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It’s Invisible Armor For Your Car: Paint Protection Film Installed by the Experts at Tint Tech

Are you the type who looks back at your car after you parked, just to admire it? Do you get that sinking feeling after your new car gets its first tiny ding or scratch? Do you wish that your car could look like new forever? It’s okay if you are because we’re like that too.

At Tint Tech, we know how important it is to you that your car looks polished, looks clean, and looks new. We know because we care about our own cars in just the same way. In fact, the main focus of our business is to keep your car looking its best long after it leaves the showroom. That is our passion at Tint Tech – to do our best to protect your car against the elements.

One of the best ways to keep that new car look; to protect it from heat, rock chips, and scuff; and to keep it looking better for longer is to install Paint Protection Film.  In short, it is like an invisible armor for your car.

Paint Protection Film: The Basics

Paint Protection Film goes by a number of different names, including “Clear Bra,” “Clear Film,” “Invisible Shield,” “Clear Paint Film,” “Clear Mask,” and “Clear Wrap.”  Yet, the most common terms are either Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra.

If you are concerned about heat, scratches from rocks and debris, bug splatters, bird droppings, mineral deposits, chemical stains, and acid rain on your car’s paint job, then there is no better defense than installing paint protection film.  It is, in essence, a clear barrier between the outside elements and your car’s paint surface.

Typically, the paint protection film is installed on the areas of your car that are most vulnerable to scratches and chips coming from the road.  That would include the forward-facing portions of your car, such as the front “bra” area around the headlights, the hood, and the side-view mirrors. It is, however, just as possible (and becoming increasingly common) to install paint protection film on the full body of the car for maximum paint protection.

In that regard, Tint Tech offers a variety of choices on the extent of coverage for your vehicle. Tint Tech is always geared towards satisfying your particular paint protection needs.

The Origin of Paint Protection Film

Interestingly, paint protection film was initially created to protect military helicopters during the Vietnam War.  Mind you, paint protection film was not used to protect a helicopter’s paint job. Rather, helicopter rotor blades and other sensitive parts of military transports were often damaged from airborne debris and shrapnel.

In order to protect those sensitive moving parts, the military turned to the company 3M to develop something that was both lightweight and imperceptible to the naked eye. The result was a clear, flexible, lightweight film or tape that could be placed over the moving parts that needed protection.

The military quickly realized that installing replaceable film was far less expensive than replacing or trying to repair damaged helicopter rotor blades. Indeed, the utility of the protection film was so obvious that the military adopted the technology with an uncharacteristic swiftness. While the terms Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra have become the most common way to describe the protective film technology, you may hear some who still call it “helicopter tape.”

Paint Protection Film Moves Into the Automotive Industry

It did not take long for those in the automotive industry to understand the amazing protective benefits of paint protection film. In fact, racecar drivers first used technology. Without a doubt, those sponsors who had their logo painted across a racecar’s hood and sides wanted to make sure that those logos did not get scratched during a high-speed race.

Eventually, paint protection film found its way into our contemporary automotive sector. Now, the automotive protection film is highly conformable and comes in a number of thicknesses and colors. The film, however, is not visible or discernible from a car’s original paint color.

What Goes Into Making Paint Protection Film?

The key element of the paint protection film is urethane. Specifically, it is made of a kind of plastic called thermoplastic polyurethane. That kind of plastic so amazing because of its properties of elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion.

You may have heard that paint protection film is “self-healing.” While that sounds very sci-fi, it is actually true. The thermoplastic polyurethane in the film is very flexible and can return to its natural shape after being stretched or disfigured. Thus, if a rock or some other abrasive hits the film, the paint protection film will absorb the damage and then return to its natural shape.

Of course, there is a limit to the protective qualities of the film. If bird droppings or bug splatters are allowed to remain on the car surface for a long period of time, particularly in the sun, it could become increasingly difficult to remove it from the car surface. However, regularly washing your car will ensure that the paint protection film does its job for a long time.

Paint Protection Film Has Only Gotten Better Over Time

In the early days of paint protection film for cars, the film started to deteriorate over time.  Specifically, consumers noticed yellowing, bubbling, and peeling.

  • Yellowing. It was discovered that the early adhesives used to install the paint protection film would yellow after long-term exposure to UV light.  Fortunately, the paint protection films today use a different adhesive that is UV resistant and will not oxidize or become discolored.
  • Bubbling or Blistering. The primary culprit with regard to bubbling or blistering is the installer. Poorly installed paint protection film will leave air blisters, or trap small contaminants between the film and the surface of the car. Accordingly, you need to make sure that the installer of your paint protection film is an expert in the field. Be assured that Tint Tech only employs the highest quality experts in paint protection film installation.
  • Peeling. There are three main causes of peeling: poor installation, a substandard film, or improper care. Here at Tint Tech, we make sure that the installation of paint protection film is in a controlled, clean environment, and we go to great pains to avoid peeling edges.  We also use the top-of-the-line films in the market – all which have their own warranties.  The last step is for you to make sure that you carefully wash your car, ensuring that any pressure washing source is at least 12 inches away from the film.

In sum, paint protection film is that invisible armor that can keep your car looking as attractive as the day you bought it. We at Tint Tech have the expertise, resources, and passion for our work to guarantee that you will love the paint protection film we install for you.  Call us at 1-403-968-8468 and speak with one of our paint protection film professionals today.

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