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It Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Tint: Automotive Window Tinting Today

Our primary business, our main focus, is on automotive window tinting.  When Tint Tech first set up shop, our bread and butter was automotive window tinting.  And over the years, our professionals have seen a lot of change in the automotive window tinting industry, the technology, and the types of customers.  In all honesty, the evolution has been amazing to see.

Ah, The Way It Was . . .  

With regard to the automotive window tinting industry, many of the tinting shops out there were small operations.  Oftentimes those businesses were just doing tinting as a side-project to supplement their primary auto mechanics operations.  

As for the technology, it is hard to know where to start.  The tinting films of old were mainly treated with dye, and the products at the time had difficulty keeping the dye to adhere to the film for long periods of time.  Of course, they still use dye on many window film products today. Yet, today’s products are much better engineered to ensure that the dye stays intact, and that the film lasts a long time.

In addition, there were not that many product choices back in the day.  And of the products that did exist, staying power was a constant challenge.  Bubbling, cracking, peeling, and fading – only after a relatively short period of time. The recurring issues that car owners had to confront.  

Finally, with regard to the types of customers, automotive window tinting specialists mainly dealt with car enthusiasts.  Those were the customers who knew a lot about cars in general, knew a lot about their own cars. Specifically, and had a precise idea of what they wanted their car to look like.

Not surprisingly, those customers were virtually laser focused on aesthetics – the look of the vehicle.  As such, automotive window tinting had everything to do with looks, and little or nothing to do with any other product features.  

Well, this article is here to tell you that time have really changed.

The Benefits of Today . . .   

While many of our automotive window tinting customers at Tint Tech still are only out for looks, the tinting world has changed dramatically. 

1. A changed industry 

With regard to the tinting industry, many businesses, like Tint Tech, and businesses larger and smaller than us, focus solely on automotive window tinting.  Yes, we certainly have an enormous case load of paint protection film projects, residential window film projects, and commercial window film projects.  Yet, we like to think that our main business is still automotive window tinting.  

And that is true of the industry as a whole.  More and more, we see less and less of the “hybrid” shops that handle repairs and tint.  The two are rather specialized these days.

2. A wealth of choices in tech

Now, when talking about technology, there is simply no comparison to the old days.  Today, there are a host of solid companies that provide many, many products that range in price, in quality, in engineering, and in style.  Now, there is truly a window film product for any taste and any automotive application.  

It almost goes without saying that the technology variations are staggering.  There are infrared, metallic, carbon, and clear tints. Moreover, they are made using nanotechnology, such as ceramic tints.  We can go on and on about the technology. But, it is almost not worth it because it keeps changing in wonderful and fascinating ways so quickly.  We’ll just leave other blogs on Tint Tech’s website to tell you about those.  

3. A new type of customer

As you would expect, with the new technologies available, and the relatively easy access to high-quality shops (like Tint Tech) that do automotive window tinting, more than just car enthusiasts are starting to catch wind about the benefits of tinting.  

Indeed, there are many benefits to auto window tint that have nothing to do with looks.  Here’s a short list of great tinting benefits:

1. Minimize car upholster and dashboard from fading
2. Block harmful UV rays to protect your health and your family’s health
3. Reject solar heat, and give your air conditioning system a break
4. Protection from shattered glass
5. Increased privacy and security

As we noted in our previous blog, there is a clear auto window tint product that is taking the industry by storm.  Quite the opposite of window tint for looks, clear auto tint does not change the appearance of car. But customers are having clear tint installed because of all of the other amazing benefits listed above.  

In sum, the window tint of old is just that – old.  Window film for your car (and home and business) has such practical, money saving, and health saving benefits, that you everyone is considering making the choice to install it.  

Let Tint Tech Help You Make a Change to Your Car for the Better – Automotive Window Tinting Calgary

We are here to ensure that you forget the tint of yester-year and embrace the tint of tomorrow.  Tint Tech, Calgary’s most popular window film specialist, is focused on making sure that you know all the options available so you can make an informed choice.  We also provide the best quality installation in the region. You will not be able to see any bubbling, cracking, or other imperfections on your car windows with the tinting film installed.  

We know how to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. You get the most out of your window film.  We at Tint Tech also provide energy saving, and safety, protections for your home and office with a wide selection of state-of-the-art architectural window films in addition to automotive window films.

Every staff member at Tint Tech of Calgary is a professional installer who will see your project through from start to finish.  With over 45 years of combined experience among our professionals, Tint Tech guarantees that our work will be of the highest quality, while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form

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