How to Get the Bubbles Out of Car Window Tint

How to Get the Bubbles Out of Car Window Tint

Car window tint is a great look.  Let’s face it, darkened windows give your ride that sleek presentation that will turn heads when cruising down main street.  It naturally follows, then, that you want the car window tint to look as flawless as possible.  

Unfortunately, there is an issue with window tint that is relatively common.  That issue is air getting trapped between the surface of the glass and the car window tint film, causing bubbles in the tint.  That is, in fact, one of the greatest problems that do-it-yourselfers face when applying car window tint on their own.  

Of course, if you are going for a flawless darkened window, then bubbles are the last thing you want to see.  In addition, bubbles in your window tint can even become a distraction when you are driving.  

So, what do you do if you find that your car window tint has bubbles?  Do you remove the tint and start over? Not yet. There is a very good chance you can get that window tint looking like new if you take a little time and have a few simple tools at your disposal.      

This article will take you through the steps about bubbles out of your car window tint.  Remember, if you need some professional assistance with your car window tint, we invite you to call us at Tint Tech.  With decades of auto window tint experience, we can help you ensure that your vehicle looks its absolute best.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form

Now, on to the five easy steps to remove the bubbles from your window tint.

#1 – See if You Can Get It Redone for Free

For free, you say?  Yes, most every window tint film product comes with a warranty.  Also, many tint shops (if you had your tinting done professionally) will provide a warranty for their work.  So, before even going after those pesky bubbles yourself, see if the window tint film is still under warranty.  

Typically, there will be a very limited warranty, or none at all, for do-it-yourself products.  However, if you paid a professional, then it is likely that some warranty may apply. If it does, then you can have that tint shop repair or replace the car window tint.  Without question, if you are given the car tint option, you may as well get it replaced.

#2 – Can You Do It Yourself?

Even if a warranty does not apply, you still face the choice of whether to fix the bubble issue yourself, or have it done by a professional.  In that regard, the considerations are very similar to the considerations surrounding whether to get tint through a do-it-yourself kit or have it done by a tint shop.  Those considerations include cost, time, expertise, and your patience level.

#3 – Set the Scene to Fix Those Bubbles

Assuming that you have checked the warranty, considered your options, and made the decision to fix the bubbles yourself, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right environment to do the job.

What you need is a warm setting in which to repair the tint, ideally around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you do not have a heated garage, then wait for a warm, sunny day. Leave your vehicle out in the sun for a few hours. 

Why is that?  The window tint is much easier to work with if the adhesive is slightly warmer and more malleable.  Also, letting the vehicle sit out for a time will ensure that the interior will also get warm, again to help in working with the car window tint. 

If you don’t get a lot of sun where you are, then using a hair dryer to warm up both sides of the window will do the trick.    

#4 – Get the Windows Moist

Working with a dry window tint, particularly in a warm setting, is not a good idea.  Get a spray bottle with water and apply a fine mist to the window tint surface. The water should be cold because the cold water hitting the warm/hot surface of the window tint will slightly loosen. The adhesive just enough to effectively work with it to get the bubbles out.

#5 – The Main Event – Removing the Air Bubbles

To remove the air bubbles in the tint, you actually have a choice.  You can either release the air by pushing it out to the edge of the window, or you can pop the bubble with a pin.  We recommend you try to push the bubbles to the edge before resorting to popping the bubbles.  

With regard to pushing the bubbles out of the tint, use a squeegee or a flat card like a library card.  You can use a credit card, but be sure that it is not a card that you plan to use again. Be gentle when pushing the bubbles out of the tint.  Once the air is released, the bubble should disappear.

With regard to popping the bubbles, simply make a small hole with a safety pin.  Do not do more than put a tiny hole in the tint. Moving the pin around is not necessary and may cause additional damage to the tint.  

Once you have popped a bubble, smooth out the area with a squeegee (or card), being careful to hold the tool at a 45-degree angle.  Use long strokes with medium pressure, so as not to rip the tint. You should not worry about the tiny hole in the tint in the long term because the car window tint film is of such a quality that the tint should close up the hole after the air is out.  

Be sure to reapply the water mist as you work so that you are not dealing with a totally dry tint film.

That’s it!  You have successfully removed bubbles from your window tint. 

Tint Tech is the Expert in Window Tint Installation and Repair

It is great to be able to fix something yourself.  But, if you are concerned with making the tint film worse when trying to remove bubbles, then leave it to the pros.  Tint Tech, Calgary’s most popular auto film specialist, is focused on making sure that you do not have imperfections on your window tint.  

We know how to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work so that you get the most out of your tinting job.  We at Tint Tech also provide energy saving, and safety protections for your home and office with a wide selection of state-of-the-art architectural window films in addition to automotive window films.

Every staff member at Tint Tech of Calgary is a professional tint installer who will see your project through from start to finish.  With over 45 years of combined experience among our professionals, Tint Tech guarantees that our work will be of the highest quality, while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form

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