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The Protection Film Really Heals Itself?

There is nothing finer than a pristine, carefully done, clear-coat finish on a new car. The beauty of the design and engineering of a car is only enhanced by the marvelous finish on the body of the car. Do you want to keep that great finish looking new? Why not consider self-healing paint protection film

The Challenge of With Those Pesky Scuffs and Scratches

I’m sure you always think when you get a new car: “Wouldn’t it be nice for the car to look as shiny and new as it does right now?”  Well, that can be tough if you drive your car daily, and you confront the usual debris and road pebbles on your commute, or the small scratches from people who park alongside you in the parking lot.  

Yet, the dream of a relatively scuff- and scratch-free car can actually be a reality if you look into investing in paint protection film. And note, we say “invest,” because anything that you do to enhance the look of your car, or to help keep a car looking new, is indeed an investment.  

Holding the value of a car can be difficult. As they say, a car begins depreciating the moment you drive it off of the dealer’s lot. Yet, if you treat your car with paint protection film – also called “clear wrap” – then you are minimizing the depreciation that will naturally occur.

In this article, we will talk about the wonder of self-healing paint protection film and how the paint protective film specialists at Tint Tech will install the film to guarantee maximum results. Remember that Tint Tech protective film specialists have the training and experience to ensure that the paint protection film installed on your car is done flawlessly the first time. Call us at Tint Tech, Calgary’s paint protection film leaders, at 403-968-8468.

Can Paint Protection Film Really Have Self-Healing Qualities?

Yes. When it comes to self-healing film, the technology is truly amazing. Here is how it works:  

First, the paint protection film is made up of not one, but three, layers.  

1. The first layer is an aggressive adhesive so the film is able to stick to the car’s surface for a long, long time.
2. The second layer, the thickest layer, is a polyurethane that absorbs and mitigates the damage from road debris and other outside forces.
3. The third layer is a clear coat, ensuring that the polyurethane does not get discolored.

Next, the polyurethane layer is the one that has the self-healing aspects. Why? Because it is flexible.  

1. Polyurethane allows its surface to absorb – and evenly distribute – an impact on the car’s surface.  That alone helps avoid debris from chipping a car’s paint job.
2. In addition, even when something scrapes the surface of the car and leaves a visible scratch, the polyurethane will “rearrange” itself so the surface returns to a smooth – non-scratched – state after applying just a little heat.

Finally, self-healing only really works with a little heat.

1. It takes a small amount of heat to allow the polyurethane to become flexible enough to simply smooth itself out after an impact.
2. The end result is that a scratch or scuff on the surface of the paint protection film goes away as if by magic.
3. The effect is similar to ice.  Imagine a smooth ice cube. Then put a scratch the surface.  Next, put just a little heat on the ice cube so the very top layer melts a bit.  When the cube cools again, the ice is smooth and the scratch is gone. While polyurethane does not actually melt, the effect is similar.

The protective film specialists at Tint Tech are happy to show you how the self-healing aspect of paint protection film works so you can see it for yourself. Our Tint Tech staff will use a heat gun to show how just a little heat will “heal” any scratches on a car so they disappear.  

When you are out and about, though, all you need is the heat of the sun to activate the “healing” properties of the paint protection film. So, if you get a scratch on your car that is protected with the self-healing film, all you need to do is park your car outside during the day so the paint protection film can do its “healing” thing.   

Is Paint Protection Film a Good Project for Do-It-Yourselfers?

Probably not.  You may be able to find some DIY products out there that allow you to do a clear wrap, or clear bra, on the front of your vehicle, but we strongly recommended having a wrap done by a professional.  

At Tint Tech we have authorized, trained installers who have been doing the application process for years. Truly, you would want the application to be done by a professional because you want your film to be invisible and last for the life of your car. If the film is not applied properly, you will see bubbles or it may peel, which of course ruins the whole look. 

Tint Tech Can Install Your Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

With our knowledge of state-of-the-art protective film technology, we can protect your vehicle from sun and heat damage, and from chips and scuffs on your vehicle’s paint. We also increase the security of your glass and add privacy for car and home windows. And we can do it all for less money than you think.

We really strive to stay on top of the latest trends.  Accordingly, we work with only the most advanced products in the market, and we apply those products with the highest level of skill to ensure that you get the best results.

Every staff member at Tint Tech is a protective film specialist who will see your project through from start to finish. With over 45 years of combined experience among our professionals, Tint Tech guarantees that our work will be of the highest quality, while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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