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Hanita Coating Window Film Products – The Future Trend of Window Tint Technology

At Tint Tech, Calgary’s leading window tinting shop, we keep up to speed on the latest trends and changes in window tint technology.  It’s our job to be the most informed tint technology specialists, so we can best serve our customers.

Make no mistake, window tinting film is not just a roll of dyed plastic film for windows.  Rather, window film is truly a real-world application of nanotechnology, which is the manipulation of particles at the molecular and atomic level.  Indeed, the price of a roll of window film reflects the kind of science that has gone into the film’s manufacture.  That is why we call ourselves Tint Tech – because we are the experts in the technology of window tint.

In fact, the technology has become so sophisticated that our professionals must keep up with industry training to understand the products that are out today.  Some window films still use dyes to create the desired effect, but those are less expensive options on the market.

The real technology – and real benefit – comes in window films that employ tiny metallic particles, or a transparent layer of advanced ceramics.  Those elements provide the kind of ultraviolet, infrared, solar rejection, and glare protection that is the mark of the latest trends in window tint technology.

So, let’s take a look at how window tinting is trending into the future, and discuss one of the big players on the window tint stage – Hanita Coating.

Don’t Go to the Dark Side – Window Tinting is No Longer About Dark Windows

The world of window tinting has entered a new era, with a whole new demographic of customers.  Back in the day, the thrust of window tint was to darken your windows.  The aesthetics of dark windows in your car – or for your home or office – were the main drivers for consumers.

In short, it was all about the look – particularly with cars.  We understand.  There really is something to be said for pulling up to the hottest club in the city with a sports car that has beautifully tinted windows, adding mystique and style to your ride.

However, over time, tinting technology improved to such a great degree that consumers who have no interest in dark-tinted windows see the huge benefits to window tint – particularly clear or neutral window tinting film.

As we have discussed at length in our previous blogs, window tinting has enormous benefits for you and your car, home, or office.  Here is a quick summary of some of those benefits:

1. Ultraviolet light protectionHigh-quality window tinting film – like the metallic and ceramic window films mentioned earlier – block out about 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun.  That means less UV radiation on your skin, and on your dashboard and upholstery that could easily fade.

2. Solar heat reflection:  Not only does a good window tint keep UV rays out, but also it can actually keep most of the sun’s heat from coming into your car, home, or office.  Keeping the heat out will do wonders for your pocketbook – since you no longer have to put your air conditioning at full blast.

3. Shatter reduction:  By virtue of having a window tint film covering your auto or home windows, a window becomes more shatter proof.  Stated differently, when a bad guy tries to break in your car or home by breaking a window, it will be far more difficult for him to get through.  The film holds the shattered pieces of glass together, adding one more barrier for a burglar to get through, and minimizing dangerous shards of glass from flying all over the place.

4. Glare reduction:  Window tint also has the benefit of cutting down on sun glare.  Particularly when driving, sun glare can be just annoying or can be very dangerous.  Having a window tint cut out the glare makes driving less stressful.

Notably, the benefits mentioned above come with clear, or virtually clear, window tint films.  When the window tint also darkens your windows, then you also get the benefits of privacy, and the ability to keep valuable items away from prying eyes.

Hanita Coating – A Quality Window Film Product

Hanita Coatings is a company that began in Israel.  For over 30 years, Hanita served the label, print, appliance, and glass security industries with specialized films and laminates.  Hanita then, about 10 years ago, focused its resources on eco-friendly film and coating technology.  The innovative solutions developed by Hanita had amazing results in increasing energy efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint of buildings.

The big news for Hanita came in 2017, when Hanita Coatings was acquired by global adhesives powerhouse Avery Dennison, creating a company called Avery Dennison Hanita.  Avery Dennison Hanita now specializes in coated, laminated, metallized films for many industrial and commercial applications.

Specifically with regard to the Hanita window films that we use at Tint Tech, Calgary’s top window tinting professionals, Hanita provides automotive window tint film, SolarZone window film, and SafetyZone window film.

With regard to Hanita’s automotive film – which go under the names Cold Steel, SolarZone, PerLite, or Solar Steel – Hanita’s approach to auto window film emphasizes the following aspects:

1. Keeping the sun’s heat out, with 73% solar energy rejection.
2. Keeping UV rays out, eliminating 99% of UV radiation, which is the equivalent of 1000 SPF sunscreen.
3. Keeping a window safer by helping to bond glass fragments in the cases of accidents, stones hitting the windshield, or burglars trying to get in.
4. Keeping glare to a minimum.

Hanita also specializes in “non-reflective” automotive films, which are intended specifically for the front cabin of your car.  That is, the front side windshield and windows.  Hanita’s Sigma Pro uses the nanotechnology we discussed earlier to provide high performance, great handling for ease of application, and no interference with electronic appliances or devices.

Further, Hanita’s IR 75 Automotive is a clear filter for the front cabin that filters heat out while retaining the visual clarity so your tint will not run afoul of the law.

In sum, we at Tint Tech of Calgary are happy to use Hanita window films for our customers because it provides the kind of long-lasting protection that our customers have come to expect.

To learn more about Tint Tech’s expertise for customers in Calgary and the surrounding region, we invite you to give us a call today at 403-968-8468.  When it comes to being in touch with the latest trends and best products in window tint, look no farther than Tint Tech.

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