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Busting the Myths on Window Tint

  • Can you actually see the Great Wall of China from space?  Of course not.
  • Does adding salt to water make it boil faster?  Nope.
  • Will cracking your knuckles mean you are destined for a life of arthritis?  Not a chance.
  • Will dropping a penny from the Empire State Building kill someone?  No murder here.
  • Are bats blind?  No, they see fine but prefer to use echolocation in dark caves.
  • Will you get sick if you swim right after you eat?  No way, no how.
  • Do Twinkies have no expiration date?  Only in our dreams.

What do all of the above have in common?  They are all really popular myths – or as we used to say “old wives tales” – that really do not bear out under real scrutiny.

Indeed, no man-made structure can be seen from space.  There has never been a study conclusively connecting cracking knuckles to increased risk of arthritis.  A penny was actually dropped from the Empire State Building on the popular television snow Mythbusters.  The penny dropped at about 64 miles per hour, but only did minimal damage to its ballistics dummy target.  And finally, Twinkies actually only stay fresh for about 25 days.  So much for having sweet snacks in your bunker when you are waiting out nuclear winter.

What does all this have to do with car window tint, or the best car window tint shop in Calgary – Tint Tech?  The answer is that there are a number of really interesting myths about car window tint that we think it is high time to debunk.

Accordingly, this article will be like our very own private mythbusters where we at Tint Tech look at the top car window tint myths and give you the real deal.

Once you enjoy learning the fascinating misnomers in the car window tinting world from this article, take the next step and give us a call to see what we at Tint Tech – Calgary’s best car window tint shop – can do for you.  There are so many marvelous choices to add the extra something to your favorite ride.  Let us at Tint Tech help you out.  Call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.

Myth #1 – Car Window Tint Film Does Not Last Long

We have said it before in previous blogs, and we’ll say it again.  Gone are the days of the old-style car window tint that looked faded, greenish or purpleish, cracked, bubbly, uneven, and peeling.  Those window tints were the car window tints of old.

The technology now used to create car window tint, and residential/commercial window tint for that matter, is amazing.  Incredibly sophisticated processes are employed to make sure that window tint lasts a long time, has UV-protection qualities, and won’t crack or peel for the life of the car.

In fact, many window film products have warranties of up to 15 years!  So, when anyone tells you that car or residential window tint will fade, crack, peel, or look bad after a short period of time, tell them about that Twinkie expiration date – it will blow their minds.

Myth #2 – All Types of Window Tint Have No Benefit in a Storm

Au contraire!  Window tint, particularly residential window tint, brings a host of storm protection benefits that are legitimate and tangible.  Here are a few:

  • It can hold glass in windows together to prevent shattering if something hits a window in a storm.
  • It can help prevent physical harm to passengers of a car, or people inside the house.
  • It can help prevent high winds from entering a home.
  • It is a good front line of defense if there is not enough time to install shutters before the storm.

That said, don’t get cocky.  Window tint cannot do it all.  Here are some things that it might not be able to do in a storm:

Window film can’t keep glass from breaking

It shouldn’t be relied on as the sole source of storm protection.

Window film does not entitle you to a “hurricane mitigation discount” on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Myth #3 – An Intruder Can Get Right Through Window Film

Many skeptics look askance at the notion that window film – that very thin layer of poly-urethane film over a window’s surface – can do anything to stop an intruder from breaking into your car or home to steal stuff.  Not so!

Safety window film alone will normally not stop an intruder cold from making an illegal entry through your car or home window.  Yet, safety film is designed to hold together and stop a window from shattering into fragments.

The ability to keep the window from shattering and/or breaking through has a distinct potential to delay an intruder’s entrance – maybe long enough for a triggered alarm to get the cops there before the intruder can complete his or her plan.  Further, a savvy intruder may avoid a window with safety film altogether, knowing the problems it could cause for his or her criminal designs.

Myth #4 – Any Energy Savings from Window Film is Minimal

In fact, the energy savings achieved by using window film in a home or office can lead to up to a 70% return on investment.  That is a substantial savings and is right in line with the kind of energy savings tools we need to help the planet overall.   Imagine for a moment if every home in the world was treated with window film so the use of energy drops significantly in the aggregate.

Tint Tech – The Best Car Window Tint Shop in Calgary Is Ready to Help You with Both Auto And Residential Window Film. 

It is fun to bust some myths.  And, in fact, knowing the truth about window film will only make the car and residential window film products Tint Tech provides that much more desirable.  With energy savings, security, and UV protection elements, car and residential window film is the way to go.  We welcome you to call us to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form.

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