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Home Window Tinting Prices and Perfection Paralysis

Your home is your castle.  It took a lot for you to buy it, and you put a lot of elbow grease into keeping it looking great.  Whether it is cleaning the gutters, keeping the landscaping just so, or making sure that the paint job on your home is looking like it was just applied, you care a great deal about the look, as well as the functionality, of your home.

Your Home Windows Are Part of the Whole Package

That care and attention to detail does not stop at your windows. In fact, as any good homeowner knows, the windows of your home are immensely important to maintaining quality and comfort in your home.  Old, drafty windows are bad for many, many reasons. They let in the elements, which means that you increase the amount of dust, insects, pollen, and other pollutants into your home.  When it rains, a window with gaps will make your home vulnerable to water damage, mold, and in the worst-case scenarios flooding.

Another issue involving your home windows is the fact that even well-sealed windows make it difficult to keep heat in your home during cold winter days, and keep the heat out during hot summer days.  The glass of a window is, as you would expect, harder to insulate compared to the insulated walls of your home.

In that vein, double or triple pane windows can help, but windows are the worst culprit when it comes to air conditioning the inside of your home.  That is true even though windows are also vital to the enjoyment of your home.

What Do You Do to Help Keep Your Home Comfortable Inside? 

The answer is that you should get window tinting film for your home.  You may be thinking that window tint is only for cars.  While it is true that window tint is a product that is more popular for installation on car windows, but home window tint is actually taking the market by storm.  More and more homeowners are beginning to understand the myriad benefits that come with home window tint film.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Increased Privacy.  Do you have a home that is close to the street?  Can those walking past your house see pretty clearly into the windows of your home.  Tastefully tinted home windows will give you and your family extra privacy, and dissuade those prying eyes.
  • Heat Absorption.  The technology of window films today is truly amazing.  The current window films on the market have the ability to absorb the heat from the sun.  In that way, home window tint can keep heat from coming into your home.  That, in turn, translates into your air conditioning system not having to work as hard to keep the interior cool.  The benefit can ultimately save you money on electric bills.
  • UV Protection.  Not only does home window tint film protect your home from the heat, but it also protects your family, and your furnishings from the harm that results from UV rays.
  • Glare Prevention.  Working close to a window makes working that much more pleasant.  But sometimes the glare from the sun makes it difficult to see your computer screen.  Home window tint easily removes that issue as well.
  • Safety.  Home window tint not only brings a little more privacy to your home, but it can even keep you safer.  Home window film makes it harder for would-be burglars to see inside.  Not knowing if there are valuables in a home makes a burglar take pause before risking the consequences of a break in.  Further, window film actually makes it more difficult to break a window.

With all of the benefits that come with home window tinting, your next question is most likely – what are the available home window tint prices?  Let’s take a moment to talk about those.

Home Window Tint Prices

Before getting into actual numbers, it is important to remember that home window tint prices can vary dramatically.  Why would home window tint prices have such a wide range?  That is because a number of factors need to be considered.  Those factors include:

  • The type and quality of the home window film you select,
  • The size of the home window film,
  • The window style, whereby oddly shaped windows require that much more work to install, and
  • The curvature of the window, given that flat windows are the cheapest to install.

All that being said, now let’s take a look at some home window tinting prices.  You can typically expect to pay about $2 to $14 per square foot for most types of home window tint film, not including installation.  By contrast, if you are looking for smart glass, you may be paying between $50 to $100 per square foot.

What are the home window tint prices based on the product?  This list gives you an idea of the price range differences.

  • Ceramic Film, which uses ceramic particles to block 50% of the sun’s rays without an impact on visibility can run between $5 to $10 per square foot.
  • Security Film, which makes it harder for a person, or debris during a storm, to break the glass, can cost between $7 to $9 per square foot.
  • Solar Window Film, which blocks solar heat without compromising much visibility is a little more expensive at $8 to $14 per square foot.

Now that you know some home window tint prices, you can better assess the cost of tinting the windows of your home and enjoying all of the benefits of window film.

What About Perfection Paralysis?

“Perfection paralysis” is that phenomenon where you have difficulty making any choice or moving forward with any project because you want something to be absolutely perfect.  In short, you are “paralyzed” by wanting perfection.

With home window tint, you need not worry about perfection paralysis. First, you would be wise to make sure that a professional, like the specialists at Tint Tech, install the home window tint for you.  In that way, you are guaranteed a perfect job.  Second, even if you find a flaw with one or even two windows, window film comes with warranties, and you can remove tint if necessary.

Therefore, you should not let perfection stop you from getting the gorgeous home of your dreams that is both amazing to look at, and comfortable to live in.

Let the professionals at Tint Tech help you make the right choice when it comes to home window tint.  We know all the different home window tint prices and the quality differential among window film products.  So, we welcome you to call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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