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The Truth About Tinting Car Windows Yourself

Do you remember the time when you could replace your own car’s spark plugs, change your own oil, fix fuses, change headlights and taillights, and rotate your own tires with relative ease? Cars were a lot simpler back in the day. With just a touch of know-how, elbow grease, and a love of cars, you were able to maintain your vehicle without having to go to the shop.  

Today, however, the complicated systems and electronics of vehicles today make it virtually impossible for you to do-it-yourself (DIY) types to maintain your own car. So, DIY projects are harder to come by.

But have no fear. There is at least one project for your car that you can do yourself – tint your windows. So, if you have the time, the resources, and most of all the patience, you can get to enjoy the project of tinting your car windows yourself. There are, in fact, many DIY window tinting kits to help you.  

If you would like to learn more about DIY window tinting kits, feel free to give us a call at Tint Tech, the top tinting shop in Calgary. We would be happy to give you all the pointers you need to know and guide you as to which DIY tinting kits might work best for you. Call Tint Tech for more information today at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form

Now that you know that you can tint your car windows yourself, the next question becomes – should you? This article will dive into the question of whether it is better to DIY, or to get the experts on the job. 

1. Is It Better to DIY?  It Can Be, Here’s Why . . .

There are lots of options for DIY kits. It is not like you are alone in your desire to tint your car windows yourself. In fact, there are many DIY window tinting kits, some that are cut to fit your vehicle, and others that provide full sheets that you can cut yourself. You may think that being able to cut the film to your car would be the better option, but in fact, the precut kits are far more precise than kits in the past. With precuts for literally hundreds of models of cars, trucks, and SUVs, precut DIY kits make the tinting project much easier. In addition, the tinting materials today are more user-friendly than kits in the past. You may enjoy the tinting process when you do not have to cut the tinting film yourself.  

Pick a price that is right for you. In addition to the numerous options, you also to choose from kits at a range of price points. Here is where you need to be careful, however. The adage “you get what you pay for,” holds particularly true here. Cheaper car tint kits can contain poor quality window film that may look ok when first installed, but may turn purple or bubble in a short period of time.  

You did it yourself – gain a little pride. A huge benefit to doing it yourself is simply a fact that you did it yourself. Once you get the window tint placement just right, you get to stand back and marvel at your own work. The feeling of accomplishment you get from tackling a difficult project on something that you get to enjoy every day is its own reward.  

DIY projects are about saving a little dough. Another great advantage of a DIY tinting job is that you save money. The advantage of not having to pay the expensive labor cost that many tint shops charge is significant. What you spend with your own labor, you save in your wallet.

2. What Are the Downsides to DIY?

Finding a place to do the job. With a DIY project that involves precision and tinting window film with chemicals on it means that you need to avoid a dusty environment when installing the window tint. For the best installation, you want to make sure that there are no dust particles in the room that might find their way to the surface of your window right before you apply the window film. Without a place to install the tint that is dust-free, the DIY application becomes much more difficult.

Getting the right shade of tint to stay within the bounds of the law. Each province has different laws on how dark the tint on your windows can be, and even which windows can be tinted. You would be well served by checking with a window tint professional to make sure which darkness of tint is legal in your area. Overall, though, figuring out what the relevant law is can get in the way of tinting car windows yourself.  

Patience, patience, patience. Window film application can be difficult, and thus you need a lot of patience.  Indeed, tinting car windows yourself requires some finesse and a lighter touch. If you are lacking in the all-important quality of patience, then you may want to get the experts on the job.

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