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Can Window Film Really Protect Patients in a Hospital?

It is not a surprise to state that we live in a world where appearances matter.  From the clothes we wear, the hairstyles we choose, and the profiles we create on social media, to the cars we drive, we all now seem to strive to put our best appearance forward.

In fact, when it comes to auto window tinting, for many years the only thing that the industry focused on was the principle that “looks matter . . . a lot.”  So, just like all of the other trends in fashion, style, and entertainment, the window film industry (including Tint Tech, which is the best window tint shop in Calgary), zeroed in on uses of window tinting film to enhance the look of our cars.  The window tinting products of days gone by were made to ensure that your car, your hot rod, your SUV looked the coolest, the most elegant, or the most expensive.

Do Looks Really Matter Anymore?

There is no question that auto window tinting has a look that is important.  However, window film has taken on so many other practical uses that maybe, just maybe, looks don’t matter as much as they once did.  Put another way, looks, style, or aesthetics are no longer the only thing that matters when it comes to window film.

As we discussed in last week’s blog, auto window tint can help protect your and your family from the damaging, seriously harmful effects of the sun.  Given that skin cancer is one of the leading cancers today, auto window tint film is used to keep our skin away from harmful UV rays.  So, many customers in the auto window tint market are not so laser focused on looks as they used to be.  Rather, there is a health component to security window tint that we did not realize until recently.

In addition, we also now know that window film can be great for the environment.  In your car, window film keeps out the heat during the summer, so you save a little gas when your air conditioner does not have to work as hard.  In your home, window film can keep heat out on a summer day, or keep heat in on a cold winter day, again having the delightful result of saving on energy bills.  Finally, in your workplace, a large commercial building can save a significant amount of money on heating or cooling the building by just having window film on the office building’s windows.

Finally, as you may see from many of our previous blogs, window film on the windows in your home or car can even have a deterrent effect on would-be burglars, thereby adding a measure of security to your belongings.

Can Window Film Improve Health and Safety at a Hospital?

Given all of the non-aesthetic benefits to window film discussed above, it is not a stretch to learn that window film can even help a hospital improve the services it provides to patients.

A Case Study – The Cleveland Clinic

Not long ago, the Director of Nursing at the Florida location of the renowned Cleveland Clinic was searching for ideas on how to improve cleanliness and reduce infection in the hospital.  The Director was concerned about recent studies that revealed that the privacy curtains in hospitals could easily and quickly become contaminated with bacteria.  That did not come as much of a surprise because any time a hospital staff member touched a curtain to enter or exit a room, there is was risk of transferring any infection-causing bacteria to their patients.

The Clinic formed a task force to address the problem.  Some of the ideas that came from the brainstorming session included:

  • Using disposable curtains, rather than using ones that needed to be cleaned
  • Using partition screens;
  • Installing frosted glass doors; or
  • Installing blinds.

However, none of the ideas proved satisfactory.  It was simply not practical to use disposable curtains.  Screens that would have to be cleaned was also an impractical solution as too costly and time consuming.  Blinds would be more expensive than privacy curtains, and they would still need to be periodically disinfected.

Finally, frosted glass would have been a marvelous solution to the problem, however, they were way too expensive for the hospital’s budget.

Window Film to the Rescue

The hospital then discovered window film.  Just like so many other window film customers do, the hospital realized that they could get the same result with window film as they would with their #1 frosted-glass solution.  The huge benefit was that window film was far less expensive than frosted glass.  Indeed, window film on the existing hospital room windows would serve the same purpose as frosted glass at a fraction of the cost.

The hospital went on to remove all of the privacy curtains, and install window film on the glass doors.  The result:  a savings of tens of thousands of dollars each year in manpower and laundering costs.

In sum, the frosted-glass effect of the window film gave the patients the privacy they needed, gave the hospital a huge cost savings, saved the nurses and staff from having to disinfect any more curtains, and took away from both the patients and the hospital the fear of infection that came with the privacy curtains.

In fact, the Cleveland Clinic was so pleased with the results that it has plans to install window film in many more hospitals in the future.

Ask the Best Window Tint Shop in Calgary, Tint Tech, About Window Film for Your Office or Medical Center

The moral of this story is that we have all come a long way from window film being just for looks.  Window film is now a major player in giving hospital patients privacy and protecting against infection, which is a perennial problem at hospitals in Canada as well as the U.S.

For more information about how window film can help your business or office, contact the best window tint shop in Calgary, Tint Tech.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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