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How Do You Care for Window Film?

When something is brand new, it always looks great.  A new car, a new house, a new building, a newly installed auto tint job, or newly installed window tint job, they all look good right off the proverbial assembly line.  It’s the upkeep that can be the real challenge.  

So, if you take the time to have window film installed in the first place, then it is worth your while it to make sure that you do what it takes to keep it looking great. 

The question becomes, then, what can you do to care for your window film so it lasts and keeps looking great?  You should be happy to know that it is not as difficult or time consuming as you might expect.

This blog will clue you into the best way to care for window film that is installed on your home or auto windows.  After following the advice we give you, your windows should stay looking good through the warranty of the product. 

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The 3 Main Tips for Caring for Your Window Film

Window film is somewhat durable, but it can begin to ruin the look of your car or home windows if it is scratched, cloudy, faded, or cloudy.  Even though it may take a little time and elbow grease, making sure you maintain your window film will mean a longer time with clearer, cleaner windows.  

Try to follow these three steps to make sure that you keep on top of your window film.  

Expert Tip #1:  Leave Time for Curing at the Outset

When you first install, or first have installed, your window film, it is altogether possible that it will have a cloudy look.  That can certainly be a source of no little stress if you spent a lot of money on a window film installation. But have no fear!

It is perfectly normal for a little adhesive or other installation fluid to remain on the surface of your film, or between the window film and window surface.  You will see a cloudy or hazy appearance to the film or small bubbles. The good news is that the cloudiness will eventually disappear.  

The timing varies as to how long you will have the cloudiness to the film while film adheres to the glass in a process known as “curing.”  With thin films it could take about 24 hours, with thicker films the curing time could be as long as 30 days.

Expert Tip #2:  Cleaning Windows that Have Window Film

You should clean your windows periodically regardless of the type of windows you have.  Accordingly, you would need to clean tinted windows with window film from time to time as well.  Regular cleaning will really help you keep the window film lasting long and looking good. Here are few thoughts on good cleaning habits for window film:

1. Start with a Dry Window.  Make sure that your window, and window film, is completely dry before starting to clean.  Remember that it takes time for newly installed film to cure. Accordingly, if you want to clean your newly installed window film, make sure that you have at least waited until the curing process is complete (as discussed above).

2. Clean First Thing in the Morning.  Not only does it make good time management sense to get those windows cleaned in the morning so you have rest of the day to enjoy . . . but, heat makes window film more vulnerable to damage.  Sunlight will warm up glass to a high temperature. So, it makes the most sense get to cleaning the windows first thing in the morning before the daylight has a chance to warm up the glass.

Expert Tip #3:  Keep It Gentle

To protect the window film that you installed at some time and expense, you need to make sure that you use the right products and techniques.  Here are somethings to keep in mind:

1. Clean materials.  You want your windows clean, so you need to make sure that your cleaning materials are clean.  

2. Soft is Better.  You can effectively clean your window-film-covered windows with a soft cloth or synthetic material.  You do not need, nor should you use, abrasive materials. They will only damage the film. Brushes with bristles, brillo-type sponges, or cleaning sponges with dirt in them, can easily scratch your window film.  Further, use a soft cloth or very flexible squeegee to dry the window after cleaning.  

3. Most Glass Cleaners are Ok.  You do not need a special type of glass cleaning solution for windows with window film.  Most regular glass cleaners will do. The manufacturers of window film products design the film to handle the use of glass cleaners.  But, be sure to use a cleanser that is ammonia-free.  An easy cleaning solution is just a little liquid dish soap in a pail of water.   

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