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Decorative Window Film: 5 FAQs on the Latest Trend

Our specialists at Tint Tech have gotten a number of inquiries with regard to decorative window film in the last few months.  All the buzz got us thinking.  Maybe it is time to do a blog on this latest development in the window film market.  Certainly, we have seen an uptick in not only interest but installation, of this fabulous new facet of window film.  So, if you are thinking about installing decorative film yourself, if you wonder if decorative film may enhance your business, or if you are just curious to learn more, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 most frequently asked questions about decorative window film.  It bears noting that window treatments have really progressed over the years.  Back in the day, the only window treatment around was a regular window with curtains.  Decades ago, the only type of decorative windows you may have come across were the stained glass windows in your hometown church or chapel.

Now, however, decorative window film is taking the business world by storm.  Decorative window film has so many applications – office windows, storefront windows, bank windows, mall store windows, restaurants, gyms – the possibilities are endless.  In short, decorative film has now become a way to get more privacy, or to have your storefront become a canvas for amazing art.

At Tint Tech, Calgary’s top window film specialists, we are able to supply you with the best in decorative window films, and install the film for you as well at reasonable costs.  To get the window film conversation started, call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form. Our professionals are standing by to answer your questions.

FAQ #1 – What is Decorative Window Film?

Simple window film is a thin layer of film, usually made of polyester or vinyl.  The film is applied to a window’s surface, generally the film is self-adhesive. It acts like a second skin for the window surface.  You can check out our other blogs for great information on the many benefits of window film for your home and office.

When it comes to decorative window film, that is window film that takes it to the next level.  As the title suggests, decorative film is a functional way to bring a little more privacy to your office, to brighten your storefront, and to bring artwork to your windows.  In short, the window film decorates your office space.  It could be a cool color, an intriguing pattern, a work of art, or something that carries your business’ logo.

When it comes to decorative window film, the sky is the limit.  Decorative frosted windows, which allow natural light in but ensure privacy by keeping prying eyes out, is one type of decorative window film. Yet, it can be any window film that ads color, art, or spice to your office or store space.

FAQ #2 – Why Install Decorative Window Film?

Offices, restaurants, storefronts, or office spaces of any type can benefit from decorative window film mainly because it provides privacy day or night, while not sacrificing on natural light.

Indeed, now that you are a little more aware of decorative window film, take a look at your local bank, health club, hotel foyer, conference room, and office partitions.  You will see that decorative film is used a lot – mostly with tasteful frosting that brings a little more privacy.  Utilizing natural light and frosted window partitions in an office space is aesthetically pleasing and brings the illusion of more space.  Something that opaque dividers and surfaces do not do.

FAQ #3 – How is Decorative Window Film Installed?

There are actually two primary ways to install a decorative window film.  More accurately stated, there are two ways that the window film adheres to the window surface – adhesive and static cling.

You would want to use a decorative window film with adhesive if you want a more permanent window solution.  The way it works is that the film itself has an adhesive layer on one side.  You simply peel the paper that covers the adhesive on the film and carefully apply the sticky side to the window.  As long as you apply the film carefully, you will get a marvelous look that can last a long time.

The other option is the static cling window film.  You read that right.  There is a decorative film that sticks to the window surface merely with static.  What is great about this type of film is that you are not dealing with sticky adhesive, it can be used many times over in different places, and therefore it can be removed and re-installed with ease.  If done properly, the static cling film looks just as good as the self-adhesive kind!

FAQ #4 – Can I Install the Decorative Window Film Myself?

Yes, you can.  Installing decorative window film – either the static cling or self-adhesive – is a great do-it-yourself project.  You will need tools to clean the smart glass, cut the film, flatten the film to the glass, and spray a soap and water solution as you apply.  It is not a lot, but tool kits are available through Tint Tech.  In addition, you can also get a professional at Tint Tech to install the decorative film. You make sure that the end result looks great.

FAQ #5 – What are the Best Surfaces for Decorative Window Film?

To properly install the decorative window film, you need a totally flat and smooth window.  Therefore, any window that has some texture to it would not be a good candidate for window film.  Otherwise, most films can be installed on glass, Plexiglas, double or triple pane windows, plate glass, and gas-filled windows.  They even will work in damp environments like bathroom windows.

Of course, it is advisable to make sure that the film is installed on the inside of the glass.  While films can be installed on the outside. It will likely not last as long due to constant exposure to the elements.

To conclude, the decorative window film is now all the rage.  It really has wonderful benefits if you are trying to gain more privacy for your employees, or provide something to catch the eye of a customer walking past your business.  Tint Tech is your connection to get started on your window film journey. Call us at 1-403-968-8468, or fill out our online contact form to get started today.

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