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Tinting Your Windshield – Pros and Cons. We have the details.

The Problem

Ah, the glare! Have you ever been driving home from work when you ask yourself: why would they build a road that seems to drive directly into the setting sun? Your car’s visor does not go low enough to block it out, you have trouble seeing far in front of you, and all the traffic slows down because of the extraordinary sun glare. 

Why just sunlight for that matter? The glare can put a safe ride in jeopardy at night as well. The only difference is that at night the glare comes from the headlights of oncoming vehicles. You can’t see the road ahead clearly because of this glare, and that makes night driving extremely stressful.

The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great to have something to reduce the glare? Wouldn’t it be even better if that something had the added benefit of reducing the heat and the UV rays that come into your car, particularly on those high glare days?  Well, you should be excited to know that there is something to do all those things – windshield tinting.

But, you may ask: Isn’t windshield tinting illegal? Not necessarily. Of course, you should always check to see the laws regarding windshield tinting in your particular province or state.  But we, at Tint Tech, the window tinting specialists of Calgary, have been doing a ton of windshield tinting lately.  

The Purpose

These windshield tints are not to darken your windshield. Rather, they are virtually clear films that pack in many benefits for you and your car. In fact, there are so many benefits to windshield tinting that customers know that it is the right thing to do for their car, and for their own driving experience.  

In this blog, we take a moment to discuss the type of windshield tinting that we at Tint Tech use most frequently, and we also discuss the pros and cons of using windshield tinting in general. At Tint Tech, our Calgary window tinting reputation is on the line, so we make sure our auto tint professionals provide the highest quality work and customer service. You can call us at 403-968-8468 to talk to one of the specialists today.

Types Of Window Tint Film for Your Windshield

There are many different types of window tint films that can be applied to your automobile. These include:

1. Dyed Window Tint Film – the least expensive option with some heat reduction qualities.
2. Metallized Film – very small metallic particles, invisible to the eye, work to reflect light and keep the heat outside of the car to some degree but can interfere with a cell phone, GPS, and radio transmission.
3. Carbon Window Tint Film – a film that does not use metal, can block about 40% of infrared light and is effective in keeping heat out of the car on a hot day.
4. Ceramic Film – the highest quality window tint film that uses a type of ceramic particle that is non-conductive and nonmetallic.  

We at Tint Tech Calgary, are partial to IR ceramic for windshields, which basically provides 80% VLT. Let’s break down the acronyms in that last sentence. “IR” stands for Infrared Rejection. It is the amount, usually measured in percentages, of infrared light that is blocked by a window film.  

“VLT” stands for Visible Light Transmission. Also measured in percentages, visible light transmission pertains to the amount of visible light that is allowed to come through a window tint film. So, 35% VLT means that 35% of visible light will pass through the window film. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint. In fact, most automakers will slightly tint the glass in an auto at the factory – usually to about 80% VLT. 

That is why you should not worry about the windshield tint that we install at Tint Tech. The IR ceramic film we use is a virtually clear window film with 80% VLT. It ensures that the views both inside and outside remain unobstructed.  

Windshield Tints And Insurance

Any modification that you do to your automobile will affect its insurance. If your state or province does not approve of the tint shade on your car, it can even render your insurance policy void. Be sure to enlighten yourself about the tint laws before taking a final call on its application.

The Benefits of IR Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic film has only recently appeared on the market, but it has proven itself to be remarkably reliable while providing great performance. It is the highest quality window tint film, so it can be more expensive than the others. Yet, there are so many benefits to the ceramic window film that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is particularly accurate here. The many benefits of ceramic are worth the slightly higher price compared to other films on the market. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Solar Heat Reduction. IR ceramic film typically cuts about 45% to 50% of the solar heat entering your vehicle. In fact, this is one of the most significant selling points for our customers who get tint on their windshields. By deflecting up to 50% of the sun’s solar (infrared) energy, you can be comfortable in your car without having to turn your air conditioner to full blast. Having less heat coming into your car puts less of a strain on all of the components of your car in the summer. And, with better fuel efficiency, there is less strain on your wallet. 

2. Glare Reduction. IR ceramic film is by far the best, compared to other films, when talking about glare reduction. Because it reduces glare while still being virtually clear, IR ceramic is the perfect window tint for your windshield. In terms of numbers, this type of film will reduce glare by about 13%, which is significant, particularly on those roads that lead you right towards the sun on the way home from work. 

3. UV Protection. The IR ceramic film also blocks up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light coming into your car.  That has enormous benefits both for you and your passengers because skin cancer is directly linked to UV exposure.  Also, it protects the dashboard and upholstery in your car from fading. And we all want our cars to stay looking new, both inside and out, right?  

4. No Electronic Interference. Separating it from metallic films, IR ceramic film is both non-conductive and nonmetallic. Therefore, it does not get in the way of necessary electronic devices like your cell phone and a GPS system. 

5. Reduces Chance of Glass Breakage. Adding the ceramic film to your windshield also renders the windshield highly shatterproof. That provides a little more protection from someone trying to get into a car, and it actually reduces the chances of glass pieces flying inside the vehicle if the windshield does break.   

All of the above benefits come in a window film that is virtually clear, at 80% VLT. That is what makes it an ideal film for windshields, and why our customers at Calgary’s window tinting service at Tint Tech are using the IR ceramic film for their windshields in greater numbers.  

Drawback Of Tinting Your Windshield

Windshield tinting has only one major drawback. However, it pertains to only the darker tints and not the virtually clear ones.

1. Difficult To See Clearly – The dark tints make it difficult to see clearly, both inside and outside. The driver’s view gets obstructed, and even that of pedestrians, cyclists, etc. They are not able to make proper eye contact with each other. As a result, they won’t be able to judge clearly whether each has noticed the other or not. Even worse is the situation where even the law enforcement officers cannot see clearly inside the car due to dark tints. They can’t judge the reaction of the driver and hence, are working blindly while apprehending a driver for a traffic violation or any other misconduct.  

Concluding Thoughts

Be sure to check with your specific province or state to check to see if the window tint film we provide is legal for your windshield. If it is, then it is a smart move for your car. The heat, glare, and UV ray reduction that comes with the IR ceramic window tint for your windshield will really improve your overall driving experience. 

There is always a risk of bubbling if the tint film is not applied properly. Therefore, approach Tint Tech for that perfect application as we pride ourselves in doing the job right in one go only. Call us, the Calgary window tint professionals, at 403-968-8468 today. We at Tint Tech love talking with customers about all of the window tint options that we provide, including glare-reducing window tints for your windshield.

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