film, it is that much harder for a would-be burglar to get into your car to take any valuables inside.  

Even if someone is able to smash the tempered glass, the protection film holds the glass pieces together. Thus, the burglar will have great difficulty getting into the vehicle because the protective layer is still covering the windshield area.  

In sum, there are a number of important benefits provided to you through the installation of window protection film. Whether you have an everyday car, or a luxury, sports, off-road, or exotic vehicle, the windshield protection film is a good investment.  

Is Windshield Protection Worth It?

A windshield protection film does not come for free, that’s for sure. So you would obviously want to know whether its really worth the trouble when your windshield is already covered under insurance. Well, here’s the thing:

1. With each claim, your insurance premium is bound to increase. When you can prevent that from happening with a film application, why not do it? It will make your windshield more resilient and reduce the number of such claims.

2. Any windshield replacement means that your car or truck will be in the workshop, for that duration, you may have to suffer the inconvenience of public transport. 

Windshield protection costs less as compared to the allied expenditure you may have to bear if you don’t get it done. If your state has no rules against the application of protection film on the windshield, you should go for it.   

Tint Tech, the Calgary Windshield Protection Film Specialists Are Ready To Help You

We at Tint Tech welcome you to call us and discuss the pros and cons of windshield protection film for your car or truck. One of our auto glass film professionals will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a time for you to come in for a windshield protection film appointment. Remember, at Tint Tech, the Calgary protection film specialists, we combine high performance and outstanding technology. We also ensure outstanding customer service. We are not happy until you are happy with your windshield protection film. Call today for more information at 1-403-968-8468.

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