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Gaining Peace of Mind with Tint Tech’s Window Film Lifetime Guarantee

What is the thing we want most in the products and services we buy, in our relationships, and in our lives?  Peace of mind.  That’s right.  Some sense of comfort, some sense of stability, some sense that everything will be okay.  That can be a difficult goal to achieve at times.  In a world that is constantly changing, in a world where people seem to just be scraping by, peace of mind can be hard to attain.

Well, Tint Tech has some good news.  For those who are, or may soon be, customers of Tint Tech, the protective film specialists, we can provide you with the finest service in automotive and architectural window films.  And even better than that, we at Tint Tech can give you that all-important thing – peace of mind.

Specifically, Tint Tech is pleased to stand behind their expert window film services by giving a lifetimewarranty for the various protective film products it provides.  You read that right, a lifetime warranty from Tint Tech, the protective film specialists.

Let’s talk a little about warranties so you can understand why they are so important.

A Warranty Is A Promise To Stand Behind Products And Services – Get To Know That Promise Before Buying

Typically with a major purchase, the seller makes a significant promise to stand behind the product that you purchased.  That promise is otherwise known as a warranty.  In fact, federal law requires that all warranties be made available to customers before they buy, and even when they are shopping online.

Because warranties can vary, it is important that you consider what is in the warranty before buying.  Of course, the last thing you want to think about when purchasing that new high-tech refrigerator, that new hot rod, or auto tinting for the new hot rod is the fine print in a warranty agreement.  Believe us, we get it.

That said, thinking ahead a little when you buy can pay dividends in the long run.  That does not necessarily mean you need to wade through all the fine print.  You should, however, at least get a general sense of the warranty being offered at the same time you are comparing the model, price, luxury features, and paint color of that new hot rod.  In short, make the warranty part of the factors relevant to your purchase.

Written vs. Spoken Warranties

Should a warranty be in writing?  Absolutely.  Anytime a salesperson makes an oral promise to you, like repairs are free, you should get that promise in writing.  Warranties are difficult to enforce if it is just your word against the salesperson.

Further, when considering a written warranty with a particular product – like Tint Tech’s top-quality auto and architectural protective window films – you should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Length of the Warranty.  It could be a lifetime warranty, or one that runs out after 10 years.
  • Warranty Contact Person.  Be sure to get a sense of whether it is the seller or a product manufacturer that will actually be backing up the item you are buying.
  • Repair, Replace, or Refund?  Consider whether the warranty guarantees that the product will be repaired, replaced, or if only a refund is available.
  • Complete Coverage?  With some warranties, the product, or parts thereof, may be repaired at no cost to you.  However, there may be a labor cost that the warranty does not cover.  Just be sure to find out whether there is some condition that may make a repair bill partially your responsibility.
  • Limitations or Conditions.  Get a sense of whether there are some requirements that, if not followed, will void a warranty.  For example, if a product is only to be used for personal use, then using the product for business purposes my void the warranty.

What is an Implied Warranty?

Another piece of good news for consumers is the fact that there are certain “automatic” warranties that attach to products and services that exist as a matter of law.  Those warranties are called “implied warranties.”  In fact, the law recognizes a few types of implied warranties.

  • Warranty of Merchantability.  This is the most common type of implied warranty, and the most basic.  In short, it is a promise a seller must honor that a product does what it is intended to do, e.g., a microwave will cook food with microwaves, or a car will drive you down the road.
  • Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose.  This warranty applies when you buy a product on the seller’s advice that the product will satisfy a particular use.  For example, if a Calgary window tinting company tells you that a protective window film protects against harmful UV rays, then there is an implied warranty that the window film will actually keep out UV rays.

Therefore, even if a product does not have a written warranty, the implied warranties still apply unless the product is clearly being sold “as is.”  Note, however, that implied warranties typically last for only a few years, depending on where you live.

Tint Tech’s Lifetime Warranty Guarantee Is Something You Can Trust

Now that you have learned all about the importance of knowing what warranty coverage exists for a product, you probably want to learn about the details of Tint Tech’s window film warranties.  You can rest assured that Tint Tech has you covered, so you can have peace of mind.

  • Tint Tech Provides a Lifetime Warranty on Protective Window Film.  Tint Tech stands behind the quality work we do.  Accordingly, an original customer of the architectural window films we provide and install is covered for as long as the customer lives in the home, or works in the office, that has installed window film.  Similarly, an original customer of the auto window films we install is covered as long as the customers owns and uses the auto.
  • Tint Tech Even Provides a Warranty Against Bubbling, Fading, and Peeling.  Tint Tech also promises that the residential and auto window film we provide and install will not blister, bubble, or delaminate from the glass.  Further, the window film is guaranteed to maintain its appearance without discoloration for the lifetime the original customer uses the product.

We invite you to contact online, call, or visit Tint Tech to get all of the details on our lifetime warranty.   We are the finest in window film specialists.  At Tint Tech, we deliver expert quality, expert service, and a great price.  We take such pride in our work that back it up with a lifetime guarantee.  Call us at 1-403-968-8468 to learn more.

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