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Top 7 Benefits of Home Window Tinting

When was the last time you were sitting in your home and thought that the beautiful “natural light” the realtor portrayed as a positive was too bright or too hot? Were you sitting on your couch trying to watch the Battle of Winterfell and couldn’t see anything because of the glare? Maybe you were getting ready to go out for a date night but, because your bathroom faces west, you were sweating before you even got out the door.

If you live in a newer home, you might have double or triple-pane windows that help prevent the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of your home, but even if you do, there are distinct advantages to having architectural solar protection film on your windows.

Indeed, architectural solar protection film is something worth considering for your home.   While most people think of window tint film as something reserved for your car, not so. Using architectural solar protection film has a host of benefits.  

Specifically, in this post, we will talk about seven of those amazing advantages:  Energy Efficiency, Consistent Climate, Glare Reduction, Protection from the sun, Privacy, Maintenance, and Security.

And if, after reviewing these top 7 benefits, think about giving us a call at Tint Tech.  We specialize in handling not only auto tint, but window film for homeowners as well.  We would be happy to answer all of your questions, and provide all the options so you can find the best product for your home.  

Benefit #1 – Energy Efficiency

Glass windows without any sort of protective film are the biggest source of heat transmission into and out of the home. In the hot summer, sunlight pours in and in winter all the energy you spend warming your house escapes through them just as easily. Both of these contribute to a significantly higher energy cost. By installing residential window tinting, you can help prevent losses of up to 30%

Benefit #2 – Consistent Climate

Similar to energy efficiency as stated above, window tinting will help maintain a stable environment inside your home. This is beneficial not only for your net energy expenditure, but for the comfort of your pets and houseplants as well. Your home will not go through dramatic temperature fluctuations throughout the day as it would without the film.

Benefit #3 – Glare Reduction

Any scene on your television taking place at night or in a darkened room presents the opportunity for your screen to act like a mirror and reflect back the glare of the sun through your windows. A tinted window film will help combat the amount of light that enters your home as glare, heightening your enjoyment of everyday activities from work on your computer, to leisure watching your other devices.

Benefit #4 – Protection from the Sun

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is known to cause premature aging and other skin complaints. Ordinary windows do a poor job of blocking this radiation. Installing home window tinting will block a high percentage of this radiation, preserving your health longer than that of someone who does not have tinting on their windows.

Benefit #5 – Privacy

If your home has many large windows which are not easily covered, it is easy to feel as though you live in a glass house. By applying a tinted film to your windows, you add the peace of mind that anyone casually walking or driving by will not simply be able to look into your home and observe you and your family.

Benefit #6 – Ease of Maintenance

You may think that it would be difficult to clean and maintain windows treated with architectural solar protection film.  But, think again. The window is simply a second skin on the surface of your window, and it is just as easy to clean. With the scratch and stain resistant films available on the market today, residential window tinting can ease the burden of maintaining the optical quality of your windows, from fingerprints to accidental damage, the film is there to help protect the surface of the glass.

And Benefit #7 – Security

This is a twofold benefit. Having a residential tinted film on your window can help deter intruders, but will definitely slow them down. Because the pieces of a broken window will be held together, it would take an intruder extra time and noise to break into your home, and they may leave for an easier target.

Furthermore, there are other circumstances where the windows in your house can be broken. A neighborhood kid can throw or hit a ball through the glass. Extreme weather can whip trees, or toss stones and other debris. Just as the film will hold the broken pieces of a window when an intruder attempts to break in, it will contain the broken glass from unforeseen events. This will protect your family from the glass shards if anyone is nearby.

Talk to a Tint Tech Specialist Today

We are here to ensure that you forget the tint of yester-year and embrace the tint of tomorrow.  Tint Tech, Calgary’s most popular window film specialist, is focused on making sure that you know all the options available so you can make an informed choice.  We also provide the best quality installation in the region – so that you will not be able to see any bubbling, cracking, or other imperfections on your car windows with the tinting film installed.  

We know how to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work so that you get the most out of your window film.  We at Tint Tech also provide energy saving, and safety, protections for your home and office with a wide selection of state-of-the-art architectural window films in addition to automotive window films.

Every staff member at Tint Tech of Calgary is a professional installer who will see your project through from start to finish.  With over 45 years of combined experience among our professionals, Tint Tech guarantees that our work will be of the highest quality, while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.  Call today to learn more at 1-403-968-8468, or be sure to fill out our online contact form.

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