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Keeping Things Cool While Still Letting “The Sun Shine In”

Do you have a room with a lot of windows and a lot of natural light?  Better yet, did you install a sunroom in your home because you enjoy natural light so much?  If so, you understand the power and comfort that comes from tons of natural light beaming into your home.  No artificial light can compare to the beauty of a room filled with natural light.  It can invigorate you, make you feel a little less cooped up inside your house, and even save on electric bills because you do not need to turn your indoor lights on.  You may even be the type to want to sing, from time to time, the familiar refrain from the song “Let the Sun Shine In.”

All that being said, there can be some drawbacks to a sun room, or even a sun-filled room.  The sun is hot!  It brings a lot of heat into your home, which can be great during the winter months, but is not so good when your air conditioning system is working overtime in the summer to combat the heat that is pouring into your home.

There are, however, some great and easy ways to enjoy that sun-filled room while still keeping your electric bills in check.  This blog will countdown the top 5 ways you can find that balance.

Of course, if you want to learn more from a specialist, then we invite you to call us at Tint Tech, Calgary’s premier residential window film and window tinting business.  We can provide you with a number of cost-saving options to handle the sun’s heat, whether it is for residential window film or for window tint for your car.  Call us today at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

Now, here is a countdown of the top 5 ways to tackle the heat in those rooms that let in a lot of sun.

Tip #5 – Put up Blinds or Curtains

Now, at first blush, you might think that installing blinds and/or curtains would defeat the entire purpose of having natural light in a room – particularly a sun room.  But, think again.  Blinds and curtains actually give you control over when you want to enjoy the natural light.  Most times, you will likely not be at home to enjoy the natural light, and you do not want that air conditioner running just to cool an empty sun room.

Blinds and curtains to the rescue!  When you are not in a room, pull the blinds or curtains and keep that room cool.  Conversely, when you want to enjoy the sun room for the sun, open those blinds and curtains and enjoy.  Blinds and curtains even give you the control to bring some needed shade when the sun is at its peak.

Tip #4 – Plant Some Trees

 By placing plants and trees just outside your window, you can employ a natural way to provide a little shade in a room without taking away all of the room’s natural light.  By cutting down on the natural light, and having some areas of shade, you therefore can cut down on the heat coming into the room.  Yet, you have not completely taken away the reason for a sun room in the first place – enjoying the natural light.  Rather, the trees can just give a way to block a little of the direct sunlight.

Tip #3 – Replace your Windows

Old or poorly insulated windows are the main culprit when it comes to letting cool air escape a home or be beaten by the sun’s rays.  The technology of windows today is, by and far, better than it was in days past.  With double or triple pane windows, you can really improve the insulation in your home.  Of course, windows will always be the weakest point of any home when it comes to losing warm or cold air to the elements, but buying new windows can make a big difference in your heating and air conditioning bills.

Tip #2 – Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been around for centuries, yet they still work like a charm.  As you would expect, ceiling fans continuously circulate air and will create a gentle breeze that can make 78 degrees feel like 75 degrees.  When a ceiling fan runs counterclockwise, it pushes the cool air down to the floor.  That cool air then makes you feel cooler than what the air conditioning dial might say.

So, another way to keep a sun-filled room cooler is to do it the old-fashioned way – use a ceiling fan.

With the latest technology in residential window film, you can enjoy your sun room without curtains, blinds, trees, or new windows.  In fact, residential window film has the best of both worlds.  You can enjoy a full window that lets in all of the natural light, but affirmatively blocks out all of the UV and infrared rays of the sun that bring the heat into your home.  Regular glass does not stop the sun’s heat from getting through.  A clear window film, however, will.  It will stop the sun’s heat right in its tracks, while still letting the light in.

It may sound too good to be true, but you will change your mind once you have experienced it for yourself.  Therefore, take a moment to consider whether you want to spend money on costly windows or window treatments that will take away natural light; or whether you want to enjoy every bit of natural light while still keeping your room cool.  Residential window films – that range from clear to dark tint – are definitely worth a look.

Tint Tech Will Help You “Let the Sun Shine In”

The professional experience of the technicians at Tint Tech can help you choose the right residential window tint for your home.  Tint Tech, Calgary’s premier window film shop, can give you the choices you need to make an informed decision based on quality, features, and price.

We welcome you to call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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